#60DaysOfSummer – Playing with snow at Nathatop

If you’re looking forward to jumping from the average 30 degrees celsius heat to a biting five degrees, pack your bags and be on your way to Nathatop, Jammu & Kashmir.

Though we can’t promise you there will be snow this time of the year (weather is weird like that), we assure you the temperature at Nathatop isn’t going to be over 10 degrees celsius all this week! When Nathatop has snow, closer to winter, the hill station has a host of snow sports. But the rest of the year, you get some great weather, a lovely view of the glaciers and some quiet downtime at the hill station.

If you’re planning to stay over a weekend, we recommend heading over to some budget hotels in Patnitop like Vardaan Resort and Hotel Greentop.


Take a train to Udhampur or take a flight to Srinagar and book a taxi from there.

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