Go on a walkabout to Bangalore’s best book stores

Bibliophiles often go to great lengths to scour the globe for a copy of the literature they’ve been craving for. If you’re in Bangalore though, you are in for a big treat! Although the city is primarily known for its party scene, a closer look will reveal some absolute gems of bookstores. Explore the best bookstores in Bangalore and ensure a convenient journey to these literary havens with our trusted car rental service in Bangalore, providing hassle-free transportation across the city.

Let us take a look through some of the best bookstores in the Garden City.

Goobe’s Book Republic

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This quaint little bookstore on Church Street is easy to miss, if you’re not actively searching for it. Passers-by are alerted to its presence only via a small chalkboard sign on the street, pointing towards a flight of stairs.

Descend those stairs and you’ll encounter a quaint, beautifully arranged space crammed with all kinds of books. The shop sells a combination of new and second-hand books from all genres. Goobe’s Book Republic gives out a feeling of intimacy, not just because it’s small, but because of the relationship between the seller and the customer.

The employees of the store give you recommendations based on your reading history, and also make sure to get your input on what they should be stocking next. The prices start as low as Rs. 25, so what are you waiting for? Book a cab in Bangalore and get to Church Street!

Blossom Book House

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Another gem situated in Church Street, Blossom is one of the city’s more famous bookshops. It is an odd, yet innovative combination of a bookstore and a library, and the result is a complex setup teeming with promise. And there’s good news for bibliophiles! They’ve recently opened another branch on Church Street – this means even more books!

The store consists of high shelves stacked close to each other and stocked with titles from every genre imaginable. The store has over 50,000 books available, most of them with heavy discounts. The first floor of the store is stacked ceiling to floor with fiction and graphic novels from around the world. On the second floor, you’ll find a large collection of non-fiction spanning art, history, psychology, math and even health.

Atta Galatta

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This bookstore in Bangalore is special, and not just because of the five oaks that stand guard outside the building. Atta Galatta promotes Indian authors actively, and the only books by foreign authors in the store are in the children’s section.

It has an amazing collection of Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and English books written by Indian authors. The store regularly organizes book reading sessions and interactive events with Indian writers.

The store also has an in-house bakery so you can munch on your favourite baked goodies while you browse. Located in 5th Block, Koramangala, you can just book a taxi in Bangalore and get here.

The Bookworm

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The Bookworm is known for its unique credit system, whereby users can borrow a book for half the book’s price and swap it for another after reading it. The store boasts of eminent clientele like Ramchandra Guha and Anita Nair, but the owner Krishna wears it lightly on his sleeve.

He started this store back in 2002, and promotes Indian authors and books by giving large discounts. Known among the bookworms of Bangalore as the perfect place to find the ultimate steal. And just like Blossom, Bookworm has also opened up a new branch on Church Street!

Gangaram’s Book Bureau

More than half a century old, Gangaram’s is one of the most loved bookstores in the city. The store moved to its current location in Church Street around five years ago, and its sprawling interiors are stacked with all kinds of books- both academic and fiction.

The store has been associated with International publishers Penguin for the best part of four decades, and has a separate rack for the renowned publishing company.

These are only some of the more famous joints for books in the Bangalore; the city is teeming with many other treasure troves for book lovers. All it takes is the ever curious mind of the bookworm to discover them all and, now that cab booking in Bangalore has become so convenient, they are even easier to access!

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