Bundi: A Trip To A Bygone Era

Rajasthan is a destination that finds its place on every traveller’s list, Indians and foreigners alike. The magnificent architecture, rich heritage, and the unique traditions make Rajasthan an intriguing place to visit. There are so many distinguished sites to visit that most visitors end up missing the offbeat destinations. Bundi is one such destination situated in a narrow valley amidst the Aravali hills surrounded by rivers, orchards, and lush green fields.

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Bundi was once ruled by the Hada Chauhans of the royal Hadoti Empire. Before the royals, it was occupied by the Bhil and Mina tribes. This rich heritage of over eight centuries is explicitly visible in the city of Bundi. The people here are still simple and take pride in following their own customs. The town is also renowned for its artistic abilities and has produced several vocalists and musicians. The painting style in Bundi is a beautiful amalgamation of Mughal and the traditional Ragmala paintings.

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Bundi lined with the blue houses, hills, lakes, bazaars, and temples offer several places that are a must visit. Taragarh Fort is one of the most stunning architectures of Bundi that is still standing strong. Built in 1354, it is situated on a steep hill which offers a picturesque view of the town below. You can also see the apartments, balconies, and murals which are situated above the palace. Naval Sagar Lake is an artificial lake located in the centre of the city with a half-submerged temple of Lord Varuna. The reflection of the entire city and the palace makes this lake an exciting attraction.

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Sukh Mahal is a beautiful Palace near the lake Jait Sagar. It was the summer home of the royal family, and it is believed that a hidden tunnel connects it with the Taragarh Fort. The Sukh Mahal gained worldwide popularity after it found mention by Rudyard Kipling. The 84 Pillared Centograph, as the name suggests is a structure supported by 84 columns decorated with carvings of deer, elephants, and apsaras. There are several lakes and Kunds in Bundi that were built to provide water to the royal family and their subjects. The Lake Nawal Sagar, Lake Kanak Sagar, Phool Sagar Lake, Nagar Sagar Kund, and Dabhai Kund are a few that can be visited.

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Temperatures in Bundi are same as the rest of Rajasthan, so the best time to visit is during the winters from the month of October to March. The closest airport is Sanganer Airport in Jaipur, about 150km from Bundi. Although there is a railway station in Bundi, the one in Kota is easily accessible from other states. Both state government and private buses are available to reach Bundi from Udaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Jodhpur, Bijolia, and Bikaner. The NH12 connects Jaipur, Bundi, Kota, and Jabalpur, so don’t think twice before hiring a private taxi to reach Bundi.

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