How to survive the coronavirus lockdown

Imagine an abnormally quiet city with the sound of birds singing valiantly against the sky which looks honey almond pink with a shot of gold- not a description of a scene from a zombie movie, this is how the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak in the cities have felt like. 


Amidst the coronavirus frenzy, most people across the world have decided to put their travel plans on hold. And while this sure is the need of the hour, the lockdown for a pandemic creating a modern-day apocalypse like situation can be the bigger deal! 

If you are wondering how to survive this lockdown, here are a few suggestions to help you get going –

1. Elongate your travel bucket list


Canceling travel plans are as tough as saving up the last slice of pizza. And when the reason for canceling those well-laid plans was not a personal choice but a global health emergency, then sadness attains a whole new meaning. Now that you may not have a lot to do during this lockdown, you might as well discover new places and keep adding them to your bucket list. Tick them off as soon as it is safe to travel. Just like your online shopping ritual, isn’t it?

2. Relive your old travel stories


If the mountains wouldn’t come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountains. Dig out pictures of your old trips, watch videos from those trips and maybe relive those times. You may, in the process, even end up starting your own travel blog. 

3. Have an itinerary ready for your next trip


While you may have nothing better to do, why not create a well thought out itinerary for your next trip rather than leaving it for the last minute. This will allow you to plan your trip well in advance and also help you save up on a few extra bucks. Thanks to plenty of extra time and good planning. 

4. Call your travel buddies and check up on them


Amidst this frenzy, make sure you check up on your travel buddies too. Ensure their wanderlust is alive and kicking, so you all can escape as soon as it is safe to travel. 

5. Travel Domestic

While international travel may still be out of bounds, let your wanderlust kick in as soon as it is safe to travel across India. Look for places that can breathe life into you after the crazy havoc of coronavirus. 

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Breathe in. Breathe out. This too shall pass. 

Last Updated on March 17, 2020 by Harpreet Janeja

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