Dalahi Kund – Revealing the mystery of India’s clapping pond 

India is a land of enchanting secrets. Many of these tales are tucked away in distant corners, waiting to be discovered. On one of our adventures with Savaari, we stumbled upon a marvel that took our breath away. With 17 years of travel expertise under our belt, we knew India had its fair share of hidden gems. Our journey began as a simple trek in Jharkhand. With our backpacks ready, guided by our well-informed Savaari chauffeur, Roshesh, we were eager to uncover the next wonder. As dawn broke, the air was filled with the melodies of birds, but beneath their songs, another sound beckoned – the distant murmur of water and rhythmic clapping. Drawn like moths to a flame, we followed the sound, with every step amplifying our intrigue.

Our path led us 27 kilometres from the bustling Bokaro city. There, we found a seemingly ordinary pond with children joyfully playing in its waters. Roshesh, who grew up in Bokaro and has been driving around for years, reminisced, “As children, we played here often, never realizing its uniqueness.” There’s scant information about this pond, no historical markers or guidebooks to explain its origins. The ancient builders left neither blueprints nor diaries, and many of the old pathways leading to it have been swallowed up by nature.

Then something magical happened. The children began to clap in unison, and before our eyes, the water level of the pond started to rise. Yes, you read that right. This is Dalahi Kund, a mystical pond that reacts to the sound of clapping by elevating its water level. If you’re as intrigued as we were to discover why this happens, stay tuned. We’ve got the full scoop based on our firsthand experience.

The enigma of Dalahi Kund

Dalahi Kund
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As we neared the pond, Anand, a member of our team and a natural sceptic, decided to test the waters, quite literally. He clapped vigorously, and to our astonishment, the water responded. It didn’t merely ripple; it surged and leapt as if on a rolling boil. Enclosed by sturdy concrete walls, the water from this mysterious pond eventually finds its way to the Garga River through a conduit named Jamui. 

Adding to the ambience, the temple of Dalahi Gosai stands nearby, perhaps as a spiritual guardian of this natural wonder. Even with modern science and seasoned geologists on the case, the true nature of Dalahi Kund remains an enigma.

The science behind India’s clapping pond

Scientifically speaking, the phenomenon observed at Dalahi Kund can be attributed to the interaction between sound waves and the water’s surface. When we clap, we produce sound waves. These waves travel through the air and, upon reaching the water, can cause it to move. In most scenarios, this interaction would result in minor ripples. 

However, at Dalahi Kund, the depth and perhaps the composition of the water might be such that these sound waves don’t just create ripples, but a vigorous, boiling-like motion. Imagine throwing a stone into a calm lake; you’d see ripples. Now, imagine if those ripples were ten times larger and more animated. That’s Dalahi Kund for you.

A temperature twist

The winter air was crisp and biting, making the idea of a dip in the pond seem like a dare. Yet, when we braved a touch, the water was unexpectedly warm, almost like a natural hot spring. Roshesh shared a local quip about the pond’s winter warmth being so intense that one could cook rice in it! But Dalahi Kund’s thermal surprises don’t end with winter. 

As the seasons change and summer’s heat blankets the region, the pond undergoes a transformation. Its waters turn cool, offering a refreshing oasis for those seeking respite from the sweltering temperatures. It’s as if the pond has its own internal thermostat, adjusting perfectly to the needs of its visitors.

Dalahi Kund’s therapeutic waters

Dalahi Kund
Image credit: Ajab Jankari

Dalahi Kund isn’t just a marvel of nature; it’s a beacon of hope and faith for many. Locals and visitors alike believe in the pond’s mystical healing powers. They say that immersing oneself in its waters not only grants wishes but also brings about physical healing. This belief draws people from all corners of India, eager to experience the pond’s reputed benefits.

The water of Dalahi Kund is pristine, and many attest to its medicinal qualities. Bathing in it is believed to be safe, with no adverse effects. Geologists, always keen to find a logical explanation, suggest that if the pond’s waters indeed cure skin ailments, it might be due to the presence of elements like sulfur and helium, both known for their therapeutic properties.

The kund is also closely associated with the deity Dalahi Gosai. Dalahi Kund’s fame reaches its zenith every year during the Makar Sankranti festival. Makar Sankranti is observed differently around the country, and the cultural importance of the holiday varies geographically, which you can read all about here. On this auspicious day, a grand fair unfolds on its banks, drawing people from distant corners of the country. 

Every Sunday, the area around the pond comes alive with special prayers, reinforcing the belief in its curative powers. While many claim to have benefited from the pond’s waters, scientific validation of its healing properties remains elusive. Yet, for the locals, the lack of scientific endorsement doesn’t diminish their faith. Roshesh and many others firmly believe that a dip in Dalahi Kund can ease life’s burdens and challenges. For them, the pond isn’t just a natural wonder; it’s a source of solace and rejuvenation.

Things to do in Dalahi Kund

  • Sacred Dip: Experience the reputed healing properties of the water by taking a dip in the kund. Especially recommended during the Makar Sankranti festival.
  • Attend the Sunday Worship: Join the locals in their weekly prayers dedicated to the deity Dalahi Gosai. It’s a serene experience that offers a glimpse into the region’s spiritual practices.
  • Makar Sankranti Fair: If visiting during this time, immerse yourself in the festivities. Enjoy local food, crafts, and cultural performances.
  • Nature Walk: The area around Dalahi Kund is scenic. Take a leisurely walk to soak in the natural beauty and tranquillity.
  • Local Interaction: Engage with the locals to hear firsthand accounts of the Kund’s mysteries and legends. Their stories add depth to the experience.
  • Photography: Capture the beauty of the kund, especially during sunrise or sunset when the light plays magically on the water.
  • Visit the Dalahi Gosai Temple: Located nearby, this temple is a significant spiritual spot. Understand the religious significance and marvel at its architecture.
  • Sample Local Cuisine: Try out local delicacies from nearby stalls or eateries. Mahua Sharbath is quite popular in Jharkhand. Click here for a comprehensive guide on the best summer drinks to have in India. The regional flavours are a treat for the palate. 

Guidelines for visiting Dalahi Kund

  • Respect the Locals: Remember, for many, this is a sacred site. Always be respectful in your behaviour and interactions.
  • Dress Modestly: Given the religious significance of the area, it’s advisable to dress modestly, covering shoulders and knees.
  • Maintain Cleanliness: Ensure you don’t leave behind any trash. Use designated disposal areas or carry your waste with you.
  • Avoid Loud Noises: While the kund reacts to clapping, refrain from creating unnecessary loud noises, especially during prayer times.
  • Ask Before Photographing: While the area is picturesque, always ask for permission before taking photos, especially of locals or religious ceremonies.
  • Follow Local Customs: If unsure about any practices, such as where to enter or how to behave during a ritual, always ask a local or observe and follow.

Places to visit near Dalahi Kund

Bokaro streel city
Bokaro steel city

Located just 27 km from the mystical Dalahi Kund, Bokaro Steel City offers a unique blend of industrial might, natural beauty, and spiritual significance. If you’re planning a visit, here are some must-see attractions you can explore by booking a Savaari from Ranchi:

  • Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park: A testament to India’s rich biodiversity, this park, established in the 1980s, once boasted a rare collection of big cats, including the majestic White Tigers and Asiatic Lions. While some of these creatures were relocated due to infrastructure challenges, the park remains a significant attraction for wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Parasnath Hill: Not just a natural marvel, Parasnath Hill holds deep spiritual significance, especially for followers of Jainism. Located in the Giridih district of Jharkhand, a short drive from Bokaro, it’s a serene spot that offers both tranquillity and panoramic views.
  • Bokaro Steel Plant: A symbol of India’s industrial prowess, the Bokaro Steel Plant stands as the nation’s largest iron and steel complex. Nestled by the Damodar River, it’s not just an industrial hub but a testament to India’s self-reliance journey. The plant, envisioned to reduce India’s dependence on foreign steel, is a marvel of engineering and innovation.
  • City Park of Bokaro: A haven for nature lovers, the City Park offers a picturesque setting with its expansive artificial lake, charming islands, and lush greenery. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a leisurely boat ride, savour a meal by the lakeside, or simply soak in the serene ambience, the park is the perfect spot.

How to reach Dalahi Kund

By Road:

Start your journey at Bokaro Steel City and then head to Dalahi Kund. Bokaro Steel City boasts excellent road connectivity with all major cities in India. The city is strategically located on NH-32, linking it to key destinations like Dhanbad, Ranchi, Kolkata, and Patna. For a hassle-free and comfortable journey, consider booking a reliable cab from Ranchi to Bokaro Steel City and then to Dalahi Kund.

By Train:

Bokaro Steel City railway station serves as the closest railhead. Positioned on the Howrah-Delhi main line, the station (station code: BKSC) offers robust connectivity to major Indian cities. Upon arrival, you can opt for local transportation or hire a taxi to reach Dalahi Kund.

By Flight:

Ranchi Airport serves as the closest air gateway to Bokaro Steel City situated approximately 128 km away. Once you land in Ranchi, consider booking an airport taxi for a smooth and comfortable ride to your accommodation in Bokaro. From there, you can proceed to Dalahi Kund at your convenience.

Why visit Dalahi Kund with Savaari?

Savaari is at the vanguard of revealing India’s hidden gems. Our chauffeurs, steeped in local wisdom, are not just drivers; they’re your bridge to the mysteries that conventional routes might overlook. With Savaari’s unwavering dedication to safety, you’ve ensured a secure journey from beginning to end.
Navigating the intricate trails of Dalahi Kund can be daunting, often leaving even advanced tools like Google Maps at a loss. But with the Savaari app at your fingertips, finding your way becomes effortless. Your chauffeur, armed with local expertise, will not only guide you accurately but also introduce you to captivating cultural stories and the taste of genuine local dishes. Dive into novel adventures and explore Dalahi Kund with Savaari. A realm of unparalleled experiences awaits with each applause!

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Dalahi Kund - Revealing the mystery of India's clapping pond 
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Dalahi Kund - Revealing the mystery of India's clapping pond 
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