Experience Live: Unforgettable Indian Festivals!

Indian Festivals

India is spectacularly colourful, vibrant and multicultural. Whether it is experiencing the bustle of all-night markets during Ramzan, shopping for Rakhis in preparation for Raksha Bandhan, or making sure you land an invite to an elaborate Onam Sadhya, August features a line of festivals for multiple communities.

But what if you could witness the gaiety associated with some of these festivals, live? Go on and book an outstation trip with Savaari Car Rentals and take off to see a side of India you haven’t seen yet. Call us on 0 90 4545 0000 to book your trip today.

Here are some experiences we highly recommend.

Road trip to Jammu for its Kite Festival

About 600 kms from Delhi, Jammu is especially delightful during Raksha Bandhan. For, the locals celebrate it with a unique Kite Festival, or Guddi Dor. The skies are dotted with colour and shouts of ‘Woh Kate’ rent the air. Brothers and sisters journey to Jammu just in time to bring in the occasion with their family. If you can’t make it to Jammu for Rakhi, we suggest planning a trip during Janmashtami, on 5th September 2015, which offers another opportunity to experience this fast disappearing tradition.

While Jammu is known primarily as a pilgrimage destination enroute to Vaishno Devi it has many delights for the history buff, with the Amar Mahal and Mubarak Mandi Palaces, the Dogra Museum and Bahu Fort, named after Raja Bahu Lochan the brother of the erstwhile ruler of this princely state. Mansar and Surinsar lakes and the Nandini wildlife sanctuary are perfect for nature lovers. Jammu is also famed for its Dogri cuisine, like Khatta Meat, Rajma Kulche. Else you may want to take home some delicious mango and saunf pickles, or kasrod ka achar!

Witness Pulikali (The Tiger Dance) during Onam in Kerala

Pookalam or elaborate flower rangolis, lip smacking Avial, Olan, Thoran, Pachadi and Payasam that is part of every Sadhya meal, beautiful men and women dressed in traditional attire, the famed snake boat races, Onam in Kerala and outside is truly a sight to behold.

But Thrissur, just 315 kms from Bangalore, is the best destination to witness Pulikali or the colorful tiger dances take place every Onam. This year, it is happening on August 31st 2015. Book a Savaari Car Rental and head to God’s Own Country and see hundreds of artists sporting golden yellow, red and black stripes, and dancing to the beat of traditional instruments like Udukku and Thakil.

The folk art features ‘sangams’ or various troupes that dance fiercely, imitating a hunt between a tiger and a prey. Hours of preparation spent painting their body and donning elaborate costume masks and accessories, culminates in a procession through the city, that ends at Swaraj Round. This spectacular performance attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Cheer on Snake Boats in Aranmula, Kerala

128 kms from the capital Trivandrum lies Aranmula, on the banks of the Pampa River. Home to the Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple, the town hosts the very well known, historic, snake boat race during Onam. This year, it is to take place on August 31st, 2015, when thousands of spectators will gather to excitedly cheer over 50 graceful long wooden boats move in a fierce rhythm for over 40 kilometres along the river.

The snake boats that are a testimony to traditional craftsmanship are lovingly maintained all year, just in preparation for this day. 150 oarsmen in each boat, sing songs or Vanchipattu as their boats adorned with umbrellas, flags and golden laces slices through the water, making for a truly unforgettable spectacle.

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