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The far-reaching hilltop fort of Mandu, a momentous city in Malwa plateau, is one of the most attractive places to visit in central India. Mandu is an evidence of life, delight, and romance of the poet-prince Baz Bahadur for his beautiful wife, Rani Roopmati. An absolute nature’s paradise, surrounded by monuments of historical importance, Mandu is located along the Vindhyan ranges at an altitude of 2000 feet in the Dhar district of western Madhya Pradesh.

Due to its strategic location, Mandu faced several attacks by invaders who were eager to make it a part of their empires. Each ruler added something to Mandu making it a cultural mix both in terms of people and structures. There are several impressive structures that you can see in Mandu. History aficionados will definitely fall in love with this place. On a spring break or summer getaway, if you are looking for some exciting place to explore with your family and kids, Mandu is the perfect destination for you. You can get to Mandu easily by booking Indore to Mandu cabs.

Jahaz Mahal, a compositional wonder gives an impression of a floating structure in water and is expressly moulded like a ship, hence the name Jahaz Mahal. You can also visit the Baz Bahadur’s Palace which showcases Islamic building styles along with designs inspired by Rajasthani patterns. On the southern side of the palace is the most visited place of Mandu, Rani Roopmati’s Pavillion. It is believed that it was constructed in such a manner that Rani Roopmati could gaze upon Baz Bahadur’s Palace.

Hoshang’s Tomb is India’s earliest marble structure of Afghan design, and this compositional wonder has been said to have affected Shah Jahan significantly. It is considered as original inspiration in the design of Taj Mahal. Adding to the list of the marvellous structures is the Jami Masjid, which is said to have been inspired by the Great Mosque of Damascus in Syria.

For the food lovers, Mandu is famous for its poha and tamarind (Imli). Both the food items are highly recommended and should not be missed. The number of hotels and restaurants are very limited with most serving vegetarian food. The MP tourism operates two hotels: Malwa Retreat and Malwa Resort. The latter is situated in an excellent location, so advance booking is recommended. Once you have visited Mandu, you can book a taxi to visit close-by vacation destinations like Maheshwar, Bagh Caves and Omkareshwar.

Throughout the year Mandu experiences pleasant climatic conditions, mainly due to its elevated location. However, it can get a little hot during the summers. The best time to visit is during the winter season between the months of October to March. The closest airport to Mandu is 99 Km away at Indore, and nearest railway station is Ratlam which is 124 Km from Mandu. Both the cities are well-connected with Mandu via road. You can take state-operated or private bus available from either city. You can also reach Mandu via outstation cabs from Indore, Ujjain, Ratlam, Bhopal and Dhar. 

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