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Taking a flight? Chances are you will complain about long waits and terrible airplane food. Planning train travel to relive childhood memories? It is likely you will abandon it because ‘time kahan hain?’ …but the kind of getaway that is easy to plan and guaranteed to be fun is a good old road trip!

Especially, if you do not have the stress of being behind the wheel and have the comfort of travelling in a chauffeured car courtesy Savaari Car Rentals! So lets imagine you are getting away to someplace amazing when the next long weekend rolls around. Here is how you can plan for a perfect driving holiday!

Pretend like it is 1993. Make playlists.

With uninterrupted access to the radio, YouTube and Soundcloud the music on your phone is likely out of date. Hark back to the era of tapes and make brand new mixes a.k.a playlists just for this trip. Moods tend to vary wildly and you may tire of Arijit Singh after 2 hours. Be prepared to crave old Rafi classics. Revisit Britney Spears or cater to requests for AC/DC, so everyone is happy! Downloading podcasts or books on tape is also a great option if you want some quiet, customized entertainment.

Pack Dabbas

Remember picnics, packing mountains of food and eating it messily in parks? Why not bring back a little of that madness on your next road trip? Maybe you don’t want to revisit the menu of alu sabzi, pooris and mixed rice but you can always modernize and improvise. How about egg and mustard sandwiches, wasabi peanuts, veggie sticks with hummus, and store bought containers of chocolate mousse for nonstop snacking?

Start Early. Leave Late

The whole excitement of a trip lies in waking up at an ungodly hour and beating city traffic. Book Savaari Car Rentals so our driver can you pick you up nice and early. Then get chatting so he can recommend some great breakfast joints along the way. And, ensure you get back to the concrete jungle way into the night so you can put off complaining about traffic till the morning at least.

Take the Scenic Route

Remember Mondays? Remember hours spent going through other people’s Facebook vacation albums? Remember daydreaming about your next trip to the mountains or the beach? Make it all count by taking the scenic route on this trip. What is an extra few hours in a car, especially when you are not driving…when you can stick your neck out and feel the wind in your hair? When you can stop at every gurgling brook and take selfies. And every turn in the road throws up an even more gorgeous view. Make sure your stop for chai often and embrace unexpected detours, because, this one time at least, the journey is everything.

Document. Or Don’t

It is frustrating but in our hyper visual world, sometimes people spend more time documenting their travels than experiencing it first hand. If you are anti pictures then stick by your plan and don’t whip out your phone every time you see something beautiful. But if you feel document nahin kiya to kya kiya? step up your editing game with VSCO Camfor photos that will do justice to your trip. For videos, you can use Magisto to create short films complete with music and fx. Or if the trip inspires the travel writer in your, get journalling with Evernote.

Lastly, use this freely available guide to pack smart, ensure you dress comfortably and lie back and relax while we get you to your destination in style. Call 0 90 4545 0000 or Click Here to book your next outstation trip with Savaari Car Rentals.

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