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About Kabini National Park

The Kabini National Park is spread across an area of around 55 acres and is a part of the Nagarhole Park. It is one of the premier Tiger Reserves in India and is home to some fascinating flora and fauna. It is also known as an ornithologist’s paradise due to the range of species of birds found here. Tourists throng to Kabini for that elusive sight of Leopards and Tigers all through the year from Bangalore or Mysore by renting a chauffeur-driven cab.

Facts about the Kabini National Park


Here are some interesting facts about the Kabini National Park:

  • The National Park was once a private hunting lodge of the Maharaja of Mysore.
  • The Wildlife Safari is one of the best ways to explore the national park.
  • There are over 250 species of birds that can be spotted here including the endangered oriental white-backed vulture.

Things to do in Kabini

  1. Go for an Elephant Safari. Ensure that you have a local travel guide who can take you to places in the forest where the chances of spotting animals are higher.
  2. Go for a Jungle Safari in a vehicle.
  3. Drift through the wilderness by going on a Boat Safari on the Kabini River. Witness the life of local villages and be awed by some amazing views.
  4. If you are a trekking enthusiast, then the permissible perimeters of this National Park can be a great place to put your walking shoes on.
  5. You can also rent a bicycle and explore the villages and surrounding areas by pedaling through the rustic lanes of the area.

Hire a car rental in Kabini and explore these hidden gems for a great trip with your family and friends.

Places to visit in Kabini

Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park

This is one of the world’s best places to see the Asian Elephants in their natural habitat. It is rich with a wide variety of flora and fauna making it one of the must-visit places in this forest town.


Open on all days from 6 AM-9 AM and 4 PM-6.30 PM

Entry fees

Rs.50 for adult Indians and Rs.150 for foreigners

Best Time to Visit

While you can visit the Nagarhole National Park throughout the year, winters are very pleasant. However, visiting during the months of April and May can offer a better opportunity to sight most animals as they come to the lake for water.

The Kabini River

Kabini River

The Kabini River, a tributary of the Cauvery river, offers views right out of a postcard. Imagine going boating on this picturesque river exploring the backwaters with some unbelievable backdrops. It is the perfect place for a quiet evening alone or with a loved one.


Open on all days from 7 am to 6 pm.

Kabini Dam

Kabini Dam

Situated near Beechanahalli village in the district of Mysore, Kabini Dam is a majestic structure having a height of around 58 meters and a length of 2284 feet. The dense forest around the dam makes for a delightful setting for bird watching.

How to reach Kabini Reservoir

The route to reach Kabini Reservoir is the same as the National Park as mentioned above. 

Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary


A sanctuary spread across 55 acres and nestled on the banks of the River Kabini, is one of the best places to visit in Kabini. You must opt for a forest safari to soak in the variety of flora and fauna on offer.

Kabini Safari Timings

The start time of the National Park Safari is 6 am and 7 am, as well as, 3.30 pm and 4.30 pm. The duration of the safari is around two hours. For booking a Safari, you can visit the official website of Nagarhole National Park or physical counters present at the park. Ensure that you check the Kabini National Park Safari Timings and the Entry Fee before planning your trip.

Kabini Backwater Viewpoint

From this location, you can catch mesmerizing views of mountains in the background and animals strolling in the fore. The sights from this viewpoint are picture-perfect everywhere you look.

How to Plan a trip to Kabini

How to Reach

The National Park is located in Karnataka and close to many major cities in South India. Here are some ways to reach the National Park.

By Train

Mysore is the closest major railway station. You can reach Mysore from any location in India and then take a cab from Mysore to Kabini National Park. The distance is around 65 km and you can get there in 60-90 minutes.

By Flight

There are three airports close to the Kabini National Park:

  • Mandakalli Airport (Mysore) – A small airport with limited flights primarily from the southern states, the Mysore Airport is at a distance of around 65 km from Kabini National Park. You can book a Mysore Airport taxi to travel to Kabini.
  • Kempegowda International Airport (Bangalore) – The Bangalore International Airport is at a distance of around 265-270 km. You can take a Bangalore to Kabini National Park taxi and get there in five hours.

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By Road

To reach the National Park by road, you can take the following routes from different cities around:

  • Mysore – The distance between Mysore and Kabini National Park is between 60 and 70 km. You can reach here fastest by taking the Mananthavadi Road and SH 33.
  • Coimbatore – The distance between Coimbatore and Kabini National Park is between 235 and 240 km.

Best time to visit Kabini

The best time to visit the National Park is from April to May. While the weather during these months is hot, the summer dries up the water holes and causes most of the animals to come out to the lake for water. This makes spotting them easier. If we just look at the climatic conditions, then the winter months of November to February are the best time to visit.


Travel tips for visiting Kabini National Park

  1. Private Vehicles are not allowed inside the National Park.
  2. Forests are peaceful and quiet. Hence, when you are there, ensure that you don’t make loud noises as it might send animals back into hiding.
  3. When going on a safari, wear soft colors like pastels. Avoid bright colors as they can affect animals in provocative ways.
  4. Follow all instructions of the safari guide without fail. One mistake can put you in harm’s way.
  5. Avoid wearing strong perfumes.
  6. Pack according to the season. Check the weather update and ensure that you carry clothes accordingly.

Resorts & Hotels to stay in Kabini National Park

Serai Resort

Here is a list of resorts and hotels to stay in and around the National Park:

  • Jungle Lodges
  • Serai Resort
  • Waterwoods Resort
  • The Bison Resort
  • Evolve Back
  • Kaav Safari Resort
  • Red Earth Resort
  • Discovery Village Resort
  • The Peepal Tree
  • Pepper Green Resort

Share this with your wildlife enthusiast friends and make a plan soon!

Best Road trips to the Rajiv Gandhi National Park

Route NameDistanceTime
Bangalore to Wayanad286 km6 hours
Mysore to Wayanad131 km2 hours and 45 minutes
Kochi to Wayanad260 km6 hours and 30 minutes
Ooty to Wayanad110 km3 hours
Coimbatore to Wayanad240 km6 hours

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