Go on a Holi’date! Strengthen your relationship while on a road-trip

Mark Twain thought travel was the surest way to figure out if you hate somebody or like them, and we couldn’t agree more. We tell you how to take a Savaari style road trip to strengthen an existing relationship or even use the journey to figure out if you can go from light-hearted flirtation to a full-fledged relationship.

Go the distance, travelling as a couple
Go the distance, travelling as a couple

0 Navigating = Long Conversations

A road trip can tell you a lot about the other person because you spend every waking minute together. And thanks to the courteous and reliable drivers at Savaari Car Rentals chauffeuring you around, you are free to give your undivided attention to your partner. While you are not navigating on google maps or swearing at the L board ahead, you can really connect with your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend. Ask them about their childhood, their first crush, their deepest fear and their secret hopes and get them talking while you get to your destination.

Partners in Grime

It is hard to be perfect when you have had a long day on the road. Maybe you can’t wait to get to your hotel room and take a hot shower, perhaps your partner is craving paranthas and is sick of a traditional South-Indian breakfast everyday…or your wife is annoyed because you don’t like posing for pictures, whatever be the situation, travel can test the best of us. But can your partner make you laugh even when you are cranky and exhausted? Is your spouse willing to put up with the occasional problem and look at the bigger picture? Taking a trip together can really help you see the love of your life in a new light and appreciate them in small and big ways. And even if you end up having massive fights, think of it as a crash course in learning to communicate better.

Find a travelling style that works for the both of you
Find a travelling style that works for the both of you

Camping Vs Spa Holiday

As a couple you may have wildly differing tastes when it comes to planning a vacation. Perhaps one of you enjoys adventure, and the other would think twice about standing by the sea shore, lest the waves get at them. Maybe your husband loves budget travel but you dream of a fancy resort with an infinity pool, cocktails and swedish massages while you holiday. People who travel together have to find a way to compromise and do a little bit of what the other person likes. This give and take only makes for a stronger marriage or relationship. So maybe while your partner joins you for a romantic couples massage, you agree to rough it out and go hiking in the mountains for day. The fun part is in embracing new experiences and coming home with travel stories that you can reminisce over, in the years to come.

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