Make your 2016 Travel resolutions come true!

Quitting Smoking, losing weight, saving money and travelling more show up on New Year resolutions all too often. Here are some specific tips to make sure that you actually see more of India and the world in 2016!

Become a Weekend Warrior

Don’t let public holidays catch you by surprise. Look up all the long weekends in advance and make your hotel and travel bookings. 2016 is offering a bonanza of vacation days with 14 opportunities to getaway – coinciding with Shivaratri, Easter/Holi, Republic Day, Independence Day and more!

Start putting aside a little bit of money for travel

It doesn’t have to be lakhs of rupees, just saving 5000 Rs every month can add up to a nice nest egg that will enable to take off on a week long vacation to any of the magnificent locations in India. If travel is a priority, you can cut back on frequent expensive dinners, drinking sessions, and impulsive trips to the mall so you can consciously save money for a more satisfying experience. Use money saving apps to track your performance and get motivated to meet your saving goals. And thanks to Savaari Car Rentals very soon you will be roadtripping towards a memorable destination.

Think of inexpensive and memorable holidays

Transformative travel experiences don’t have to cost the earth, but they sure can make you feel like you are on top the world. Take a inexpensive bicycle tour of the spectacular ruins of Hampi in Karnataka, trek through the breathtaking Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand for as low as Rs 7300/- per person, or check into a charming hotel in Thekkady and experience relaxing Ayurvedic treatments, folk dances and walks through spice trails in gorgeous Kerala.

Valley of Flowers, India
Valley of Flowers, India

Block your calendar

Once you have chosen a specific location, block your calendar and take time off in advance. Do you want to get away in February over Valentine’s, or experience Goa in the Monsoons? Have a plan for the long summer holidays to engage the kids and extended family? or dreaming of a white winter holiday in Gulmarg or Auli…make it happen with advance planning. And tell the people who matter – by that we mean your boss.

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