Hilarious signs on Indian roads

by Ankit Tiwari

India has often found itself a place on the travel list of visitors from all over the world. Be it animals roaming the streets in the cities to funny sign posts on the mountain roads – you can expect to see the unexpected anywhere when you are in India.

You would see all sorts of people talking about all sorts of things – a discussion taking place in the railway compartment about the Indian economy would seem no less serious than the one taking place amongst the cabinet ministers! A group of youngsters chatting about cricket would seem as though they’ve already surpassed the greats – “Pair nahi chalte Dhoni ke” (Dhoni doesn’t use his footwork well). You can find all this (and much more) only and only in one country – India. And I believe that’s what makes our country so special.

In this post, we’ve decided to bring up some of the hilarious messages put up on sign boards that you would often find on the high mountain roads. As you need to be careful while driving on these dangerous roads with sharp turns, the authorities have put up funny sign boards to make people realize the importance of careful driving.

Most of these sign boards can be found on the Manali-Leh highway, which runs the length of about 470 km. Although these may be hard for some people to decipher the message (or probably some even don’t want to) while driving, the real message behind the puns is to let people know that they are at risk while driving carelessly on such high altitude.

So, let’s have a look at some of the funniest ones.

1) “Peep Peep, Don’t Sleep


2) “Life is short, why make it shorter.”


3) “I Am ‘Curveceous’ Be Slow.”

4) “Driving risky, after whisky.”

5) “Drive On Horsepower, Not On Rum Power.”

6) “Don’t Be Silly in the Hilly.”


7) “It Is Not Rally, Enjoy The Valley.”

Happy and safe travels!

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