How to Plan for a Long Weekend Road Trip

Long Weekend Road Trip

Long weekends are the best escape when you feel like your life has become mundane and is running parallel with your routine. Short trips can help you cover many places in a country like India, which has so much diversity and so much to explore. A long weekend road trip is ideal when you can’t take time off work or are trying to save money. However, we all know that trying to fit everything into three days or less is difficult. 

As weekend getaway enthusiasts, we’ve compiled the best advice we’ve gleaned from more than a few quick trips. With our long-weekend travel tips, we’re here to ensure you have enough time to do all the sightseeing and touristy things on your list and, most importantly, to make the most of your time and money while getting some much-needed rest.

1. Know where you’re going

Long Weekend Road Trip

When planning a long weekend getaway, time is of the essence. Spend as little time as possible travelling to your destination by car. Choose a location that is a few hours away so you can spend most of your time relaxing and enjoying the journey. Consider taking a road trip if your goal is more than two hours away. A long road trip could be ideal if you want to stop in different cities along the way. But now and then, it’s fun to be spontaneous and jump in the car for a quick road trip. Isn’t that what a long weekend is all about?

2. Determine the purpose of the trip

Long Weekend Road Trip Purpose

Of course, you should begin your search by determining which segment or category the trip falls into based on the purpose, nature of the journey, objectives, and so on. For example, is it a romantic couple’s getaway or a family outing with the kids? Is this a business or pleasure trip? Is it a luxury resort vacation or a roughing-it type of camping trip? When you narrow down the purpose of the journey, it becomes much easier to plan.

3. Outline your budget

Outline your budget

Choose a budget that you are comfortable with after narrowing down the type and purpose of the trip. Next, make a budget with your travel companions or yourself if you’re travelling alone. Determine your spending limit. Make a list of your expenses and keep an eye out for unplanned expenses. After you’ve completed the budgeting for a weekend trip, you can proceed to the next critical step. Make a rough estimate of how much you’ll spend, and use that as a starting point to shape your weekend getaway accordingly. Consider travel, hotel accommodation, food, sightseeing, and other expenses.

4. Travelling time

traavel time

Consider the travel time when figuring out how long your weekend trip will be. For example, if you are only driving 2-3 hours away, you can take a day off from work and be home by Monday! Yet, if it is 5-6 hours away, then taking a 3-4 day trip will be more sensible. Or look for a destination you can get to and back to, depending on your days off.

5. Do your homework

When determining the length of your weekend trip, consider the travel time. For example, if you’re only driving 2-3 hours away, you can take the day off and return home by Monday! However, if it is 5-6 hours away, a 3-4 day trip is more practical. Alternatively, look for a destination you can get to and from depending on the number of days off you have.

6. Create a rough itinerary

Do you have an approximate travel itinerary and plan for each day of your vacation? This will go a long way toward keeping you on track to meet your travel objectives. Make a reservation for all tours, activities, and sightseeing. Plan these things ahead of time, and your trip will go smoothly. Last-minute reservations may not always be possible, causing you to miss exciting sights and experiences.

7. Pack light

pack light

A long weekend trip does not necessitate 17 different outfit options. Pack appropriately for your destination (considering the weather forecast and the culture), but don’t overdo it. When going on a weekend getaway, pack less but pack wisely. Pack one outfit for each day, a spare pair of comfortable shoes, and some accessories, and you’re ready to go! Make sure you have all the necessary accessories and paraphernalia for the best vacation experience.

8. Travel comfortably

A long weekend road trip can be taxing on your vehicle. It not only adds miles but also wear and tear and can even push an older car to its breaking point if driving through rugged terrain such as mountains. The last thing you want is for a stall or blow-out to disrupt your vacation plans or budget! Instead, hire a premium cab service to travel in comfort. You can leave your primary vehicle at home and cruise through whatever the road throws at you by renting a car. Wherever you go, these vehicles provide last-mile connectivity and exude exquisite class. Savaari Car Rentals has a fleet of brand-new luxury cars and experienced chauffeurs to help you travel in style and comfort. 

Whether driving to a city or across the state, know that you can extend your weekend trip if you desire. It’s one of the best weekend getaway suggestions anyone can give you. You don’t need a detailed itinerary that tells you what to do every minute of the day. Go with the flow and take each day as it comes. This is one of the best tips for organising long weekend getaways that you will genuinely enjoy. If you’re not quite ready to leave, stay a little longer. Everyone deserves some “me time.” So don’t delay and have the best long-weekend road trip ever!

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