Kolkata to Mandarmani Road Trip – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

Mandarmani is one of the trendiest beach retreats of Bengal. The perfect place for a romantic holiday by the sea, Mandarmani is a peaceful coastal destination where you can experience the true beauty of the Bay of Bengal. Its sparkling waters and lush palm groves make it an excellent place for couples, families, and travelers from all walks of life to get away from the rush of the city.

Table of Content

  1. Why travel from Kolkata to Mandarmani?
  2. Traveling from Kolkata to Mandarmani by car
  3. Best Time to Visit
  4. Popular Routes from Kolkata to Mandarmani
  5. Other means of traveling
  6. Attractions in Digha for Sightseeing
  7. Savaari recommends – Popular places to eat in Mandarmani
  8. Hotels and Resorts in Mandarmani

Why travel from Kolkata to Mandarmani?

Located on the sparkling western coast of India, Mandarmani is known for its laid-back environment and close proximity to other coastal towns of Bengal, which makes it a great place to base yourself for a relaxing beach holiday. A relatively new hotspot for tourists and travelers, Mandarmani is a little off the beaten track so you can have a nice quiet time by the sea. It is also one of the closest beach resorts to Kolkata. And when you take a road trip from Kolkata to Mandarmani, you can elevate your traveling experience by stopping to enjoy all the scenic locations that you will find on the way. With a Savaari, you can make your Kolkata to Mandarmani drive a thoroughly fun journey that can be fully customized to your liking, travel time, and budget.

Traveling from Kolkata to Mandarmani by car

The road from Kolkata to Mandarmani passes through many of the smaller towns and villages of the southern districts of Bengal. By driving from Kolkata to Mandarmani, you can enjoy the ride through the old industrial towns along the Hooghly River. Along the way, you will pass major cities like Howrah as well as trading towns like Nandakumar, Bagnan, and Contai. With our completely customizable Kolkata To Mandarmani trip packages, you can stop at any of these places or make a detour to the industrial town of Haldia. So let us help you discover the best routes to travel from Kolkata to Mandarmani by car.

Best Time to Visit

Like all other towns on the Bengal coast, Mandarmani is hot and humid in the summers and cool and pleasant in the winters. The monsoon season can be unpredictable as it brings down the heat but the rain also creates high tides and makes it difficult to even take a walk along the beach. Hence for travel to Mandarmani, the winter months are the best time to visit.

While monsoon is also pleasant in Mandarmani, winter is when you can truly appreciate the beauty of this coastal destination. Therefore, the best time to travel from Kolkata to Mandarmani by car is between September and February, which is also around the time of the Durga Puja celebrations which is a splendid affair in Bengal. During the daytime, the temperatures can reach up to 28°C. The minimum temperature at night can drop to somewhere around 15 to 17°C.


Popular Routes from Kolkata to Mandarmani

Route 1: Distance and Time taken from Kolkata to Mandarmani via NH16 and NH 116B

This is the shortest and the best route for traveling between Kolkata and Mandarmani. It is also the fastest because the Kolkata to Mandarmani traffic on this route is more or less regular and there are no road closures. The distance between Kolkata and Mandarmani on this route is somewhere around 170 km and takes approximately 4 and a half hours. You can book a Kolkata taxi service with Savaari to have a hassle-free road trip. Always check live maps and instant traffic updates for the latest information on Kolkata to Mandarmani road conditions.

Here’s the basic route map from Kolkata to Mandarmani

Kolkata -> Howrah-> Bagnan -> Kolaghat -> Nandakumar -> Contai -> Mandarmani

Popular sights/monuments along this route:

  • Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay Kuthi, Panitras – This historic location is the home where the legendary Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay spent the last 12 years of his life. It is a peaceful and nostalgic place with great significance for literature lovers where you can stop and soak in the history of the great writer.
  • Nalanagula Point, Rupnarayan River – This beautiful riverside viewpoint is a great place for taking a short break along the way. It is a tourist attraction with a great view of the Rupnarayan River and its green natural surroundings.
  • Tamluk Rajbari, Tamluk – Here you can see the ruins of the royal abode of the Bhanj dynasty, a significant site for history lovers. It is a heritage monument that is a great place for photography and most scholars believe that this was once the location of a great ancient city. Definitely check this out if you are interested in the lesser-known history of Bengal.
Nalangula Point

Places to eat along this route

  • Mayuri The Cake Shop & Restaurant, Math Chandipur – Stop at this local restaurant and bakery either for fast food or a proper meal with Indian and Chinese dishes available.
  • Sananda Hotel and Restaurant, Kanthi – This restaurant is a popular stop among travelers, serving both veg and non-veg food in a family-friendly environment.
  • The Hot Lips, Contai – This popular local restaurant and cafe offers a wide range of snacks in a relaxing, family-friendly environment with a great ambiance.

Kolkata to Mandarmani Road Condition via Route 1:

This is the fastest route for traveling from Kolkata to Mandarmani and is the most popular among road travelers. This route has standard highway tolls but the road conditions are good since there are no road closures.

Route 2: Distance and Time taken from Kolkata to Mandarmani via NH116B

This is a shorter route to travel from Kolkata to Mandarmani than the previous one but it also takes a little more time. There is also a ferry crossing on this route and the road conditions are variable as there may be road work. The distance from Kolkata to Mandarmani on this route is around 150 km and takes around 5 and a half hours. To avoid road closures, always check for the latest updates and follow a live map when traveling to get the most recent information on the Kolkata to Mandarmani road conditions.

Here’s the basic route map from Kolkata to Mandarmani:

Kolkata -> Thakurpur-> Noorpur -> Geonkhali -> Nandakumar -> Contai -> Mandarmani

Popular sights/monuments along this route

  • Diamond Harbour – A little away from the main route, Diamond Harbour is a great place to try out fresh seafood and catch some great views of the sea. Used as a shipping point by the British, Diamond Harbour is both a historic place and a commercial center.
  • Mahishadal RajBari, Garh Kamalpur – A historic palace with well-kept grounds where you can stop for some quiet rest and relaxation. This location has also been used to film some movies.
  • Haldia – Take a short detour from the road to visit this industrial town. A center for petrochemical industries, Haldia is also home to the only Japan town in India where you can experience the unique cultural meeting point of India and Japan.
Mahishadar Rajbari

Places to eat along this route

  • Loknath Restaurant, Garh Kamalpur – Small local restaurant offering a wide range of dishes. A good spot to stop for some snacks or a light meal.
  • Harroze Restaurant, Haldia – If you are driving through Haldia, do check out this continental restaurant that’s one of the most popular places in the area with great food options.
  • Kanaklata fast food, Kismat Bajkul – Local fast food place that’s good for a quick stop. A number of delicious snacks are available so it’s good for a break during the drive.

Kolkata to Mandarmani Road Condition via Route 2:

This is a slightly shorter route but it is also a slower option to travel from Kolkata to Mandarmani. This route also has ferries and the road conditions may not be as good in some places even though there are no road closures.

Kolkata to Mandarmani Best Route

Both the above routes are good for traveling from Kolkata to Mandarmani. However, the route via Howrah and Bagnan is faster. If you want to save time and still have a scenic drive, then the route via NH16 and NH116B is your best option.

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Other means of traveling from Kolkata to Mandarmani

By Train

There are no direct trains to Mandarmani from Kolkata. Contai and Digha are the closest railheads to Mandarmani. So if you want to travel by rail, you will have to take a train from Howrah to Contai or Digha and drive the rest of the way.

Both locations are about 20-30 km from Mandarmani so you would still need to drive part of the way. So for a comfortable ride with good views, the best and the most cost-effective way to travel from Kolkata to Mandarmani is by road. With Savaari you can directly book a Kolkata car rental to reach your destination.

By Flight

There are no flights available between Kolkata and Mandarmani. The nearest airport to Mandarmani is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU), which is about 15 km from Kolkata and around 180 km from Mandarmani. You can opt for an airport taxi in Kolkata to reach Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport.

For air travelers coming from outside Bengal traveling to Mandarmani, you would have to get down at Kolkata and then drive to Mandarmani by road. You can visit any online travel portal for the best deals on Kolkata flight booking. But the best way to get from Kolkata to Mandarmani is still to travel by road.

Attractions in Mandarmani for Sightseeing

  • Mandarmani is a refreshing place where you can relax away from the rush of city life. It is also less crowded than other beach locations of Bengal and a good place for couples with a range of activities available.
  • Mandarmani Beach is the most popular destination in Mandarmani. You can head here for swimming in the sea and for some exciting water sports.
  • Visit the Delta region, the confluence of the Hooghly River and the Bay of Bengal. There are many fishing settlements here and some great natural beauty.
  • A little distance away from Mandarmani is the Shankarpur Fishing Harbor, the most important fishing port of the state. Here you can experience local methods of seafood cultivation and explore the production factories of the region. The Shankarpur Beach is also a great spot for some quiet time by the sea.
  • For more relaxing times visit Chandpur Beach, an expansive sandy beach with a peaceful ambiance that is known for its sunset views.
  • You can also take some time to visit the nearby coastal destination of Digha, where you will find tranquil beaches and casuarina forests as well as the Amarabati Lake and Park and the Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre.

Savaari Recommends – Popular Places to Eat in Mandarmani

Like all coastal cities, Mandarmani also boasts a vibrant food culture. The Bengal coast has some great seafood options and you can explore this cuisine in Mandarmani. This beach town is a good place to try other cuisines as well. Due to the pandemic, restaurant hours might vary from what is displayed online. So do check with the restaurant for timings and safety rules before visiting.

These are some of the best rated places to eat in Mandarmani

  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Sea Hut Hotel and Restaurant
  • Tara Maa Hotel and Restaurant
  • Pabitra Hotel & Restaurant
  • Sourav – the Cafe

Hotels and Resorts in Digha

Hotel Name Address
The Sana Beach Resort Sana Beach, Mandarmani 721461 Phone number: 093306 33111
Aqua Marina Drive Inn Mandarmani Beach Rd, Dadanpatrabar, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455 Phone number: 096742 10437
Swastik Resort Balisai- Tajpur Sea Beach Rd, Tajpur, West Bengal 721423
Hotel Sahil Inn Mandarmoni Beach Access, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455 Phone number: 080170 04184
Hotel Sonar Bangla Mandarmoni Mandarmoni Beach Road, District Purba Medinipur, Kalindi, Chaulkhola, Mandarmoni, West Bengal 721455 Phone number: 098003 40270
Tarangamala Resort Mandarmani Beach Rd, Mandarmani, West Bengal 721455 Phone number: 097338 44894

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