Lakshadweep Islands – The Maldives we all deserve


Far away from civilization, an island sits amidst gorgeous palm trees, beautiful huts, and turquoise water. This ridiculously perfect tropical paradise straight out of a movie looms right in front of you as your boat bobs towards it.

The popularity of the Maldives as a holiday destination is indubitable. Whether it is a peaceful quiet vacation or an upscale honeymoon destination for the upper-middle class, Maldives has become one of India’s favorite holiday destinations and for all the right reasons!

There’s just so much to love about the Maldives. Its isolation from the hum-drum of cities is one of its biggest selling points. And people go crazy for that vibe! 


Whether you love islands or not, the Maldives should be on your bucket list. While gorging on the picture-postcard landscape of the Maldives, we were unable to stop ourselves from comparing it with the pristine islands of Lakshadweep.  


So, why we at Savaari are suggesting Laskshadweep you ask? While the two afford very different experiences, it is the pristine, untouched landscape that really drew us to Lakshadweep. See for yourself. 


Sometimes planning an exotic holiday can be a bit of a task. Right from planning to organizing and finally to the execution phase,; to pull off a perfect holiday overseas is a skill we wish our schools and colleges had taught us. 

Not far from home, Lakshadweep affords a similar experience minus the overpriced tour packages. When looking for a perfect island holiday in India, one does not really include Lakshadweep readily. It figures nowhere on the list of prospective places. 

Why Lakshadweep Islands

An archipelago made up of 36 islands and around 300 km off the coast of India, Lakshadweep is nowhere close to how most people imagine it to be. It is definitely not a place where you would be stranded in a hut, just surviving on biscuits and bottled water. 


Now more than 60,000 people live on the islands and all are preachers of Islam. While Lakshadweep is part of the same underwater mountain range that extends up to the Maldives, the former is still raw and less altered by modernity. 

Lakshadweep lures its visitors with the promise of an incredible diving and snorkeling experience along with the charm of heading into the unknown. But what stands out for Lakshadweep is the beautiful silence that looms over the island. You will not find hawkers, gawkers, or any kind of riff-raff here.

Accommodation is quite comfortable here. There are air-conditioned huts with hammocks to give your tropical holiday a true feel. Lakshadweep is the only destination on the western side of India that is rich in coral life. There are very few options for sightseeing in Lakshadweep, but if it is the untouched marine life you are seeking, then Lakshadweep will win your over like no other place in India.


Don’t expect the food to be fancy here. Everything that you eat in Lakshadweep is produced in Lakshadweep. And you may still ask yourself if it is even worth all the effort, but the raw experience of being on an island still untouched by modernity seems like a worthy enough goal. 

A few things to remember

  1. Entry to the Lakshadweep islands is restricted. One needs a special entry permit issued by the Lakshadweep Administration to visit these islands. 
  2. Only BSNL and Airtel provide telecommunication services to the Lakshadweep islands. Kadmat has just BSNL. There is no internet connection anywhere in Lakshadweep. 
  3. There are no ATMs. Hence, carry adequate cash with you. 
  4. Be mindful of the boat timings. They operate only on certain days

How to Reach Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep can be reached via boats and flights only. The Union Territory has an airport in Aggati, which is connected to the Kochi Airport only. 

Best time to visit Lakshadweep

A trip to Lakshadweep can be planned during the winter season between October and Mid-May when the weather is pleasant and ideal for water sports activities.

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Lakshadweep - The Maldives we all deserve
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Lakshadweep - The Maldives we all deserve
Lakshadweep, made up of 36 islands, is known for untouched underwater marine life and now ranking high as a perfect tropical holiday destination in India
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