Lockdown 5.0: India Prepares to Unlock

Amidst numberable speculations, the Ministry of Health Affairs on May 30 issued an order that talks about the implementation of Lockdown 5.0, also referred to as “Unlock 1.0”. However, unlike all the other lockdowns, this will bring in relaxation of the rules imposed in all the previous lockdowns. 


After two months of nationwide lockdown enforced due to novel coronavirus, the country on June 1 entered Lockdown 5.0 Phase 1. According to the guidelines issued by MHA, here is how different states are opening up. Take a moment to read our comprehensive report on “India Travel Report – Mobility after the COVID Pandemic“.

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States allow interstate movement without a travel pass

The MHA’s lockdown 5.0 announcement has allowed inter-state travel without permissions or a travel pass. However, it has also allowed the state or UT governments the liberty to impose restrictions on inter-state movement on the grounds of public health and safety. 

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Here is a list of states you need a travel pass to enter or exit

A few states still require a travel pass for movement of people across borders as well as inter-district. Know all about acquiring a travel e-pass here


E passes and home quarantine is a must if you are entering Kerala from other states.

Andhra Pradesh

Those who need to come to AP from other states in private vehicles would have to obtain an e-pass through the government’s ‘Spandana’ portal and undergo medical tests. Those seeking to come from less affected states will have to undergo home quarantine of fourteen days and those from highly-affected states will be sent to institutional quarantine for seven days. If they test positive for COVID-19, they will be sent to the hospital and those with negative results will be sent home for an additional seven days

New Delhi

A valid travel pass will be required to enter or exit the state.

Tamil Nadu

For people travelling between different zones or crossing the border will require an e-pass issued by the authority during Lockdown 5.0 in Tamil Nadu.

Meghalaya and Mizoram

No inter-district and inter-state movement of vehicles without lockdown passes till June 6.


The state government has made use of the COVA app and self-generated ‘e-pass’ mandatory for inter-state travels.


The state government said inter-state travel without requisite permission from authorities will continue to remain prohibited. 

What is allowed in Lockdown 5.0 or Unlock 1.0?

Lockdown 5.0 will have three phases. The country on June 1 entered one of the three unlock phases and following will be permitted in:

Phase 1 

  • Places of worship/ religious places will be open from June 8, 2020.
  • Malls, restaurants, and hotels will be open from June 8. 

Phase 2

  • The decision to reopen educational institutions to be taken by the state and UT governments after discussions with all stakeholders, including parents. This decision is likely to come in effect from July 2020. 

Phase 3

Based on assessments the following will be permitted by state and UT governments- 

  • International flights will start operating after assessing the then situation
  • Large congregations, such as political, social, educational, weddings and funerals will be permitted
  • Metro rails will be allowed to operate in certain cities
  • Cinema halls, gyms, entertainment parks, swimming pools, theatres, bars, auditorium and similar places may be permitted to open as well.

Common Restrictions across all States in Lockdown 5.0

  • Lockdown to continue in Containment Zones till June 30. 
  • Only essential services will be allowed in Lockdown 5.0 zones. Movement of people in and out of these zones will be prohibited with stricter measures now, except in cases of medical emergencies or essential services. 
  • A Buffer Zone is to be identified by state/ UT governments outside containment zones with the same restrictions. 
  • State/ UT governments may restrict activities outside containment or buffer zones as well, based on the ground realities.
  • Night curfew from 9 pm to 5 am to be followed in all states.

Common Guidelines to be followed in all States in Lockdown 5.0

  • Wearing face masks in all public places. 
  • Downloading the Aarogya Setu app
  • Individuals must practice social distancing in all public places
  • Work from home to be extended as far as possible 
  • Provisions of thermal screening and sanitization to be made mandatory at all public places
  • Consumption of liquor, paan, gutka, tobacco is strictly prohibited 
  • Spitting in public places will be a punishable offense
  • All large congregations and gatherings are to remain prohibited until further notice.

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Lockdown 5.0
States and UTs in India,
Starting on
June 1, 2020
Ending on
June 30, 2020
As India enters Lockdown 5.0, also known as Unlock 1.0, certain relaxations have been announced in interstate movement as well as movement in general. The country reopens in phases gradually permitting the places of worships, malls, restaurants, schools, colleges and even theatres and gyms to open in the months to come.

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