Savaari launches 5 Lakh new Intercity One-way Routes

The COVID pandemic upended our lives, especially changing the landscape of travel and commute. Before the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the travel demand was largely related to business and leisure – all of which changed to essential travel in just a span of two months, as people started to look for safer and economical One-way modes of transportation to travel to their hometowns. Read our very comprehensive report on “Indian Travel Report – Mobility after the COVID Pandemic“.

In order to facilitate emergency/essential travel requirements of people, Savaari has introduced one-way cabs across 5,00,000 new routes in India at highly affordable fares. The PAN India coverage supports the inclusion of over 2000 Tier I, II and III cities as well as smaller towns across the length and breadth of the country. And the customers pay only one-sided, all-inclusive fares which include interstate taxes and tolls.

We, at Savaari, acknowledge that your safety is paramount, more so in the context of the ongoing pandemic. Hence, we have taken government-issued precautionary guidelines to ensure a safe commute of people in a dedicated and non-shared vehicle.

Savaari launches 5 lakh routes for one-way cabs

Why should you choose one-way cabs?

One-way cabs are typically offered to customers who choose to be picked up from a source city and dropped at a destination city. Unlike round trips, one-way cabs should ideally be 50% less expensive than round trip services. But more often than not, this is typically not the case. To bridge the gap between over-priced one-way car rentals and a lack of safer modes of transport, Savaari has launched convenient one-way car rental services for your easy commute.

Savaari launches 5 lakh routes for one-way cabs
  1. Accessibility: Be it Tier I, II or III city, Savaari will bring you home safe. You can book a cab anywhere, any time, and be rest assured that a Savaari will be on its way. 
  2. Safety: One-way cabs provide a dedicated space along with door to door connectivity to its commuters. This alleviates any safety concerns that may arise due to unwanted contact or exposure to high-risk public places such as airports or train stations.
  3. Affordability: Our prices are inclusive of all toll and state taxes. Hence, you need not pay for any additional charges during the trip. Leave your wallet home! Savaari’s one-way fares are the lowest in the industry.
  4. Savaari’s promise of safety, reliability and convenience during the rides have been reinforced by strict adherence to the government issued safety guidelines. Besides, we have also launched COVID insurance for our driver-partners as well as customers.
Savaari launches 5 lakh routes for one-way cabs

Our popular One-way cab routes

Source CityOne-way Routes
Delhi – Delhi to Chandigarh
– Delhi to Jaipur
– Delhi to Rishikesh
– Delhi to Jammu
– Delhi to Agra
– Delhi to Nainital
Bangalore– Bangalore to Mysore
– Bangalore to Hyderabad
– Bangalore to Chennai
– Bangalore to Salem
Mumbai– Mumbai to Pune
– Mumbai to Surat
– Mumbai to Lonavala
– Mumbai to Saputara
Kolkata– Kolkata to Asansol (1)
– Kolkata to Durgapur
– Kolkata to Mandarmani
– Kolkata to Gangasagar
Hyderabad– Hyderabad to Vijayawada
– Hyderabad to Karimnagar
– Hyderabad to Mumbai
– Hyderabad to Bangalore
– Hyderabad to Mysore
– Hyderabad to Kurnool

Why opt for one-way car rentals over flights and trains?

Given the limited availability of airlines, trains and even on-demand cab companies in metro and non-metro cities/towns during the pandemic, Savaari’s country-wide coverage of one-way drops will immensely help customers undertake their essential travel.

  • While flights or trains may seem like a faster, safer option, but sometimes the nearest airport/ railway station is also a few hundred km away from the drop destination, making you depend on an alternative mode of transport for the last-mile connectivity. On the other hand, one-way cabs offer you door to door service from your pickup to drop destination.
  • Often, certain inaccessible pockets of our country with poor train or bus connectivity make it harder for you to reach your destination. Hence, our one-way cab launches are here to take you to the farthest, remotest corners with contactless rides.
  • Unlike trains and airlines, one-way cabs will never be booked out or experience surge prices. All you have to do is, call us 4 hours in advance and a freshly sanitized cab will be on its way.
  • A small group when traveling by flight can also book a one-way cab for about the same or cheaper price to enjoy a safe, sanitized and personal vehicle of their own instead of traveling with people whose health statuses are unknown.
  • The actual time taken by airlines to help you commute from point A to B is actually more when you also calculate the check-in time, boarding, security and other checkpoints exposing you to public spaces for a longer period of time. Keeping the pandemic in mind, all airline passengers are requested to reach the airport 2 hours in advance in order to have a seamless check-in experience while respecting social distancing. This only adds a few extra hours to your wait time.
Savaari launches 5 lakh routes for one-way cabs

When you book a Savaari with us, our sanitized cars and hygiene conscious chauffeurs help you undertake your journey in the safest mode of transportation. Enjoy your dedicated, non-shared space in just 4 hours of booking window!

Stay safe. Travel safe.

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Savaari launches 5 Lakh new Intercity One-way Routes
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Savaari launches 5 Lakh new Intercity One-way Routes
Book your safe and sanitized one-way cabs from 5 lakh routes in India at highly affordable fares. Pay only one-side fare which is inclusive of all taxes
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