Top Things to do in Masinagudi – A complete Travel Guide

Venture into the wild heart of the Nilgiris with this essential guide to Masinagudi, a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. In these pages, you’ll discover the top things to do in Masinagudi, from spotting wildlife in the lush Mudumalai National Park to night camping under the stars. Embrace the thrill of jungle safaris, the tranquility of birdwatching, and the rustic charm of this serene hamlet. The jungles beckon with their untamed beauty and raw, natural splendor. Book a cab from Bangalore to Ooty and take a small detour to explore these mysterious jungles.


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Things to do in Masinagudi 

  • Camp under the stars – There are many tours and travel packages available online that will connect you with organisers at the popular camping sites. You will get a chance to spend a night near the Moyar river and if you are lucky, you might spot some tigers near the riverside.
  • Immerse yourself in the wildlife – Sift through pages of a wildlife book or start a conversation with the forest officer. This will not only nurture your love for wildlife but also help you spot a lot of rare species on your safari.
  • Visit Rose Gardens – Rose Gardens in Ooty is located just 30 km from Masinagudi. In fact, after spending a day doing jungle safari, you can simply head to Ooty for an extended vacation. If not anything, visiting the rose garden should be on your priority list.

Hire a Car Rental in Ooty and visit the rose garden for an incredible experience.

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Places to visit in Masinagudi

1. Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary 

Bring out your best camera lenses because Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is the first place you need to be. Home to some of the rare and endangered wildlife species, you can spot Bengal Tigers, Indian Leopard and Indian elephants here. 


The forests of this wildlife sanctuary are dense, which adds to the thrill of tiger sightings. Many visitors have spotted leopards and tigers very close to their safari jeeps. There are two different kinds of safaris available here. The van safari that will take you through the dense forests is scheduled between 6:30 and 9 AM in the morning and between 3:30 and 6:00 PM in the evening. The elephant safari timings are between 7:00 and 8:30 AM as well as between 3:30 and 5:00 PM.

Pro Tip: Go for the morning safari to spot some rare birds and animals.

2. Moyar River

A tributary to the Bhavani River, the Moyar river originates from a town named Moyar. Being very close to the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, you can spot many animals including tigers and elephants who come near the river to quench their thirst. Visit the place in the early morning hours or during sunset to spot these animals.


You can go boating, fishing and other activities while you are here. However, it is the tranquility of the place that draws the attention of travellers from across the country. Dip your feet in the flowing water of the river, click pictures of this natural beauty or just sit on a rock nearby to get lost in the peace – the Moyar river will make you feel the comfort of your home. 

3. Maravakandy Dam

Lush green forests, a quaint rendezvous with nature by a river – if this sounds fun to you, then Maravakandy Dam is the place for you. Built-in 1951, this place looks straight out of heaven during sunrise.


Come here for the picturesque view, stay for observing the life of animals living in the wild. You will be able to spot some rare birds and animals near the dam. So, it is advisable to carry your camera and keep your binoculars ready. The dam opens for visitors every day at 9 AM and closes at 6 PM.

4. Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta 

Betta means hill in Kannada. Located at a height of 1454 metres above sea level, this is the peak is situated in Bandipur National Park. Bandipur national park is a tiger reserve and also home to some 3000 elephants. You can reach the top of this hill by safari jeep. There is a narrow lane that will take you through the woods and the hilly terrain.


If you are in Masinagudi, then visiting this hilltop should be on your must-do list. When at the top, you find a temple of Venugopala Swamy that is said to have been built seven centuries ago! There’s also a beautiful bungalow near the top that belongs to the ruler of Mysore.

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Places to Eat in Masinagudi

You’ll find local diners to tea stalls and street food in Masinagudi. Here are some of the best restaurants to try on your trip – 

  • Navaruchi
  • Safari Land Restaurant
  • Dream Land Restaurant & Bakes
  • Krishna Tea Stall
  • Drive in Cafe

How to Plan a Trip to Masinagudi

Best Time to Visit

The best months to visit Masinagudi is from March to June and September to October. Overall, there is very little variation in the temperature throughout the year. The average temperature is around 23-degree celsius.

In summers, the temperature fluctuates between 25 and 37 degree celsius. In winters, the temperature of Masinagudi is around 15-25 degree celsius. The monsoon months are greener but swampy and the average temperature is 24-degree celsius.  

How to reach Masinagudi 

By Flight

The nearest airport to Masinagudi is Coimbatore Airport which is about 123 km from Masinagudi. You can also reach the forests from Bangalore airport which is around 270 km away. For comfortable travel, you book an airport taxi to the place of your stay in Masinagudi.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Coimbatore Junction which is 116 km away from Masinagudi. For safe and hassle-free travel, you can book a cab from Coimbatore station to Masinagudi.

By Road

Masinagudi is well-connected to major cities by road. Masinagudi is 237 km away from Bangalore and you can book a cab from Bangalore to Masinagudi to reach there within 5hrs. It is 120 km from Coimbatore and you can book a cab from Coimbatore to Masinagudi to reach there within 3hrs. The drive is picturesque and is perfect for that scenic road trip. For a safe and reliable means of travel here, you can always book a Savaari and enjoy a comfortable road journey with experienced chauffeurs. 

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About Masinagudi

Masinagudi, An Offbeat Paradise for Wildlife Lovers is a gorgeous hill station, located on the foothills of the lush green Nilgiri mountains, Tamil Nadu. Just 30 km away from Ooty , the forest town remains unhindered by the exploitation of commercialization and is far away from the usually crowded tourist places. 


In this blog, we will unfold the beauty of this wildlife town and how you can make your next weekend adventurous. So, buckle up as we start our journey to the land of tigers!

Quick Facts

Location Tamil Nadu
Area 13409 hectares
Local language Tamil
Best time to visitThe best months to visit Masinagudi is from March to June and September to October
WeatherThe average temperature is around 23-degree celsius.
Famous forMudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Moyar River

Hotels and Resorts in Masinagudi

Masinagudi offers a host of accommodation options from hotels to inns and upscale resorts. Check out some of these best-rated hotels and resorts –

  • The Wild Forest Resorts
  • Safari Land Villa Resort
  • Runnel view resorts Mudhumalai
  • Avadale
  • Labdhi Resorts
  • Jungle Hut
  • The Tiger Paw Resort

We hope that this guide has inspired you to explore the jungles by road. Share this recommendation and let us know your adventure stories! Download our Savaari car rental app for a smooth and pleasant journey.

Best Road-trips nearby

Route NameDistanceTime
Ooty to Masinagudi30 km53 minutes
Coimbatore to Masinagudi114 km3 hours and 45 minutes
Mysore to Masinagudi97 km2 hours and 14 minutes
Wayanad to Masinagudi82 km2 hours and 36 minutes
Bangalore to Masinagudi238 km5 hours and 35 minutes

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