Head to this place in India for the Alps like experience

Skiing was born in the Alps. 

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The other-worldly landscape of the Alps has been the ultimate destination for skiers across the world. It’s dreamy, magical and achingly pristine. A lot of us may think that a holiday in the Alps can cost us a fortune, however, it is surprisingly much cheaper than skiing in the US or Canada. 

But here’s the rub – due to climate change, global warming has played havoc with the snow season in the Alps and the next best destination to ski in the world is our very own Gulmarg! 

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Gulmarg has now become an abode of skiers from Europe and Canada. Hordes of skiers with a passion for skiing on natural snow have found the slopes of Gulmarg challenging as well as enchanting. And most of these skiers return every skiing season for the closest Alps like experience in a country like India! 


A little bit about skiing in Gulmarg

Fortunately, northern India is blessed with one of the greatest mountain ranges in the world – the Himalayas. While there are quite a few locations across India that offer skiing, but one of the most sophisticated and well-equipped ski resorts in India can be found in Gulmarg. 

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Gulmarg scores on all fronts – be it in terms of regular flights, good road access, snow quality, luxury accommodation, lift infrastructure or availability of ski equipment. Not to forget, safety standards are also the best in Gulmarg. 

Gulmarg, undoubtedly, is a favored child of nature. Blessed with abundance, nature has its own beautiful identity here. So much so that even the overwhelming presence of the army cannot render you immune from the irresistible charm of this place. It definitely gets to you!

4 to 5 meters of snow delights rookies, learners and experts alike. 

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And one of the most interesting and thrilling experiences of being in Gulmarg has to be the gondola that takes you to a height of 3980 m. This certainly puts the entire focus on the thrill of the sport. 

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Whether you are a rookie or an expert, there is a slope in Gulmarg waiting for you. Don’t worry too much about falling flat on your face or embarrassing yourself with your inexperience- Gulmarg is welcoming to all, even beginners and first-time skiers. And believe us, you do not have to be an expert to enjoy skiing. It may make you nervous, even give you sore muscles; but the joy of hurtling down the vertiginous slopes of Gulmarg is an experience that deserves to be on your bucket list. 

Once you are done for the day, you can take recourse in lavish Kashmiri hospitality and enjoy a cup of Kashmiri Kawa while it snows outside.  

Best time to Ski

Gulmarg receives some of the heaviest snowfall in the Himalayan region, but ski season is short—mid-Jan to end-Feb. However, sometimes the snow season starts in mid-Dec and ends in March. 

How to Reach

Take a flight to Srinagar airport from any city and book a Savaari taxi to reach Gulmarg in absolute comfort. 

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Head to this place in India for the Alps like experience
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