SUNBURN – Asia’s biggest music festival

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Arguably the largest electronic dance music festival in Asia and the boss of all music festivals organized in the Indian subcontinent, Sunburn Goa is preparing for its 13th edition this year. Sunburn Music Festival tops the list of every Electronic Music fan’s bucket list.

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Organized every year in the month of December by Percept, Sunburn offers a tribute to the diverse population and rich culture of Goa. The Sunburn, apparently, has significantly contributed to changing the party scenes in India. Hoards of youngsters, music lovers, party groovers, and revelers from India and abroad fly down to Goa for Sunburn. 

Here’s a sneak peek –

Known for its extravagance and noteworthy artist lineup, Sunburn 2019 would be nothing short of an incredible experience so before you buy the tickets here’s what you should know –

The artist lineup this year starts with DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers, Flume and Martin Garrix who will make you dance till you burnout (sunburn, geddit?) Whether it’s your first or the 10th time, each year at the Sunburn is different. You can buy your passes on bookmyshow. 

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Dates: 27 December – 29 December
Venue: Vagator, Goa 

Why you should attend Sunburn at least once 

1. For the amazing artist line-up 

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Each year at the sunburn the noteworthy artist lineup is the main highlight of the festival.  DJs from across the globe, spinning some of their best works and engaging the crowd to some out-of-the-world music come to the festival to perform. Few of the famous artists who perform at this festival are Afrojack, DJ Snake Andrew Rayel, Tiesto, Mark Knight, Quintino, Pete Tong, James Zabiela Josh Wink, Shermanology, Chuckie and Goldfish. Among Indians, Nucleya, Anish Sood, Janux, Sartek, and Arsh have performed in this Festival in the past. Do you still think you not attend it? 

2. A grand music festival by the beach, Hell yeah! 

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With a mesmerizing sunset at the backdrop, golden sand, a shimmering beach, the massive stages, laser lights of different colors in every direction, booming sound systems, incredible visuals and a loud grooving crowd along with a world-class line-up of artists tuning in to your favorite songs across all genres, LIVE! I’m sure it doesn’t get any better for all the music lovers out there! 

3. It’s around Christmas and New Year’s Eve

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Unless you are someone who likes to be around family for Christmas and New Year, there cannot be alternatives to Sunburn. It’s the perfect place to be and it is GOA. Dance to the groovy beats all night with your gang and end the year with some epic parties. 

 4. That Goa plan

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When a music festival like Sunburn is organized in a place like Goa, nobody should have second thoughts. Once you are done dancing at the festival, you can always explore Goa. And thankfully, this Goa plan will not get canceled.

5. Time to become a social butterfly


Sunburn is the perfect place to meet people who share the same music taste as you. And there will be people from different countries. Meet. Interact. Step out of your comfort zone and you will come back with so many exciting stories to share. You never know, you might end up finding your future best friend in this fulfilled journey!

6. Do not miss the workshops 

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The festival begins in the evening and goes on till late at night. During the day you could participate in various workshops. Some of which are; drum workshop, dream catcher workshop, kite workshop, kite-making workshop, tattoo workshop or you can even learn how to play different instruments. There is something for everyone at the Sunburn Festival!

A few tips

  • The tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE
  • Book food and drinks online while booking your tickets because they are super expensive at the venue.
  • Tickets are available at the venue as well as online
  • If you live outside India and want to book tickets for the festival, you need to submit a copy of your passport and debit/credit card at the counter near the venue.

A few reminders 

  • You must be above 15 years of age to be able to attend Sunburn.
  • If you buy a single day ticket, you will not be allowed to re-enter the venue the next day. Only a multiple-day ticket holder to be allowed to re-enter. 
  • You will need a valid photo ID before entering the venue. So hold on to your driving license, pan card or passport at the gate.
  • If you book tickets online, the entry wristband would be delivered at your address at least a week before the festival. But, if you do not receive the band, you could collect it from the counter at the venue.
  • Possession or sale of drugs is strictly prohibited at this festival.
  • Cameras are strictly prohibited at the venue. If you are found carrying your camera, it may get confiscated. So keep those recording devices in the hotel room.
  • Outside food is not allowed at the venue. Guests are thoroughly scanned at the entrance.
  • Once the concert is over, the chaos ensues. It is advisable to book a taxi well in advance.

While you may not be an EDM lover, but the vibe of the festival is sure to make you want to attend the festival at least once. You can leave all your worries behind and dance like no one’s watching, and believe me, no one is watching. Everyone at the festival is crazy dancing just like you. So go get your buy your passes, if you haven’t already! 

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SUNBURN - Asia's biggest music festival
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SUNBURN - Asia's biggest music festival
Arguably the largest electronic dance music festival in Asia, Sunburn Music Festival is the boss of all music festivals organized in the Indian subcontinent and is on every Electronic Music fan’s bucket list.
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