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Have you planned a trip to the beautiful hill station, Bagdogra? Here is your pocket guide for visiting this unique place in all its glory. We recommend that you rent a chauffeur driven cab from Siliguri to enjoy the splendour of this region by road.


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  2. Things to do in Bagdogra
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  4. Hotels and Resorts in Bagdogra

About Bagdogra

Bagdogra things to do

Bagdogra, the gateway town to North-East India and the Himalayas, is a tiny hill station in Darjeeling that is located at the foot of the Himalayas. It is one of West Bengal’s most tranquil and unspoiled locations, only 11 km from Siliguri. It is one of the most popular hill stations in the state, serving as a gateway to North-East India and the Himalayas.


The Darjeeling foothills’ tea estates were thriving around the beginning of the 20th century, which increased the need for labourers. Many tribes from Chotanagpur moved to the Terai plains during this time, where they eventually established, particularly in this hill station. The local culture is a fusion of Catholic and Buddhist ideals. Although the hill station also has a sizable Hindu population, visitors can experience the city’s kaleidoscope array of cultural variety through its festivals, customs, and cuisine.

Facts About Bagdogra 

Check out these fascinating facts about Bagdogra!

  • Bagdogra is renowned for its lush tea plantations and picturesque landscapes.
  • In addition to the natural beauty, the hill station is home to kind and warm-hearted people.
  • In Bagdogra, some of the most well-known and significant celebrations are the Jalpesh Mela, Gangasagar Mela, Kenduli Mela, and Naba Barsho (the Tibetan New Year).

Offbeat Things to do in Bagdogra 

The hill station serves as a starting point for travellers visiting Darjeeling, Siliguri, Sikkim, and Bhutan. Bagdogra tourist places offer a variety of adventures and fascinating activities in addition to well-known tourist destinations. A travel guide can help you with your trip. A list of activities to do in this quaint hillstation is provided here.

Things to do in Bagdogra with Friends

Image Credit: nomadifying

Take advantage of the fantastic trekking paths offered by this destination if you’re seeking an adventurous getaway and unleash your inner explorer with your friends.

  • Consider Camping

If you go to the hill station and remain inside the confines of a hotel, you will unquestionably miss out on a wonderful opportunity to holiday in the middle of nature. The greatest way to appreciate the area’s natural splendour is to go camping.

  • Trekking

What other activity in the mountains is more enjoyable and thrilling than trekking? This hill station is the location for you if you enjoy adventure and have always wanted to go trekking.

Things to do in Bagdogra with Family

To spend quality time with your family and create lasting memories, engage in the following activities.

  • Observe Sunsets

When determining when to start an activity with the family, take into account the time of day and pay attention to the way the mountains’ shadows affect the sky’s hues.

  • Tea Estate Stroll

This spot is a nice place to relax for a bit while enjoying the surroundings. It is tucked away amid the dazzling scenery, flora, and animals of the magnificent Alps. A stroll around the region is another option.

  • Take a stroll beside the river.

You’ll find yourself pausing frequently to admire the tranquil Teesta river’s serenity and comfort. The area is endowed with floral beauty and a combination of greenery and peace, which makes it an excellent travel destination, especially during the monsoon season.

Places to Visit in Bagdogra 

Bagdogra is a delightful town with numerous tourist attractions. The top tourist places to visit in Bagdogra are listed here so you can plan your vacation to this region of the country. Take a look!

  • The Dooars

From the Bagdogra airport, go east past Siliguri till you reach the Brahmaputra floodplains of The Dooars, where you may go on a few safaris or unwind at one of the lush forest resorts.

  • The Himalaya World Museum

The Himalayan World Museum, founded by renowned ethnomusicologist and dramaturge Professor Omprakash Bharti, houses a collection of over 500 artefacts from various Himalayan regions of India, including Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, etc., as well as neighbouring nations like Bhutan and Nepal. The museum is maintained and run by the Himalayan Legacy Research & Development Society to preserve these regions’ cultural heritage.

  • Dreamland Amusement Park

The city of Bagdogra, where Dreamland Amusement Park is situated, is home to several interesting attractions. The park, which is tucked away in a picturesque setting, provides a lovely atmosphere in addition to fun attractions. When you visit this theme park, you can take advantage of the playing area and the beautiful views.

Places to Visit Near Bagdogra 


Here is a list of the top tourist destinations close to Bagdogra so you can organise your trip to this part of the nation. Look at this!

  • Madhuban Park or Surya Sen Park

Another amazing location that draws visitors is Surya Sen Park, which is located around 30 minutes away from Bagdogra. This park is the ideal picnic location for both families and tourists, thanks to its lovely flower beds, glittering fountains, children’s park, well-kept lawns, and well-maintained pathways. In addition to this, visitors can enjoy paddle boating and enjoy the beauty of the river Mahanadi as it flows through the park. The park is well-known among residents for pre-wedding photo shoots because it has numerous locations for photography.

  • Boat Club of Umrao Singh

The Umrao Singh Boat Club is a place where you may spend the day enjoying lakeside activities like boating, fishing, etc. while being surrounded by lush plantations. The boat club is maintained by the Indian Army and is located around 30 minutes from Bagdogra. The club is well-known for providing adventure activities, particularly for children. You can take pleasure in a day of sailing and nature-loving.

  • The Science City

The Science City, also known as the North Bengal Science Centre, is a well-known Siliguri institution. Science City is about 20 kilometres from Bagdogra and is a walk through the natural splendour of North Bengal’s woods. The institute, with its enchanting gate, Gokul and hazel trees, and a long stretch of Kamini shrubs, leads you to the doorsteps of a world that will leave you bewildered and wanting more.

  • Salugara Monastery

Salugara Monastery, which is roughly 18 kilometres from Bagdogra, is well-known for the 110-foot-tall stupa that Tibetan Lama Kalu Rinpoche built there. Other attractions at this Buddhist temple near the hill station include many artefacts and statues that are housed in the monastery. According to folklore, the neighbouring hills and mountains guard the monastery.

  • Jorpokhri Wildlife Sanctuary

Jorpokhri Wildlife Sanctuary is located in West Bengal not far from Bagdogra and is accessible in 40 minutes. On the road to Sandakphu, it is home to many high-altitude creatures, including the Gora, or Himalayan Salamander, as well as other native creatures including rhinos, tigers, and unusual bird species.

  • Park in the Neora Valley

Neora Valley National Park, located in the Kalimpong sub-division of the Darjeeling district, is one of the most biologically diverse areas in the entire Northeast. The park is an important wilderness zone due to the presence of the exquisite Red Panda in its pristine, untouched natural environment, as well as its diversified flora and fauna and uneven steep terrain. This is one of Bengal’s most prominent bird-viewing national parks and is a vital element of the Kanchenjunga Landscape.

Places to Eat in Bagdogra

Bagdogra is a great getaway in Northeast India that guarantees travellers unforgettable experiences. The town has also consistently been a shelter for bohemians. As a result, its cuisine has a strong multicultural influence and serves both tourists and nomads. These are some of the top restaurants.

  • Punjabi Kadhai
  • Gour Nitai Restaurant
  • The Gourmet Central
  • Indian pagoda Siliguri
  • Chillout Restaurant
  • Saffron- multi-cuisine Restaurant

How to Plan a Trip to Bagdogra 

Image Credits: Nomadic Weekends

Choosing the best route, form of transportation, and other factors are the best approach for organising a trip. How to reach Bagdogra? This question might arise in your mind. Here are some popular ways to get to the town.

How to reach Bagdogra 

By Train

The closest rail station to Bagdogra, which is connected to all major cities, is Siliguri station. From major cities, trains run frequently to the Jalpaiguri railway station. To get to Bagdogra, travellers can take a bus or a taxi.

By Road

All of the major cities are easily accessible from Bagdogra through the national route. All of North-East India’s and West Bengal’s major cities have regular bus services that travel there and back. You can also book a cab for travelling in the city.

  • Darjeeling to Bagdogra. 90km
  • Gangtok to Bagdogra. 140 km
  • Siliguri to Bagdogra. 14 km
  • Kalimpong to Bagdogra. 79 km

By Flight

The airport in Bagdogra serves both domestic and international flights. There are direct flights from all major cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata, to Bagdogra. You can book a cab to get to your destination from the airport. 

Best Time to Visit 

The months of July through February are the best time to visit Bagdogra. This time frame is regarded as the best monsoon season. The peak travel season is summer since the scenery is at its most beautiful. During these months, the weather is highly enticing and soothing, making travel much more convenient and enjoyable.

Hotels and Resorts in Bagdogra

SNHotel Name AddressAverage price per night
1.Marina’s MotelBihar More,Bagdogra, India. 734014Rs. 2,496
2.Hotel Mount ViewPradhan Nagar, Bhanu Nagar, Siliguri, India. 734003 Rs. 1,949
3.Relaxe Hotel BagdograBihar More, Bagdogra, West Bengal, India. 734014.Rs. 869
4.Shivanand LodgeRabindra Market Complex, Shiv Mandir, 31 NH Road, Bagdogra, India. 734001Rs. 896
5.Jagat Hotel & Ekant RestaurantShimla Manali Highway, Village Pathrangal, Bagdogra, India. 171102Rs. 1,575

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