Things to do in Jawhar – A Complete Travel Guide

Cradled in the verdant embrace of Maharashtra’s Western Ghats, Jawhar is a traveler’s haven, boasting pristine natural splendor and deep cultural roots. This guide promises an array of things to do in Jawhar, inviting you to discover enchanting waterfalls, ancient forts, and the unique Warli art tradition. This offbeat destination is not easily accessible by public transport and we recommend that you book a taxi from Mumbai or any other nearby cities in Maharashtra.

Things to do in Jawhar

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  2. How to Plan a trip to Jawhar
  3. About Jawhar
  4. Places to stay in Jawhar

Things to do in Jawhar

Places to visit in Jawhar

With nature, culture, and history, there are plenty of options for sightseeing in Jawhar. Check out these most popular places to see.

  • Dabhosa Falls: Surrounded by lush forests and mountain bluffs, the Dabhosa Falls is a treat for the sore eyes and the prime attraction. The waterfall is at its best during the monsoon, plunging down the rugged hills. Entry Fee– NA
  • Jai Vilas Palace: This historical site was built by Raje Yashwantrao Maukane in 1938. Constructed in pink stone, this neo-classical structure sits atop a hill and is surrounded by cashew groves. Entry Fee– NA
  • Sunset Point: Shaped like a bow, this viewing point on the hills is also called Dhanukamal. The site is popular for stunning views of the sunset in clear weather. During the monsoon, this point offers gorgeous views of the cloud-kissed hills. Entry Fee– NA
Sunset Point
Image Source: Nisargramya Konkan
  • Shirpamal: A 3rd-century structure, this site is known for its historical association. It was used as a vantage point by Shivaji and his army to look out for enemies when they were on their way to conquer Surat. Entry Fee– NA
  • Hanuman Point: A viewing point within a beautiful natural setting, this site is known for being the resting place for Hanuman when he was on his way to meet Lakshman during Ram and Lakshman’s exile. Generally, this is a great place to spot the Shahapur Fort during the day and the lights of Kasara Ghat at night. Entry Fee– NA
Hanuman Point
Image Credits: TripNight
  • Kal Mandavi Falls: Unlike most waterfalls in this region, Kal Mandavi is a perennial cascade that flows from a height of 100 meters. But the monsoon period is undoubtedly the best time to see this. The surrounding areas are also great for treks and hikes. Entry Fee– NA

Places to visit nearby

Besides the regular tourist places you can also explore other scenic locales nearby –

  • Vikramgad: A historical village, Vikramgad is known for the ancient Vikramgad Fort and Pilucha Dhabdhaba. The abundant greenery and location of the village make it a perfect destination for treks, nature walks, picnics, and monsoon photography. Entry Fee– NA
  • Trimbakeshwar: A popular pilgrimage destination and site of one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Shiva, Trimbakeshwar is famous for its eponymous temple, Goraknath Caves, Brahmagiri Hills, Anjaneri etc. Entry Fee– NA

Places to eat

Try these best-rated eateries in Jawhar –

  • Saaki Garden Restaurant and Bar
  • Zayka Zone Restaurants
  • Red Soil Resort and Hotel Khau Gali
  • Shahi Darbar Multicuisine
  • Hotel Nisarg NX
  • Ankiis Burger and Coffee Shop

How to Plan a Trip to Jawhar

You can also plan a personalized Jawhar trip by selecting the mode of transport, the route, and more.

How to reach Jawhar

By Train

There is no railway station in Jawhar town. The nearest rail head is in Igatpuri, about 70 km away. Igatpuri Junction is well-connected to the rest of the state and major towns/cities in neighbouring states with frequent trains. From Igatpuri station, you can take the local bus or a cab to reach Jawhar.

By Road

Jawhar is well-connected to rest of Maharashtra as well as Gujarat, via NH48 and NH848. There are a few state-run and private buses from Mumbai, Nashik, Aurangabad, Pune, Ahmednagar, Surat etc., but they are not very frequent. The best way to reach this town from any of these places is to book an outstation cab or rent a car and do a road trip.

By Flight

There is no flight service in Jawhar. The nearest airport is Nashik, about 80 km away. The nearest international airport is in Mumbai, at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, about 100 km away. You can travel from any major city/town in India to Mumbai or Nashik. From either of the airports, you can take an airport taxi from Mumbai and drive to Jawhar.

Best time to Visit Jawhar

Jawhar is usually hot and humid throughout the year, except in winter. So, the best time to visit this hill station is during the colder months, between November and February, when you can easily explore all the visiting places here. But if you want to experience natural beauty, and see the majestic waterfalls, then monsoon months, from July to September, are the best season to visit, when the town looks fresh with rain and new vegetation.

About Jawhar

Jawhar is a small hill town and a municipal council in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. It is quite an offbeat destination and perfect for nature lovers. Jawhar is also significant as one of the last few remaining tribal communities of Maharashtra, characterized by their handicrafts and the iconic Warli painting. Nestled within the Western Ghats, the picturesque setting of this hilly land, coupled with the cultural heritage are what results in the scenic attractions in Jawhar.

With our Jawhar travel guide, you can plan an all-rounded trip to this quaint hill station in Maharashtra.


The town of Jawhar is located in the Palghar district of the Konkan division of Maharashtra, towards the northern edge of the state. It is about 80 km from Nashik and 145 km from Mumbai.


Jawhar location

Being in the Western Ghats, Jawhar experiences a tropical monsoon climate with hot and humid weather almost throughout the year. Summers are extremely warm, while winters are cool and misty with comfortable temperatures. Rainfall is usually heavy in this region with little rains during the colder months but the most rains are between June and September.


The town of Jawhar was the capital of the former princely state, Koli. The state was founded by Raja Jayaba Mukne in 1343 with the town of Jawhar as the capital. The region underwent many changes of hands until it was brought under the Union of India in 1947. Established as a municipality in 1918, Jawhar is one of the oldest municipal councils in India.


Jawhar is essentially a tropical hill station situated at the foothills of the hills of Western Ghats. The elevation of the region rises to 1466 feet and is surrounded by dense forests of deciduous and evergreen trees. 

Interesting Facts

The state of Jawhar, during the Maratha rule, was a camping ground for Shivaji’s army on their route to Surat.

Hotels and Resorts in Jawhar

Check out these popular places to stay around Jawhar –

  • Wild Camp – The Nature Resort
  • Forest Village Holiday Homes
  • Prakriti Agro Farm Resort
  • Shanti Sarovar Resort
  • SaffronStays Kenwoods
  • Vishal Dhaba and Family Garden Resort

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Rustic Charm of Maharashtra's Gem - Things to do in Jawhar
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Rustic Charm of Maharashtra's Gem - Things to do in Jawhar
Jawhar is a small hill town and a municipal council in the Palghar district of Maharashtra. Nestled within the Western Ghats, the picturesque setting of this hilly land, coupled with the cultural heritage are what results in the scenic attractions in Jawhar.
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