Top things to do in Mawsynram – A complete Travel Guide

Nestled next to the Khasi Hills, Mawsynram is renowned for being the wettest place on earth. The lush greenery dotted with waterfalls in every nook makes it a paradise on earth. Visiting this rainy town is an experience of a lifetime. From camping and offbeat treks to cottages with the best view, this town has something for everyone, making it a must-visit for every tourist heading to Meghalaya. We recommend that you book a cab from Guwahati to Shillong and then explore the nearby towns like Maysynram.

Mawsynram: The wettest place in India.

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Things to do in Mawsynram

Mawsynram promises an experience you will never forget. But remember, it can rain at any time. Hence, always carry strong rain gear and a change of clothes while exploring the area. Here are some top things to do here

Offbeat things to do in Mawsynram

While most people talk about Mawsynram places to visit and click pictures, here are some off-beat things that you can try while you’re here for a complete experience:

  • Take a leisurely stroll around the village to get a glimpse of the local life
  • Witness a football match near the Church of God
  • Don’t miss the market day as it can be an unforgettable sensory experience
  • Try the typical Khasi snack Pusaw – steamed rice cake with orange rind with Shasaw – local red tea

Adventurous things to do in Mawsynram

  • Nature camping
  • Kayaking
  • Zip-lining
  • Trekking
  • Boating and various other activities

Things to do in Mawsynram at night

Mawsynram is a sleepy town that has recently gained popularity among travellers. Hence, there aren’t many commercial establishments in the village – a boon if you ask us! This means that by the time the sun goes down, people tend to shut their shops and head home. Add to it the unexpected rains, nights here are to be spent with your loved ones or simply enjoying the freshness in the air.

Things to do in Mawsynram in day

The Shivalinga in Mawjymbuin Cave

When you travel to this serene town, make sure that you make the most out of daylight. With unpredictable rains and cloud cover, visibility can be tricky at night. There are numerous off-beat paths that you can explore based on your interests including caves, forests, and waterfalls.

Places to visit

Here are some places that you must visit when in :

  • Mawjymbuin Cave – is a limestone cave famous for its stalactite stalagmite formation that resembles a Shiva Linga. It has evolved into a popular pilgrimage site.
  • Krem Dam Cave – is a beautiful river cave with a hidden entrance. It is the fourth-largest cave in India spanning a length of seven kilometers. Gnarly rock formations and stalagmites make this an amazing place.

Places to visit around Mawsynram

Being a small village, there is not much to do in Mawsynram. However, there are numerous places to visit near Mawsynram, as listed below:

  • Mawsmai Falls – The fourth-highest waterfall in India, the Mawsmai Falls, also known as Nohsngithiang Falls plunges around 315 meters before crashing into the water below. Located at a distance of around 16km from Mawsynram, another popular name for these falls is the Seven Sister Falls.
  • Mawlyngbna – At a distance of around 25km from Mawsynram, the village of Mawlyngbna is known for its archaeological findings and adventure sports.
  • Phlangmawsyrpat – Around 5km from Mawsynram, the village of Phlangmawsyrpat offers an opportunity to live in an eco-rural-friendly manner
  • Phlangwanbroi – offers an opportunity to trek deep into the jungle with a protected population of the Hoolock Gibbon

Places to eat in Mawsynram

There aren’t many big restaurants in Mawsynram. However, you can try the local cuisine at one of the smaller eateries. Also, with tourism evolving at a rapid pace, you can expect a few restaurants to open soon. A couple of places to consider are:

  • Sincera Restaurant for local food
  • Rit Mawksir Café and Lodge

How to plan a trip to Mawsynram?

There are various ways to reach the village of Mawsynram from various parts of India. Remember, Meghalaya is still largely unexplored compared to some other tourist destinations in the country. Hence, make sure that you create an itinerary based on your preferences and plan your trip before heading out.

How to reach Mawsynram?

Here are some ways in which you can reach Mawsynram:

By Train –

The nearest railway station to Mawsynram is in the city of Guwahati – at a distance of around 150km. Guwahati is well-connected to various cities in India. Once you reach Guwahati, you can take a bus or cab and traverse the mesmerising landscape of Meghalaya for around four hours before reaching your destination.

By Road –

Mawsynram is well-connected to large cities like Guwahati and Shillong. Also, the northeastern part of India offers some breathtaking landscapes making the drive truly memorable. If you are planning to hit the road, you can target getting to Guwahati or Shillong and then making your way to Mawsynram. Tourists usually hire a cab from the nearest city of Cherrapunjee, which is a stone’s throw away from Mawsynram, to explore the town in all its glory.

By Flight –

The airport in Shillong, known as the Umroi Airport, is the nearest airport to Mawsynram. At around 86km, the drive from the airport of about three hours is very scenic. If you cannot find convenient flights to Shillong, you can fly to Guwahati and take a cab/bus from there. Airport shuttles are also available from Shillong to drop you at your destination efficiently.

Best time to visit Mawsynram

The roads of Meghalaya

The best time to visit Mawsynram is between September and November when the rainfall is expected to be the least and the weather is very pleasant.


Located in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya, Mawsynram is a sleepy village with the Guinness Record for receiving the highest yearly rainfall. While Cherrapunji gained popularity for heavy rain, Mawsynram is known as the wettest place on Earth. However, don’t let this talk of rain dampen your mood. It is also home to one of the most picturesque landscapes in the country. With rains washing away all the mud and dirt, the shades of green you witness here are unmatched in the entire region.

If you are contemplating a visit to this magical town, then here is a quick guide to help you plan your trip to help you explore and experience this town in all its glory.


Mawsynram is located at an altitude of around 4600 feet, having coordinates 25° 18′ N, 91° 35′ E. Just in case you are wondering how you can find a location using coordinates, the simplest way is to paste them in the search bar of Google Maps. The road conditions on the highways circling the city are quite decent, making the town accessible to different tourist destinations by road. Cherrapunjee is a neighbouring town which is a tourist hotspot as well; it’s a must-visit when on a trip to Mawsynram.


Did we tell you that Mawsynram receives heavy rainfall? We are sure we did. 

Nevertheless, if you love rain and want to experience the magic of monsoon amidst nature, this is the place to be, especially during monsoon. The summer months are pleasant and warm, with temperatures between 14 and 20 degrees. Winters are cold, especially post sunset. 


A small hamlet in Mawsynram

The only known history of Mawsynram is that it was once a princely state under British Rule and was included as part of the Khasi kingdom in Meghalaya. Post-independence, it acceded to the Union of India. 

In today’s times, it is rare to find a place that has unexplored history and traditions. If you are a history aficionado, then make sure that you visit this place and share your learning with us.


Close your eyes and imagine unstoppable rain, cascading waterfalls, and verdant valleys. We can assure you that even your best imagination will fall short compared to the beauty this town has to offer. Sitting atop a ridge on the southern slopes of the East Khasi Hills, this town is surrounded by the Jaintia, Khasi, and Garo hills on three sides.

Interesting facts

  • Mawsynram is the wettest place on Earth (we mentioned that, didn’t we?)
  • Locals cover the roofs of their houses with grass to insulate against the sound of loud rains 
  • Knups are local rain gear made from bamboo, reeds, and leaves that help protect them from heavy rains

Hotels and Resorts in Mawsynram

Here are some options to stay in Mawsynram:

Hotel NameAddress
Rit Mawksir Café and LodgeMawsynram-Balat Rd, Near, Māwsynrām, Meghalaya 793113
Emily & Sankrita HomestayMāwsynrām, Meghalaya 793113 Phone No. 087940 84303
Wansa-Naki Homestay7HXP+FMW, Māwsynrām, Meghalaya 793113 Phone No. 094854 46796

You can get more accommodation options in Cherrapunjee. 

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Exploring India's Wettest Paradise - Things to do in Mawsynram
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Exploring India's Wettest Paradise - Things to do in Mawsynram
Mawsynram is renowned for being the wettest place on earth. The lush greenery dotted with waterfalls in every nook makes it a paradise on earth. Visiting this rainy town is an experience of a lifetime
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