Top Things to Do in Majuli

Majuli is a river island in the Brahmaputra River in Assam. It is the largest inhabited river island in the world. It was also the first island to be made a district in India. The island is formed by the River Brahmaputra in the south and River Subansiri in the north. It is a lesser-known tourist destination in the country with a vibrant landscape and culture.

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Things to Do in Majuli

Here are some things to do in Majuli Island to make your trip unforgettable:

  • Explore the Satras and marvel at the architecture and design of the structures made years ago. The peace and serenity of the Satras will cleanse your mind and spirit.
  • The island is home to some picturesque villages and hamlets that are home to aboriginals and tribals with rich culture and rituals. Ensure that you take time out to visit these places and create some amazing memories.
  • Majuli Island offers one of the most beautiful sunsets in the East with the Brahmaputra cradling the golden-orange ball of fire with boatmen rowing their way back home in the foreground.
  • The island is also popular for its mask makers who specialize in making masks for gods and deities. You can witness this art at the Samaguri Satra.
  • Hire a country-made boat and take a sunset ride on the Brahmaputra.
  • Savor the tribal food and locally-made rice beer.

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Nightlife in Majuli

Despite its small size, Majuli boasts a surprisingly vibrant nightlife that captivates visitors with its unique charm. While it may not offer bustling clubs or flashy entertainment venues, Majuli’s nightlife embraces a different kind of allure.

  • Bonfire at the Riverbank – Gather around a cosy bonfire at one of the riverbanks in Majuli and enjoy a relaxing evening with friends or loved ones. Sit back, unwind, and let the crackling flames and warm glow create a magical atmosphere. Share stories, indulge in delicious snacks, and embrace the peacefulness of Majuli’s nights.
  • Traditional Cultural Performance – Majuli is renowned for its vibrant cultural heritage, and after dark, you can witness traditional cultural performances that showcase the island’s art forms. Attend a Sattriya dance performance, a classical dance form that originated in Majuli’s Sattras (monastic institutions). The graceful movements and colourful costumes will captivate your senses and give you a glimpse into Assamese culture.
  • Stargazing – Majuli’s serene environment away from city lights makes it an ideal destination for stargazing enthusiasts. On a clear night, head to open fields or elevated spots where you can marvel at the sparkling constellations. To learn about more stargazing sports near you, click here.
  • Night Fishing Experience – Engage in the local way of life by participating in a night fishing experience. Accompanied by local fishermen, venture out onto the river or visit a nearby pond to try your hand at traditional fishing techniques. Immerse yourself in the quietude of the surroundings and appreciate the tranquillity that nighttime brings to the fishing community.
  • Night Photography – If you have a passion for photography, Majuli offers unique opportunities for capturing captivating images after dark. With its scenic landscapes and picturesque villages, the island transforms into a mesmerizing subject under the night sky. Experiment with long exposure shots or capture the silhouettes of traditional huts against the backdrop of a starlit sky.
  • Local Night Markets – On special occasions and festivals, local night markets may pop up in different parts of Majuli. These markets are vibrant, bustling hubs where you can experience the lively atmosphere of the island’s community. Browse through stalls selling local handicrafts, handloom textiles, and traditional Assamese snacks. Engage with the locals, taste local delicacies, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Majuli.
A Sunset Ride on the Brahmaputra

Shopping in Majuli

MaJULI may be a small hill station, but it offers plenty of shopping opportunities for visitors. Here are some of the top places to shop in Majuli:

  • Kamalabari Marke – Located in the heart of Majuli, Kamalabari Market is a bustling hub for local shopping. Here, you’ll find a wide range of traditional handicrafts, handloom products, and locally made artefacts. The market is renowned for its colourful assortment of bamboo and cane products, pottery, and masks, which reflect the rich cultural heritage of the island.
  • Samaguri Sattra – Samaguri Sattra is not just a religious site but also a centre for traditional mask-making. It is famous for its exquisite masks crafted by skilled artisans. These masks are made using organic materials and are intricately designed, depicting characters from the Mahabharata and various local mythologies. Visitors can explore the workshop and witness the artistry firsthand, making it a unique shopping experience.
  • Uttar Kamalabari Sattra – This Sattra (monastic institution) in Majuli is known for its expertise in pottery making. The pottery here is made using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Visitors can browse through an array of beautiful earthenware, including vases, bowls, and decorative items. The intricate designs and natural hues make these pottery pieces a perfect souvenir to take home.
  • Jengraimukh Market – Situated near the Jengraimukh Ferry Ghat, this local market offers a vibrant shopping experience. Here, you can find a variety of handcrafted textiles, including traditional Mishing tribal weaves and Assamese silk sarees. Additionally, the market features a selection of fresh produce, such as fruits, vegetables, and local spices, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the flavours and aromas of Majuli.
  • Majuli Bookstore – For book lovers and literary enthusiasts, Majuli Bookstore is a must-visit. It offers a collection of books on Assamese literature, culture, and spirituality, providing a deeper understanding of the region. Visitors can browse through an assortment of poetry, novels, and religious texts, making it a haven for bookworms seeking to explore the literary treasures of Majuli.
  • Potiyamukh Market – Located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Potiyamukh Market is known for its fresh fish and seafood. This bustling market is an ideal place to witness the local fishing community at work and to purchase a variety of freshly caught fish, including river fish and prawns. Visitors can savour the authentic flavours of Assamese cuisine or buy fish as a delicious souvenir to enjoy back home.
  • Auniati Sattra – Auniati Sattra is one of the most prominent Sattras in Majuli, known for its expertise in mask-making, traditional Assamese jewellery, and pottery. Visitors can explore the intricate craftsmanship of jewellery made with materials like brass, silver, and beads, which reflect the unique Assamese design aesthetic. The Sattra also offers a wide range of handcrafted bamboo products, including baskets and mats.

Places to Visit in Majuli

Here is a quick look at the places to see in the island:

Kamalabari Satra
  • Kamalabari Satra – Founded by Bedulapadma Ata, this is one of the most famous Satras in the island. The Kamalabari Satra Majuli has been the centre for classical studies, literature, art and culture for many years.
  • Dakhinpat Satra – Established in 1584 by Vamshigopal – the disciple of Sri Vanamalidev, the Dakhinpat Satra Majuli offers a clear insight into the art and culture of Majuli. Beautiful paintings and sculptures, religious motifs, animal and flower forms, and preserved manuscripts and relics are the hallmarks of this Satra. The Raas Festival is celebrated with a lot of fanfare and is a must-see.
Garmur Satra
  • Garmur Satra – This historic Satra was established in 1656 by Jayaharideva and is considered to be one of the Royal Satras of the island. The Garmur Satra houses numerous articles and artefacts that can offer you deeper insight into the beliefs and traditions of locals. During the Raas Festival, both men and women take part in the celebrations, which is against the rules of the other Satras.
  • Auniati Satra – The Ahom Ruler Sultanla established this Satra in 1653 AD. The Auniati Satra has an idol of Lord Krishna that is believed to have been brought from Jagannath Puri. This Satra is considered to be the epicentre of Satriaya and Vaishnavism culture in Assam and is one of the most famous places to visit.
  • Tengapania – Located at the banks of the River Brahmaputra, Tengapania is a mesmerizing site. It houses a golden temple structure and is a great representation of the Ahom style of architecture.
Village in Majuli

Popular Places to visit near Majuli

Here are some places to visit nearby:

Kaziranga National Park
A one-horned Rhino at Kaziranga National Park
  • Kaziranga National Park – Located at a distance of around 183 km via NH 715, the Kaziranga National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with a wide range of flora and fauna. It is particularly famous for its one-horned Rhinoceros.
  • Dibrugarh – Located at a distance of around 145 km via NH 15, Dibrugarh is known as the Tea City of India due to the presence of numerous tea gardens that date back to the British Era.
  • Nameri National Park – Located at a distance of around 245 km via NH 15, the Nameri National Park is one of the most scenic of all national parks in Assam. It is also the last home to the white-winged wood duck.

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Nameri National Park
Nameri National Park

About Majuli

Majuli Island

Majuli Island is a unique geographical occurrence and a mid-river deltaic island in Assam. While the island had a total area of around 880 square kilometres at the beginning of the twentieth century, it has shrunk over time, and now the area is around 514 square kilometres. The river island was formed due to several changes in courses by the River Brahmaputra and its tributaries. There are many islets around the island called Chaporis.


Majuli is a pilgrimage island of Assam where Vaishnavism is believed to have prospered since the fifteenth century. It is home to numerous Satras or Vaishnavite institutions. Originally, the island was a narrow strip of land called Majoli which had the Brahmaputra on one side and Burhidihing on the other. However, a major flood during the 1750s led to the formation of Majuli Island. It is one of the leading centres of Vaishnavism around the world. According to records, the sixteenth-century social reformer Srimanta Sankardeva visited this island and established monasteries and Satras on it.


Here are some interesting facts about Majuli –

  • Majuli is the largest river island in the world, located in the Brahmaputra River in Assam, India.
  • The island is known for its rich cultural heritage, with numerous Satras (monastic institutions) preserving traditional Assamese arts and crafts.
  • Majuli is a biodiversity hotspot, home to several rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.
  • The island is prone to erosion due to its location in a dynamic river system, resulting in a constant reshaping of its landscape.
  • Majuli is famous for the Sattriya dance form, which originated in the Satras and is recognized as one of India’s classical dances.
  • The island’s economy primarily relies on agriculture, fishing, handloom weaving, and tourism.
  • Majuli celebrates various colourful festivals throughout the year, including the Raas festival, which showcases traditional dances and music.
  • The island is dotted with unique Vaishnavite monasteries, displaying distinctive architectural styles and housing valuable religious artefacts.
  • Majuli has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site for its cultural and natural significance.

How to Plan a Trip to Majuli Island

How to Reach Majuli Island from Assam

Majuli Island is located at the heart of Assam and is accessible from all corners of the state. You can book a cab from anywhere in Assam to Majuli and reach there in no time. Here are some ways to reach Majuli from Assam:

  • By Train – There is no railway station on the island. The nearest railway station is at Jorhat, which is well-connected to most parts of Assam. From Jorhat, you can take a ferry to reach the island.
  • By Road – Being an island, there is no direct road to Majuli Island. If you are driving your own car or have hired an Assam to Majuli taxi, then you can take the vehicle with you on the ferry. You can get the ferry from Jorhat.
  • By Flight – Majuli does not have an airport either. The nearest airport is the Rowriah Airport at Jorhat. You can take a flight from anywhere in Assam to reach Jorhat, book a cab in Jorhat and then take a ferry to Majuli.

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How to Reach Majuli

How to Reach Majuli from Jorhat

Jorhat is the nearest city that has a well-connected railway network and airport. Also, the ferry to Majuli leaves from Neemati Ghat in Jorhat. Here are some ways to reach the island from Jorhat.

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Best Time to Visit Majuli Island

The best time to visit the island is during the Raas Festival of Lord Krishna in November. Majuli weather is perfect during the winter season (October to February), with temperatures dropping to around 15 degrees Celsius. Summers (March to June) are very hot and humid, with temperatures crossing 30 degrees Celsius. Monsoon can also be a good time to visit the island as the atmosphere is fresh and the weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging around 20 degrees Celsius.

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Places to Stay in Majuli

Here are some places to stay in the island:
  • Dekasang Resort, Sitadar Chuk
  • Circuit House (Government Guest House), Garamur
  • Ayang Okum River Bank Bamboo Cottage, Sitadar Chuk
  • Jonki Panoi Bamboo Cottages, Kamalabari
  • La Maison de Ananda, Natun Kulamora Chapori N.C.
  • Okegiga Homes, Garamur
  • River View Bamboo Cottage, Kharjanpar

Savaari Customer Verified: Highest road trips taken from Majuli

In case you are planning to take a road trip from Majuli, here are some suggestions. Remember to book a Savaari for a comfortable experience.

Majuli to Jorhat42 KM
Majuli to Ziro150 KM 
Majuli to Tinsukia170 KM
Majuli to Kaziranga251 KM

In conclusion, the island is a truly remarkable destination that offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and a serene way of life. As the largest river island in the world, Majuli’s charm lies in its untouched landscapes, vibrant traditions, and warm hospitality. From exploring the vibrant Satras and witnessing the captivating Sattriya dance to experiencing the simplicity of rural life and indulging in the island’s natural wonders, Majuli offers a unique and immersive experience for travellers seeking an authentic and off-the-beaten-path destination. Download the Savaari app for more suggestions, discounts and offers.

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