Little known Travel Tales from India – Savaari’s Travel Magazine 2023

Travel Magazine 2022 - Lesser known India

We are proud to present The Road Less Travelled, Savaari’s annual Travel Magazine, thus maintaining a tradition dating back to 2016. Through our free-to-download Travel Magazine, we offer our expert travel recommendations covering a diverse set of lesser-known Indian tales. From mysterious lakes in the Himalayas to supernatural rituals on the Konkan coast, we serve an eclectic menu of travel tales.

What 2023 holds for us Travellers?

The pandemic is firmly behind us, and 2023 represents a year of opportunities. Travel, it seems, is at the
forefront of all our hedonistic pursuits. The mysterious joys of discovering a new place, and soaking in all its dimensions, brings out the curious child in all of us.

India’s appeal needs no introduction, but its kaleidoscopic riches need a nuanced introspection.
Travel destinations in the country are extremely multilayered, and the more one thinks they have explored India, the more India reveals itself to them. There are countless hidden gems and a lifetime is short to explore all these.

We firmly believe that India is best explored by road. The happy butterflies in one’s stomach when a car hits fifth gear on an open highway is an exhilarating feeling of expectancy. When you travel by road, you witness the imperceptible shift in culture, cuisine, climate, and scenery. You see incredible uniqueness and diversity, but you also see the underlying continuity.

Titled ‘The Road Less Travelled’, this magazine aims to take the reader on a journey of lesser-known travel tales. From rituals connecting with the afterlife to magnificent architectural relics, we cover a diverse oeuvre. We hope that the stories and their colourful allure will inspire you to travel to these quirky destinations.

The roads are calling, where are you?


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Savaari's Travel Magazine 2023 - Little known Indian Travel Tales
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Savaari's Travel Magazine 2023 - Little known Indian Travel Tales
Our travel experts have curated the Savaari Travel Magazine - Lesser known India, a list of hidden gems that need to be on every traveler's wishlist.
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