5 Must-Visit Cafes in Tosh

5 Must-Visit Cafes in Tosh

If you are looking for a less crowded alternative to Kasol, then Tosh is the ideal place for you. Situated at the top of the mountains in the Parvati Valley, you will not find the unfiltered beauty elsewhere! A perfect combination of snowy mountains, a pristine river, rich floral diversity – Tosh is where you can disconnect from the real world. Literally. The network here is weak but you will never complain about it! Such is the beauty of this place. You can literally indulge in the beauty of nature, and delicious food at cafes of Tosh and completely disconnect from the world for a while.

If you are planning to visit Tosh, then we have prepared a list of cafes up in the hills that will satiate both your taste buds and your hunger pangs. 

Sing your Hymns for the Mountains at Cafe Him

Just before you reach the village of Tosh, you will find a rustic cafe situated against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Cafe Him is a great stop after a long journey of thrilling mountain roads with sharp turns. 

With lush deodar trees and the sound of the mighty Parvati river flowing, Cafe Him is also a camping site. Stop here overnight for an unforgettable starry night experience. Camping will cost you anywhere between INR 800 to 1500 for a night.

View from the cafe

Stop here for a quick bite, don’t forget to try their Thukpa. The warm bowl of local spices will help you deal with your fatigue. 

Price for 2: INR 800

Quality of food: 4/5

Hike for your Cup of Tea to Stoned Age Cafe


Visiting any cafe in Tosh will require you to climb up the stairs, walk through narrow trails. But the road to this cafe is an experience of its own. The trail is narrow with mountains on one side and a river on the other. 

About 1 km from the main village, Stoned Age Cafe is situated in the middle of nowhere. The landmark to reach this place is Tosh waterfalls. Stop at the waterfalls to see views of the mountain landscape –


Upon reaching, you will witness the most beautiful aesthetics beneath the clear skies, in the lap of green mountains. You will find yourself far away from the noisy crowds, sitting quietly amidst nature, sipping your masala chai. Satiate your hunger pangs with the cafe’s special fried rice and momos.

You can also stay overnight at their camps. They have private rooms available which will cost you anywhere between INR 1500 to 3000 per room. 

The hike to the cafe is fairly easy. However, beware of slippery edges. If you are not staying over at the camps, then make sure you leave for your hotel/hostel before it gets dark.

Price for 2: Rs 700

Quality of food: 4/5

A Treat for your Sweet Tooth at German Bakery

Craving desserts while exploring the hidden gems of Tosh? You should mandatorily stop at the only bakery in town – German Bakery. Try their freshly baked, extremely fulfilling pastries and cookies. 

Locating this place can be a task. It’s best if you ask locals for directions so that you don’t miss out on this place. If you are a morning person, hike to the cafe for an Israeli breakfast. 

Their specialities? Yak cheese pizza, brownies, schnitzel, hummus and pita bread. The place is moderately sized, with cute seating arrangements. Strike a conversation with fellow travellers to hear some mind-blowing travel stories.

Price for 2: INR 500

Quality of food: 3/5

Be Comfortably Numb at Pink Floyd Cafe

As the name suggests, the cafe is best known for its Pink Floyd aesthetics. It is one of the most popular cafes in Tosh. You can expect mesmerizing views of the mountains. Sip on your coffee amidst the clouds with Pink Floyd playing in the background.

Since this is one of the most visited cafes here, you can expect the place to be crowded. The menu offers a variety of options in Israeli cuisine. 

Price for 2: INR 700

Quality of food: 3/5

Stop for Great Momos at Magnolia Cafe

This is one of the first cafes that you will spot when you enter Tosh. The cafe doesn’t look very appealing from the outside but upon entering you will find colorful doodles on the walls paired with aesthetically pleasing lamps.
Do stop here to try their momos and masala tea. They also have a variety of options available on their menus. Play your choice of songs and enjoy the silence of the Parvati Valley when you are here.
Price for 2: INR 600

Quality of food: 4/5

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5 Must-Visit Cafe in Tosh
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5 Must-Visit Cafe in Tosh
If you are looking for a less crowded alternative to Kasol, then Tosh is the ideal place for you. Situated at the top of the mountains in the Parvati Valley, you will not find the unfiltered beauty elsewhere!
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