Top Things to Do in Kasol – A complete travel guide

Nestled in the breathtaking Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is a haven for nature enthusiasts and backpackers. From trekking to Kheerganga’s hot springs to exploring the serene Malana village, there’s something for every adventurer. Embrace the freedom of exploration by booking a cab from Chandigarh to Kasol, making it convenient to visit nearby attractions like Tosh, Manikaran, and Chalal. Experience the magic of Kasol’s scenic beauty and immerse yourself in its vibrant culture at your own pace.

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  4. Hotels and Resorts in Kasol

Things to do in Kasol


The town and its neighboring areas offer a host of options for adventure activities. Here are some of the best things to do in Kasol

  • Trek to Kheerganga. The Kheerganga peak lies at the other end of the Parvati Valley and is a famous destination for trekkers. Trek through the Pin-Parvati pass, with panoramic views and dense forests. There’s a Shiva temple with a hot water spring at the peak.
  • Also do a Chalal Trek. A 30-minute trek away from Kasol town is the sleepy little village of Chalal, sitting at 5300 feet. The village is popular for its old-world mountain rustic charm and undisturbed views of snow-capped mountains.
  • Trek to the ancient village of Malana. It’s 22 km from Kasol, bordered by Parvati Valley and overlooking the Chandrakhani and Deotibba peaks and houses a unique historical community, shadowed from the modern world.
  • You can also do a Manikaran trek. It is a popular trek route that starts from Kasol market and takes about 45 minutes (3 km) to reach the hot spring and temple in Manikaran.
  • Enjoy camping under the open sky, on the banks of the Parvati River. You can also include other fun activities like bonfire, fishing, trekking and mountaineering from your camping grounds.
  • Experience the famous nightlife. The town is dotted with lounges, bars, local music clubs, where you can party and unwind all night long within a colorful community of locals and foreigners alike.
  • Attend the Hype Music Festival – one of the most popular music festivals of Kasol, or the Parvati Shangri-La Festival. The latter event has become quite popular among party lovers from home and abroad. The annual festival features psychedelic trance performances by famous DJs, and other artists.

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Places to visit in Kasol


With grassy meadows, alpine forests, glacial streams, and the great Himalayan peaks, there are plenty of visiting places.

Here are some of the best places to go for a great vacation –

  • Kasol Parvati Valley – a valley settlement by the Parvati River, dotted with forests, villages, and meadows. The river cuts through the valley, from the Man Talai glacier up north, and ends into the Beas River near Kullu.
  • Manikaran – a pilgrimage destination with three natural hot springs. Located at merely 15 minutes’ drive from Kasol, Manikaran Gurudwara sits on the Parvati River and is a sacred site for Sikhs and Hindus.
  • Nature Park – a public garden and park within a natural enclosure. One of the most beautiful man-made places to visit, sitting on the banks of the Parvati River and surrounded by thick pine groves and forest of fir and deodar.
  • The Nature Park is also an ideal place to stroll and jog under the canopy of looming pine trees. As the place is close to many popular cafes, visitors can also indulge in some exotic cuisines to end the day on a good note.
  • Tosh – a little hippie village right outside Kasol. Tucked in forests of pines, firs, and deodar, the quaint village of Tosh is all about pretty pastoral landscape and warm vibes.

Popular places to visit nearby

To make your vacation wholesome, explore these other popular places near Kasol –

  • Kheerganga Village, 22 km – the tiny village is an important trek destination for its eponymous peak. But the village itself is also known for its scenic waterfall. The gurgling cascade flows down a backdrop of green hills and pine forests and is a popular stopover for the trek.
  • Marhi, 32 km – a petite little settlement tucked between Manali and Rohtang Pass, on the Manali-Leh highway. Shrouded by coniferous forest and overlooking snow-capped peaks, the warm local community and natural delight, this village is a great place to spend a day or two.
  • Kalga Village – a small hamlet tucked in the deepest pocket of Parvati Valley. The village boasts unadulterated natural beauty and rustic charms, minus the touristy rush. You can easily reach Kalga village from Kasol by reaching Barshaini by car and then trekking the rest of the way.
  • Pandom Dam & Lake, 69 km – a popular attraction for photographers and nature lovers on the Mandi-Kullu highway. Sitting atop 1360 meters, the lake results from the Pandoh Dam, which channels the water from the Beas River. The clear blue water encircled by alpine trees and mighty peaks is a sheer sensory pleasure.
  • Pulga, 16 km – a secluded forested village, a two-hour drive from Kasol. Also called the “fairy forest” this village is an escape from the busy touristy locales of Kasauli. With lofty mountains, expansive forests and grasslands, tea plantations, dotted with wooden cottages, Pulga is truly like a fairyland.
  • Manali, 75 km – the most popular town and tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh with sprawling meadows, fruit orchards, terraced farming and classic Nagra architecture. Brimming with nature, culture, food, fun, adventure sports, and international flair, Manali is a full package that most people seek on a mountain vacation. You can explore the Jogni or Rahala Falls, drive or trek through the Rohtang Pass, visit the nearby town of Kullu, enjoy paragliding, zorbing, horse riding and other mountain sports at Solang Valley, go for short or long-distance treks and more.

Best places to eat in Kasol

Here are some of the top-rated places to eatl –

  • The Evergreen, Manikaran Road, near Forest Rest House – highly frequented restaurant serving Indian, Chinese, Israeli and other European dishes and bar menu.
  • Moondance Café and Bar, near bridge on Parvati River – famous café and bar of Kasauli with outdoor seating, live music.
  • Wabi Sabi, Manikaran Road – popular local café serving fast food, Chinese food.
  • Jim Morrison Café, Manikaran Road Opposite Hotel Sandhya – legendary themed lounge, café, and reading place with café menu, live music, and mountain views.
  • The Rainbow Café, near Nature Park – casual restaurant serving multi-cuisine meals, snacks, and bar menu, with live music and great views.

About Kasol


Surrounded by dense alpine forests and jaw-dropping views of the Himalayas, along with the quirky and colourful vibes of the local culture, the valley is a sheer delight for all senses. Here’s a handy Kasol trip guide for an ultimate mountain vacation.


The mountain hamlet sits in the beautiful Parvati Valley, on the banks of the Parvati River. It is a small hill town in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh nestled between Bhuntar and Manikaran. The highest point rises to 5180 feet. The Kasol Bridge divides the town into Old and New Kasol. The town is also known as Little Israel for a significant number of Israeli settlers, which has also influenced the local culture.


How to plan a trip to Kasol?


How to Reach Kasol

This little hamlet is well-connected to the northern states and cities of India by road.

By Train

There is no direct railroad connectivity. The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar Railway Station which is 144 km from Kasol. You can take a train to Joginder Nagar from Chandigarh or Jalandhar and from there you can hire a cab in Jalandhar to take you to your destination.

By Road

There are two ways you can travel by road t

By cab – The best way to reach by road is to rent a car from Kullu, Manali, Bhuntar, or directly from Delhi. The road trip from Delhi is extremely scenic as you enter the breathtaking valleys of Himachal. The distance from Delhi is about 500 km and takes about 12 hours for the journey. One can book a taxi in Kasol anytime with Savaari.

You can reach Kasol from the following cities with ease:

By Flight

Kasol does not have any flight connectivity. Delhi, Chandigarh and Kullu are the only airports nearby where you can fly to. But the nearest air strip is Kullu-Manali Airport at Bhuntar, about 11 km from Kullu and 33 km from Kasol. From any of these airports, you will need to book a cab. One can book a Cabs from Manali anytime to reach their destination.

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Best time to visit Kasol

Being on the northern part of Himachal, the weather is typical of any high-altitude Himalayan locale. The summer months, from April to June are sunny and pleasant, making it the best time to visit Kasol. For treks and outdoor sports, the months from March to May are ideal when weather is warm but cool as well. If you want to experience snow and chilly winters, then October to February is the best season to visit Kasol. There may be occasional snow in December and/or January which could be the best month to visit if you want a snow-clad landscape.

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Hotels and Resorts in Kasol

To make your vacation truly comfortable and memorable, here are some of the best places to stay in Kasol –

  • Green Valley
  • Magic Valley
  • Dream Valley
  • Valley View
  • The Hillside
  • Natural Hill View
  • River Garden
  • The Rainbow Inn
  • Hotel Sandhya
  • Asaka Lodge
  • Parvati Kuteer

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Best roadtrips to Kasol

Route Name Distance Time
Delhi to Kasol 502 km 12 hours
Chandigarh to Kasol 286 km 8 hours and 20 minutes
Dehradun to Kasol 482 km 12 hours
Manali to Kasol 77 km 2 hours
Shimla to Kasol 226 km 7 hours

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