#60DaysOfSummer – Coffee Plantations in Chikmagalur

For a quick getaway into the mountains, wilderness and coffee plantations head to Chikmagalur near Coorg. The region is filled with national parks, dense forests and numerous coffee estates if you’d like to go to the source of your caffeine fix.

It’s best to visit Chikamagalur after May when early showers start hitting the forests, and lush green scenery starts coming back to the region. You can go on a walkabout in the coffee plantations spread across the countryside. Apart from exploring coffee estates and plantations, you can also head to Kudermukh National Park, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, visit Hanuman Gundi Falls or just relax at some of the very hospitable homestays in Chikmagalur.

If you’re planning to stay a few days in Chikamagalur, we recommend The Coffebean Homestay and Athithi Home Stay.


Book your Bangalore to Chikmagalur cab here. You can also make pit stops at Mysore and Coorg along the way if you’re on extended vacation.

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