#60DaysOfSummer – Paragliding in Rohtang

Are you an adrenalin junkie who swears by a sense of adventure in all your vacations? Head to Rohtang Pass this summer to try your hand at paragliding.

A number of adventure sport companies arrange for paragliding and parasailing in the summer, particularly in Kullu and nearby towns. If the idea of a view of Himachal from the sky excites you, this might be the perfect summer getaway. If you’re someone who likes a more grounded form of sightseeing, however, wait until May when the Rohtang Pass opens up.

From there, you can head to Spiti Valley for a breathtaking roadtrip or to Kullu and Manali if you feel like you’re too far from civilisation.

Keep in mind that the region is extremely eco-sensitive, and you need a permit to drive through the pass. We recommend that you apply for a permit online a good one week before you intend to travel. The number of vehicles allowed through the pass each day is limited.


You can get to Manali by air, train an bus. From there, it is advisable to take a car to Rohtang with the proper permits.

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