#60DaysOfSummer – Picnic to Nandi Hills

Take a quick drive out of Bangalore and head to Nandi Hills for a quick day trip. If you’re an early riser, the sunrise from Nandi Hills is a spectacular sight. And if, like some of us, you’re averse to waking up early, the trip is still worth the attempt.

Atop the hill, you’ll find a number of small snack stalls, a restaurant with a cliff-side view of the valley below, a temple and a viewing point that gives you a scenic view of the towns nearby.

On the way back from watching the sun rise, we recommend stopping at Grover Zampa Vineyard or Nandi Valley Winery for a spot of wine tasting. If you’re planning to make a day of your outing, you can even stop by at the fabulous Indian Paratha Company for lunch or dinner on the way back. We highly recommend their Paratha Pizza for the more adventurous foodies.


Book a Bangalore to Nandi Hills cab so you can start early and spend the rest of the day exploring vineyards.


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