#60DaysOfSummer – Tea Plantations in Darjeeling

If you can’t properly wake up without a cup of tea, can’t function at work unless you get your regular dose of chai, or if you just appreciate a good cup of tea, we’ve got the perfect vacation spot for you.

Darjeeling – birthplace of the famous hand-rolled Happy Valley tea (it sold at UK’s Harrods in 2008 for a whopping Rs 5,000 per kg!) – is a great place for a quick getaway from city life. With laid back tea estates, a stunning view of the Kanchenjunga mountain range and an endless supply of exquisite Darjeeling tea, you’d be hard pressed to find a more relaxed vacation to go on for tea lovers.

Though the First Flush season (the first harvest in the year) ends in February, you might just get to taste some excellent Second Flush Darjeeling tea April onwards. If you’re planning your trip around May, you might just get to experience tea picking across estates.

If you’re looking to just visit or stay at a tea estate, you have several options to choose from including Happy Valley Tea Estate, Singtom Tea Estate and Resort, Gomtee Resort and Tumsong Chaibari Tea Retreat.


Take a flight to Bagdogra Airport. Darjeeling is a 2 hour 30 minute drive from Bagdogra. You can also club your tea estate stay with a visit to the Zemu Glacier in North Sikkim.

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