Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India


It’s finally that time of the year again when everyone in India is preparing to celebrate one of the most awaited festivals. Public places are decked up with red and white balloons, enormous Christmas trees are set up at the entrance of malls and restaurants. People are happy and hopeful of a better new year and the excitement is contagious. Even if you are not a Christian, you look forward to Christmas celebrations. Who does not like Christmas! The sweet smell of plum cakes and candy wafting out of bakeries tempt us all to turn this festive season into an even merrier affair. Christmas in India is a big affair. And in some places, Christmas celebrations are extravagantly grand. Visit these places in India to make your festive season merrier than ever! 

1. Goa 

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Goa during Christmas shines in all its glory. With its sizeable Roman Catholic population and not to forget Portuguese legacy, Goa has the most impressive Christmas celebrations with immense zeal and pomp and show. Nightlong parties on beaches, friendly chats and cocktails in bars and pubs, cathedrals decorated with lights and flowers, and midnight mass in churches with little children singing melodious carols, Christmas in Goa is an incredible experience. You’ll never run out of options for fun and festivities. Plan your Christmas holidays in Goa and we bet you won’t regret it! 

2. Kolkata 


Not just Durga Puja, Christmas is also celebrated in Kolkata quite extravagantly. Park Street is one place that takes the celebrations in Kolkata to a whole new level. One of the best things about celebrating Christmas in Kolkata is that you will find people from all communities, Catholic or not, offering prayers and singing carols in the midnight mass in the churches. It is also during this time, markets in Kolkata offer heavy discounts on all items, thus keeping the bazaars in Kolkata quite busy. Fairs, exhibitions, music bands, shimmering lights, and delectable food makes the ambiance in the city merrier!

3. Pondicherry 

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If you are seeking a fervent Christmas celebration that is also peaceful, then Puducherry is the place to be. Like Goa, Puducherry also has a sizeable population of Roman Catholics, which means that this Union Territory has also got its own way of celebrating this joyful occasion. During Christmas, Puducherry becomes brighter, merrier and one can feel the happier vibe in the air. It is impossible to not be a part of it. The church service on the day of Christmas in Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges (The Church of Our Lady of Angels), The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Church of the Assumption, the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, and Church of Our Lady of Good Health are quite a sight to witness.

4. Mumbai 

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When talking about Christmas celebrations in India, it is not wise to miss out on Mumbai. Mumbai is one place where the warmth of Christmas is felt the most. The western suburb of Mumbai is where Christmas celebrations are the best. This is because there are a lot of Catholics inhabiting the area. Churches like Holy Name Cathedral, Saint Thomas’s Cathedral, Gloria Church, Saint Michael’s Church, Mount Mary’s Basilica, Saint Peter’s Church, Saint Andrew’s Church and Lady of Immaculate Conception offer some of the liveliest midnight mass. Since Mumbai is a great place to party, you can expect many Christmas eve parties here as well. When in Mumbai, do not forget to sample the sweet treats from some of the best Irani cafes.

5. Shillong 

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Not many people would consider spending Christmas holidays in Shillong, but trust me, this is one of the coolest places to celebrate Christmas in India. There are quite a few Christians living here who love to celebrate Christmas with much zeal and enthusiasm. The streets, houses and churches are decorated with shimmering lights; people prepare traditional cuisines and spend time singing carols and hymns in the evening. The whole vibe of Christmas here is worth experiencing at least once. Try something new this year with Savaari’s Shillong car rental.

6. Manali 

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While most other places cannot give you the joy of playing in the snow during Christmas, Manali certainly can fulfill those wishes. Christmas in Manali is all about skiing and making a snowman or simply throwing snowballs at each other. Moreover, log huts with fireplaces can definitely enhance the Christmas mood. This is definitely your best excuse to get the true feel of Christmas and also get a chance to explore other hill towns nearby. You can head out to explore Shimla, which is also a great place for the Christmas holidays.  

7. Lansdowne

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If your idea of celebrating Christmas is amidst unspoilt and pristine landscape then Lansdowne offers that much-needed break you have been craving from your busy everyday life. And what better occasion than Christmas to take that break! Head to this charming hill station with friends, family, or your beloved and celebrate Christmas with some bonfire, guitar music, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and freshly baked plum cakes. For a hassle-free time traveling around, book your Lansdowne cab here.

So, where will you be headed this year on Christmas? Hurry to one of these places – Christmas doesn’t last all year! 

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Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India
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Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India
Christmas in India is a big affair. And in some places, Christmas celebrations are extravagantly grand. Visit these places in India to make your festive season merrier than ever!
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