From Puchkas to Roshogollas – Exploring the best street food in Kolkata

Looking for a city which has a dash of both old-world charm and modern India? Kolkata is the place to be. Kolkata, the ‘City of Joy’ is famously known so because of its unfettered enthusiasm for its rich and vibrant. culture, traditions, literature and history. Also, let’s not forget the scrumptious street food in Kolkata that keeps the locals and the tourist happy and full. Streetside food in Kolkata is taken very seriously and loved by the stagnant and visiting population. To explore the diverse culinary delights scattered across the city, book our reliable taxi service in Kolkata, providing you with a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation for your foodie adventures.

Street food in Kolkata

The delectable aroma wafting from Kolkata’s street food stalls ensures that both residents and tourists remain in high spirits and satisfied bellies. Kolkata’s streetside food isn’t just sustenance; it’s an embodiment of the city’s soul, telling stories of cultural amalgamations and the insatiable Bengali appetite for life and all its flavours. To truly explore and savour these gastronomic hotspots, it’s recommended to book a Savaari, ensuring a comfortable journey through the flavoursome lanes of the city.

Iconic street food in Kolkata

Kolkata street food – A melting pot of cultures

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, has a rich and diverse food history as said before, that reflects its cultural heritage and the influence of various communities that have settled in the city over the years. The city’s cuisine is a blend of traditional Bengali flavours, colonial influences, and international culinary styles. The cuisine emphasizes the use of rice and fish, given the abundant water resources in the region. Dishes like macher jhol (fish curry), shorshe ilish (hilsa fish in mustard sauce), chingri malai curry (prawn in coconut milk), and sweets like Roshogolla and Sandesh are iconic examples of Bengali culinary heritage. 

British influences can be seen in dishes like the Kolkata Biryani, which is a unique version of traditional biryani with distinct spices and flavours. The Anglo-Indian community also contributed to the culinary landscape with dishes like Railway Mutton Curry and Fish Orly. Chinese street food in Kolkata is influenced The Chinese community often referred to as the “Chinese-Indians,” has had a significant impact on the city’s food culture too.

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Flavour footprints – A journey through Kolkata’s street food

Kolkata’s food culture is intricately linked to its cultural celebrations and festivals and the entire city becomes a culinary delight. This city’s food history is a melting pot of various influences that have shaped its unique culinary identity. The city’s love for food, its rich history, and the amalgamation of different cultures has resulted in a vibrant and dynamic food culture that continues to evolve with time. 

So take time to let the culinary culture of Kolkatta tingle your tongue with rich flavours of food that cater to a wide range of taste buds – and experience a myriad of munchies. Let’s take a look at some famous street food in Kolkata:

A Puchka Paradise 

Puchka in Kolkata

“Life is like a plate of Puchka, filled with unexpected surprises that make it worth savouring.”Puchka is not just a snack; it’s an experience that takes you on a flavorful adventure.” “Let the tantalizing puchka fill your senses and make your taste buds sing with delight.” The crunchy semolina balls filled with soft mashed potato inside combined with the tangy taste of tamarind is a perfect addition to an evening stroll on the streets of Kolkata. 

Jalmuri Ki Jai Ho 

Jhalmuri is almost a staple of the streets of Kolkata. Jhal refers to (spicy) and – Muri refers to (puffed rice) A blend of sour and spicy is what makes jalmuri , well jalmuri! Served in a paper cone called Thonga, the main ingredients in this dish are puffed rice mixed with spicy chickpea (Chana chur), Sev-puri-namkeen, onion, chilli and juicy tomatoes. Munching on this snack will pass your time away as you chat with your friends at your favourite adda! Triangular Park is one of the best-known places to serve this yummy snack. 

Ghugani Ji 

Bread and ghughni

This tasty and affordable snack is almost a cult in Kolkata. any guesses? Ok, we’ll spill the beans – Its “Ghughni ” Made of flavoured and boiled Chickpea with a garnish of onion, fresh coriander, spicy hot chillies and sweet and tangy tamarind juice, this dish can be relished with the Bengali Luchi (deep-fried flatbread) or on its own too.


A unique street culinary experience in Bengal is the Mocha chop or banana blossom cutlet. the aroma of this dish is one that can’t be missed while hustling through the streets of Kolkata. this dish is a mixture of banana blossom and mashed potato which is then coated with spiced breadcrumbs and fried till golden brown, The sweet and tangy flavour of the Mocha blends beautifully with the crunchy breadcrumbs.

Fish’o Fillet, Yeh Hain Cutlet

Macher chip, kolkata street food

Often served with Muri (puffed rice) and green chilli, Macher chop the fish cutlet consists of finely minced fish with a similar mixture as the Mocha chop. So my friends who are fond of fish try this fishy dish! The flavours that the soft layered meat provides inside the crispy exterior are distinct, and truly relishing delicacy. Kalika in college square is a must-visit for this dish.

Thazza Thaaza Telebhaja

Telebhaja in Kolkata

The Bengali word Tele-bhaja literally translates to “fried in oil.” This deep-fried Bengali delight is similar to the variants of Pakoras spread across India. A variety of vegetables or meat are deep-fried in a batter made of Besan. These crunchy munchies are an ideal companion with a cup of warm evening tea. Vardhan Street, Camac Street and Russel Street have small shops serving fresh and sizzling hot Bhajas. 

Fellow food enthusiasts, street food is not just about the flavours; it’s about the culture and stories behind each dish. Yet, while the flavour captures our hearts, certain practicalities cannot be overlooked. Knowing the perfect spots to indulge and the ideal times to relish these delicacies can elevate your culinary journey.

Tastes of the city – Kolkata’s iconic street food stops

best street food in Kolkata

Kolkata, often celebrated as a haven for street food enthusiasts, boasts countless spots teeming with a rich assortment of delectable and emblematic dishes. For those on a budget, there are locales where you can find the city’s most affordable delicacies. Join us as we guide you through some of Kolkata’s premier destinations for an authentic Indian street food experience. Here are our top picks.

New Market Area (Hogg Market)

This area is a hub of street food stalls and shops offering an array of snacks, sweets, and savoury delights. Look out for Phuchka stalls, where you can savour the tangy and spicy flavours of Kolkata’s famous purchase.

Park Street

Park Street is famous for its vibrant dining scene, including both restaurants and street food vendors. You can get some of the best street food in Park Street Kolkata where you can find kathi roll stalls, serving delicious wraps with various fillings.

Victoria Memorial Area

Around the iconic Victoria Memorial, you’ll find stalls offering snacks like phuchka and jhalmuri, perfect for a quick bite while exploring. Both are embodiments of the city’s culinary spirit, a juxtaposition of flavours, textures, and memories that leave an indelible mark on the palate.  It’s a symphony of textures and tastes, with each bite being as evocative as the last.

Gariahat Market 

Best street food in Kolkata

This market area features numerous street food vendors selling a variety of items, including pav bhaji, momos, and more. As you navigate through Gariahat, every corner offers a culinary adventure, reflecting Kolkata’s diverse and rich food heritage.

Dacres Lane

Located near Esplanade, Dacres Lane is famous for its small eateries and stalls serving classic Bengali street food dishes like Telebhaja (fritters) and mutton cutlets. Paired with the quintessential tangy mustard sauce or ‘kasundi’, it’s a flavor explosion that resonates with both locals and tourists.

Vardaan Market 

Rosogolla in Kolkata

If you have a sweet tooth this market is for you. Vardmarket is wellknown for its mishti (sweets), you can find various sweet shops offering traditional Bengali desserts here. From the iconic ‘rosogolla’, a spongy, syrup-soaked cheese ball that melts in your mouth, to the ‘sandesh’, a delicate concoction of fresh cheese or ‘chhena’ and sugar, often adorned with pistachios, saffron, or silver leaf, every sweet shop here tells a tale of tradition and mastery.

College Street (Boi Para)

Enjoy a singra with a tale as old as time. Alongside its numerous bookstores, College Street is home to street food vendors selling snacks like singara (samosa) and tea. The aroma of freshly fried singara (a local rendition of the samosa) weaves through the scent of aged pages. These crispy pastries, stuffed with spiced potatoes, often accompanied by other fillings like meat or seasonal vegetables, have shared countless stories with scholars, students, and bibliophiles alike.

Mullick Bazaar (Bhawanipur)

This area is famous for its evening street food scene, with stalls offering a variety of savoury snacks and sweets. From the spicy ‘aloo kabli’ to the sweet and creamy ‘chomchom’, every dish served here is a representation of Kolkata’s diverse culinary landscape, ensuring that every palate finds its delight.

Golf Green More

A local favourite, this area has a mix of street food stalls selling everything from momos to puchkas. Every vendor here, whether selling spicy ‘jhaal muri’ or creamy ‘kulfi’, adds to the rich tapestry of flavors that have made this area a favorite for both residents and visitors.

Tiretti Bazaar (Old Chinatown)

Feeling Indo-Chinese? This is your hub! A vestige of Kolkata’s rich multicultural history, Tiretti Bazaar is where the flavours of India and China intertwine. Known as the old Chinatown of Kolkata, Tiretti Bazaar offers everything from soft, delicate dumplings to hearty bowls of soup noodles.

Ballygunge Circular Road 

Ballygunge Circular Road is a culinary mosaic, where you can enjoy the tangy burst of ‘phuchka’ one moment and the spicy stir-fried ‘chow mein’ the next. With each stall showcasing its own specialty, the offerings here are both diverse and delicious, ensuring an unparalleled street food experience.

Lake Market Area

Chow mein - Kolkata street food

A confluence of tastes and textures, the Lake Market Area is an exploration in every sense. Ghugni, a spicy yellow pea curry, beckons with its rich and hearty flavours, while stalls offering ‘chow mein’ or stir-fried noodles promise a quick yet flavorful bite.

Timing your street food adventures in Kolkata

For the best street food experience, aim for peak hours. This ensures you get the freshest dishes, as stalls see a high turnover. Evening hours are usually more active for street food vendors. It’s safer too, with food less likely to sit for long. The lively ambiance of bustling vendors and chattering patrons enhances the experience, and you’re more likely to see a wider range of offerings. 

Why go on a street food trail in Kolkata with Savaari?

Keep in mind that Kolkata’s street food situation keeps evolving. These locations are just a starting point, and you’re likely to find delicious street food stalls in various neighbourhoods across the city. As with any street food adventure, be sure to trust your instincts and prioritize hygiene while indulging in the culinary delights Kolkata has to offer. Enhance your gastronomic journey by downloading the Savaari app, ensuring swift travels to your chosen food destinations and a relaxing ride after satiating your cravings.

To wrap up your Kolkata adventure on a sugary high: Ensure you indulge in a roshogolla. This iconic Bengali treat—spongy balls of cottage cheese drenched in a sweet syrup, proudly crafted by confectioner Nobin Chandra Das in 1868—captures the essence of the city’s sweet traditions. No visit is complete without savouring this melt-in-the-mouth delicacy. After all, what better way to seal your Kolkata memories than with its signature sweet?

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