How to celebrate Diwali 2020 – COVID-friendly style

As our celebrations become more intimate this year, we are reminded of the things that matter the most. It is a befitting reminder to all of us to appreciate the little joys in life. A beautiful meal enjoyed in the company of our near and dear has to be one of the first and most important realizations. With our festivals shifted indoors, this year is all about cozy, intimate soirees! There is a lot of catching up to do. With Diwali 2020 date just around the corner, here’s our quick guide to having a COVID-friendly Diwali.

Why you should definitely celebrate Diwali 2020

We all know why we celebrate Diwali, but do you know why this year celebrating Diwali is even more important? After all that we have been through this year, Diwali quite aptly will lift our spirits to look forward to brighter days ahead. The covid 19 pandemic has been especially tough to deal with, and Diwali 2020 will be all about celebrating the triumph of good over evil, welcoming new beginnings, and allowing light to overcome darkness – a faith we all strongly need to hold on to.

According to the Diwali 2020 date in Indian calendar, Diwali/Deepavali falls on 14 November.

How to have a COVID-friendly Diwali

Are you excited about binge eating desi ghee ke ladoos, wearing ethnic clothes, lighting up diyas in your house, and singing aarti with the entire fam? The festival of lights is just around the corner to bring in some cheer, laughter, and good days in our lives! Since this year, we have given up on grand celebrations to make room for small intimate celebrations, here’s how you can still have a great time this Diwali!

1. Go home


Dear friend, it’s time to go home! It’s finally that time of the year again when we apply for leaves and head home, we excitedly prepare an out of office mail and finally logout for the much-awaited trip back home, it’s when you know your childhood friends will also be home just in time for the festival celebrations. Let the reunions and catching up be the best highlight of this year. This Diwali, go home safe with Savaari’s one-way cabs. You could be in the remotest and farthest corners, yet there will be a Savaari for you!

2. Tidy up


Clean up your house like it survived a tornado! Scrub every nook and corner, de-clutter your house, give away your old clothes you no longer need, clean up the closets, clean up the bathrooms, re-do the house, put fragrances all around. Watch Youtube tutorials if need be, stock up on all cleaning essentials, and did we mention cleaning up is actually therapeutic?

3. Light up your house


Light up every corner of your house to lift your spirits. There are lots of lighting options online. Choose what catches your eye and decorate your entire house with it. Buy lights of different colours and add some drama to your home decor. This year festivals may feel far from it, but setting the mood and vibe right does wonders in brightening up the space as well as our hearts.

4. Splurge on gifts


This year, a major chunk of our time was spent indoors. We carefully examined our purchases into essential and non-essentials for the longest time. How about a break from essentials and buy some really thoughtful gifts for our friends and family? There is nothing quite like the joy of making our loved ones happy!

5. Say No to firecrackers


This year has done enough harm to all of us, hence it is wise to not take another day in our lives for granted. Let’s keep this planet safe, sound, and intact so we can survive, and if needed, avoid another pandemic. If this year has taught us anything, it has taught us all to be mindful of our actions. Let this be our biggest takeaway from 2020.

6. Enjoy a hearty meal with your near and dear


Prepare a lavish dinner at home and invite some of your closest childhood friends over. We know, there is a lot of catching up to do! Spend time with your grandmother, learn how she makes that delicious Gajjar ka Halwa, ask your mom how she prepares aloo puri, binge watch Youtube recipes for a grand menu, and set the table just in time for everyone to dig in. Here’s how Diwali is made special – a grand festive meal is all it takes!

7. Enjoy a short drive with family


Get on the road, enjoy a short day trip to a nearby lake or hill town in your state. Enjoy a picnic, a hike with your siblings, or just catch a breath of fresh air. Sometimes stepping out in nature heals most of our worries and anxieties. Leave your worries outdoors, and let these not come in the way of a much-awaited celebration with Savaari’s local rentals.

We hope Diwali 2020 turns out to be one of the best celebrations with your family. Let us all pray we come out of this stronger, happier, and wiser.

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How to celebrate Diwali 2020 - COVID-friendly style
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How to celebrate Diwali 2020 - COVID-friendly style
With our festivals shifted indoors, this year is all about cozy, intimate soirees! There is a lot of catching up to do. With Diwali 2020 date just around the corner, here’s our quick guide to having a COVID-friendly Diwali.
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