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A road trip is the best way to get out of your mundane routine and enjoy quality time with your friends and family. An excellent soundtrack to your road trip is what will turn an ordinary trip into an unforgettable experience. Music while travelling is as necessary as a safe ride, a great chauffeur and making exciting pitstops on your way, Savaari offers all of that and more. With our packages providing you complete freedom to customise your road trip and make impromptu plans on the way. When you book a cab with Savaari, you can turn your regular city-to-city drive into a fascinating journey.

Play songs that move with you as you take turns down winding roads, ride under lush canopies or breathe the sea as the waves crash beside you on forgotten beaches. Therefore, with interesting stopovers on your way, you can easily take a break to enjoy what lies on the road and make your ride memorable. Without a good playlist, a road trip is incomplete. So here we have a curated playlist for you and the top 12 songs to have on your playlist to turn your road trip into an experience of a lifetime. – 

1. Journey Song, Piku 

Savaari Curates: Best Road Trip Songs Of All Time
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This soulful tune is the best way to start your road trip. The ukelele strums in the background, tickling your senses into an upbeat mood as the flute joins in with the drums at the pre-chorus. It features Amitabh Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan on their roller coaster road trip to Kolkata. This song will make you smile and prepare you for the best journey. Whether it be your family reminiscing the good days with you, or your friends singing along to its tunes, it’s perfect for every plan.

2. Dil Chahta Hai

Savaari Curates: Best Road Trip Songs Of All Time

The movie and the song that put road trip to Goa on everyone’s wish list. Dil Chahta hai has been an iconic song in every millennial’s life. The convertible (although not recommended with India’s heat), the friends and the road trip to goa shown in this song have been every college student’s dream. So, listen to Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s genius as you travel to your destination in anticipation of the adventure of a lifetime. 

3. Kyon, Barfi

With the rolling hills and green fields of West Bengal in the background of this Pritam song, Kyon makes for one of the best road trip songs of all time. The journey you’re on and that of life are merged into one in the song. Its the perfect song to play on your way from Siliguri to Darjeeling. The catchy background tune and poetic lyrics make this a great song to add to your road trip playlist. 

4. Patakha Guddi, Highway

This melodic song is one of the best road trip songs of all time. With the voice of the famous Nooran sisters in the background and its Sufi lyrics, any bland road trip can be electrified instantly. Imagine driving down the roads of Lansdowne from Delhi! The magnetic lyrics and beats will force you to sing, and the scenery around you will come to life and join you. It’s the perfect song to add to your playlist to get your spirits high on the highway. 

5. Aao Milo Chalein, Jab We Met

Like the song’s lead, the song will be your partner through Rajasthan’s colourful towns or Punjab’s winding roads. With the vocals of Rajasthani singer Ustad Sultan Khan, the brilliance of this song multiplies with folk music. The Rajasthani colour of the song will make your heart ache with wanderlust. So, add this song to your playlist and enjoy the scenic roads as you encounter the magic of exploring India. 

6. Yun Hi Chala Chal, Swades

Udit Narayan has the voice of an angel, and to have Hariharan and Kailash Kher join him for this number is a celebration waiting to happen. So, tune into this song as you reminisce about early 2000s Shah Rukh Khan in all his glory, singing to the tunes on a trip of his own. It’s a piece that will force you to tap your feet and bob your head as you sing along. 

7. Running up the Hill, Kate Bush

Kate Bush’s song has been on the top of every list, with Stranger Things bringing it back into pop culture. It’s the perfect song for you as you climb hills and cross valleys on your trip. This head-banging song with KateBush’s visuals will help you truly break free from your monotonous life as you go on a journey and discover the surreal life. 

8. Journey Song (Kannada) – 777 Charlie

The plans are made, the route is mapped, and the car is packed. You’ve been looking forward to this for months, and it’s finally time to load up your pup and head out on an epic adventure! You’re just missing one thing … you need a soundtrack for your pet friendly road trip. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! The Journey Song from 777 Charlie, a movie where a man decides to fulfill his dog Charlie’s wishes of playing with snow and travels with Charlie to Himachal Pradesh. This soundtrack makes for a great song for the road as you trace trails across the map and nature greets you and your pet with its new horizons.

9. Moongil Thottam (Tamil) – Kadal

This song is perfect for admiring the view and letting your hair dance with the wind. Composed by AR. Rahman, the song ends with its upbeat yet mellow lyrics of being a traveller on unknown roads. It will put you in a trance perfect for enjoying the breathtaking views of your journey through the pristine beaches of Mahabalipuram.

10. Safarnama, Tamasha

This AR Rehman-composed song is one of the best road trip songs of all time. This feel-good number is a must for any trip with lyrics that put you in a trance. You might not be on a road trip in Seychelles with Ranbir Kapoor but it sure will feel like it, with Javed Ali’s voice crooning in your ears. It’s the perfect song to add to your road trip playlist and set the perfect mood for your safar.

11. Padel Maari Maari (Assamese) Babu Baruah

Road Trips are fun when you can play songs to sing along, no doubt there. Now, if you are not from Assam, understanding the lyrics and attempting to sing along can be hard. But not with this song. The exceedingly catchy chorus “Padel Maari Maari” is certainly one of the best sing-along songs to play on road trips! Nothing beats the energy of this song, and hitting the accelerator when the singer sings “Padel Maari Maari” while driving down an empty road is simply incomparable.

12. Ilahi, YJHD

Nothing beats this song when it comes to road trips. With Ranbir Kapoor leaving his home and travelling the world for his passion project, it’s the perfect soundtrack for your holiday. Seek the excitement in your life with Arijit Singh’s voice crooning in your ears. The guitar strumming in the background while you make your way through.

13. Kadhi Tu (Marathi) – Hrishikesh Ranade

Here’s the perfect song for you to play with your bae as you go on a long drive and explore the myriad locales that you pass during your road trip. The romantic travel song is a worthy inclusion in your travel playlist. It’s emotional, influential and definitely a vibe. The melodic riffs of the song with the amazing lyrics surely make for an ideal road trip song to be added to the playlist.

14. Dil Dhadakne Do, ZNMD 

Savaari Curates: Best Road Trip Songs Of All Time

What better way to be on a road trip than having this song blasting from your speakers, windows down as the trees rush past you? Your road trip may not be in Spain, but with this banger playing in your car. It’ll alleviate your experience and make it into a memory to cherish for a lifetime. 

15. Chetak (Haryanvi) – Sapna Chaudhary | Raj Mawar | Mehar Risky

And if you’ve come to the end of the day and the tiring journey needs an instant boost then play this energetic track, throw your hands in the air and enjoy the sunset as you drive by.  Not to mention the engaging beats of the track which have a very banger appeal to it.

So what are you waiting for? Book a cab, talk to your chauffeur, connect to the car’s music system and blast out these tunes. Let us know what other songs you have saved for the road trip of your dreams. 

For more road trip songs, check out our Spotify playlist.

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