The Great Rajasthan Road trip – An 11-Day Itinerary for Offbeat Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a destination that finds its place on every traveller’s list, Indians and foreigners alike. The magnificent architecture coupled with the rich Rajasthani heritage and cuisine, as well as its unique traditions makes Rajasthan an intriguing place to visit. There are so many distinguished sites in the state that most visitors end up missing the equally breathtaking offbeat destinations which can be easily accessible by road. One should definitely plan a road trip in Rajasthan during the festive season from October to February.

Rajasthan is full of treasures waiting to be discovered. All you need is to pack your bags and get exploring! And what better way there is, than hitting the roads. 

We have curated a list of the unknown gems of Rajasthan covering over 1800 km in 11 days. We start the itinerary from Jaipur, the state capital, travel through the artistic lanes of Bundi and Chittorgarh, visit the deserts of Jaisalmer, take a pit stop at Bikaner, explore the offbeat streets of Khimsar and Pushkar to finally return to Jaipur. Read on to find how you can make your next trip unforgettable and unique!

The great Rajasthan road trip Itinerary

Day 1: Jaipur to Bundi 

Distance: 218 km 

Time Taken: 4 hours

Lined with the blue houses, hills, lakes, bazaars, and temples, Bundi gives a glimpse of the offbeat Rajasthan. Visit Taragarh Fort for its brilliant architecture and observe a picturesque view of the town below. Naval Sagar, an artificial lake, is another popular attraction with a half-submerged temple of Lord Varuna. 

On the old streets of Bundi

The rich heritage of over eight centuries is visibly evident in the city of Bundi. The people here are still simple and take pride in following their customs. The town is also renowned for its artistic abilities and has produced several vocalists and musicians. Shop from the local markets to find beautifully crafted art pieces as a souvenir.

Where to stay: Hotel Bundi House, Haveli Katkaun Bundi, The Ummaid Bagh Bundi.

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Day 2: Bundi to Chittorgarh

Distance: 154 km 

Time Taken: 2.5 hours

Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh is the land of glory, with countless stories of valiant rulers and great wars. The legacy is passed on to the younger generations and is visible in the town’s rich culture and heritage. The Chittorgarh Fort is the major attraction of the town. You can also visit Keerthi Stambh, Rana Kumbha Palace, Vijay Stambh, Padmini Palace, Kalika Mata Temple to take a deep dive into the stories of the past. 

Where to Stay: Rajasi Palace, Aravalli Hill Resort, Rang Mahal

Day 3: Chittorgarh to Udaipur

Distance: 111 km

Time Taken: 2 hours

Udaipur City Palace

Udaipur is listed as one of the most romantic cities in India and is amongst the top most visited destinations in the country. Udaipur’s picturesque beauty can be witnessed in the large lakes, eloquent forts, amazing palaces, and pleasant gardens. There are numerous palaces and landmarks to be seen in the city. City Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, Nehru Park, Jagadish Temple, and Sahelio ki Bari are a few attractions that capture the essence of Udaipur in their breathtaking architecture. Udaipur should be a part of everyone’s road trip list from Rajasthan.

Where to Stay: Radisson Blu Hotel, Shri Jagdish Mahal Heritage Hotel, Swaroop Vilas

Day 4: Udaipur to Ranakpur

Distance: 64 km 

Time Taken: 1.5 hours

You absolutely can’t miss the Ranakpur temple when you are visiting Rajasthan! Built in the 15th century, it is said the temple took 50 years to come to life. It is one of the largest and most important temples in Jain culture. The temple campus houses various other temples like Amba temple, Surya temple, Chaumukha temple, and Suparshvanatha temple. Go for a Horse Safari in Ranakpur or explore the beautiful terrain of the Aravali Mountains on a horseback. Places like Ranakpur are easily accessible by road from any part of Rajasthan and the trip in the dessert is nothing like other.

Ranakpur Temple Rajasthan Road trip
Ranakpur temple

A Jeep Wildlife Safari will help you explore the diverse flora and fauna of the region. For the adventure-seeker in you, trek from Ranakpur to Thandiberi for panoramic views of the town. 

Where to Stay: Jungle Camp Resort, Krishna Resort, Club Mahindra Circle 

Day 5: Ranakpur to Jodhpur

Distance: 156 km

Time Taken: 3 hours


From the azure stucco houses to the ornate palaces and mansions, Jodhpur is a sheer visual treat for travellers. Start with a walk through the city, and discover Jodhpur’s heritage in its nooks and crannies, lanes, and alleys while on your. Join a walking or photography tour. You can also visit the famous Mehrangarh Fort and Museum, or the burial place of Rajaram Meghwal. Head to the Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park or the Clock Tower and watch the stunning sunset colours and panoramic views of the city. If you are a food-lover, do join the popular Jodhpur Food Trail, where you can sample classic and signature dishes of the city at legendary joints. You can also book a desert safari and ride through the sandy trails.

Where to Stay: Rani Mahal, Jodhpur Heritage Haveli, RAAS

Day 6: Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

Distance: 262 km

Time Taken: 4 hours 44 mins

Lodurva Jain Temple

Jaisalmer or the Sun City of Rajasthan is home to massive sandcastles standing tall, rising from the centre of the Thar Desert as a reminder of a glorious bygone era. The Jaisalmer Fort is a lively urban centre that is home to about 3,000 people living within the walls. The honeycombed winding narrow lanes are lined with temples and houses along with an array of restaurants, guesthouses, and handicraft shops.

Patwon-ki-Haveli, Bada Bagh, Gadisar Lake, and Nathmal Ki Haveli capture the beauty of the place. Sam Sand Dunes is an ideal spot to start your desert safari and also to camp under the stars.

Visit the heritage village, Kuldhara which is about 25 km from Jaisalmer, when you are here.

Where to Stay: Hotel Royal Haveli, Jaisalmer Marriott Resort.

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Day 7: Jaiselmer to Bikaner

Distance: 329 km

Time Taken: 5.5 hours

Streets of Bikaner

From a temple dedicated to 25,000 black rats to a festival where camels get dressed up and dance, the city of Bikaner has everything surprising in store for you. Take a tour of the Junagarh Fort to witness the impeccable architecture, visit the magnificent Lalgarh Palace, shop your heart out at Kote Gate, and relinquish the local cuisines when you are in Bikaner.

Where to Stay: Lalgarh Palace, Lakshmi Niwas Palace, Hotel Bhanwar Niwas

Day 8: Bikaner to Khimsar 

Distance: 153 km

Time Taken: 3 hours

khimsar-Rajasthan-road trip

A colourful hamlet hidden in the centre of Rajasthan, Khimsar is a must-visit for art and culture enthusiasts. Take a trip to the Khimsar Fort, a luxury heritage hotel for a royal experience. Take a camel ride or a desert safari in the Khimsar Dunes Village. Eco-friendly huts, folk music and good vibes will welcome you here. Witness the majestic views of the Thar Desert from this village. Khimsar is also home to some rare species of antelopes including the black buck. The Panchala Black Buck Reserve will give you a peek into the rich flora and fauna of the place. The Nagaur Fort situated close to the reserve is a must-visit for its brilliant architecture. 

Where to Stay: Khimsar Sand Dunes Resort, WelcomHotel by ITC

Day 9: Khimsar to Pushkar


Distance: 182 km

Time Taken: 3 hours 50 minutes

The town of Pushkar is one of the oldest in the country, its history dating back to the 4th Century BC. The lake in the city has numerous bathing ghats and hundreds of temples surrounding it. The town also borders the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, so you can even plan a camel safari. There are desert camps near Pushkar, tons of bazaars and an annual hot air balloon festival if you want to get more out of your trip. 

Where to stay: Hotel Pushkar Fort, The Pushkar Bagh

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Day 10: Pushkar to Ajmer

Distance: 16 km

Time Taken: 30 minutes


Surrounded by Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan, the quaint city of Ajmer is a paradise for all types of travellers, especially the ones in pursuit of peace. There are innumerable things to do in Ajmer, and we can vouch that be it just sitting by the lake or learning about the heritage of the city, every experience here is truly soul-satisfying. Visit the Ana Sagar Lake to indulge in boating, seek blessings in Ajmer Sharif Dargah; visit Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, Akbar Palace and Museum and shop in the local bazaars.

Where to Stay: Hotel Canvas Inn, Ram Niwas Palace

Day 11: Ajmer to Jaipur 

Distance: 132 km

Time Taken: 2 hours 45 mins


Now that you are back from your great exploration, take a tour of the Pink City. The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a fine blend of royalty, old-world charm, and modern lifestyle. Unwind at a spa, indulge in a wholesome meal at Chokhi Dhani and experience the charming landscape, which is dominated by red sandstone and marble structures, before you say goodbye to the place.

Where to Stay: Radisson Blu, Hotel Peppermint Stay

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Rajasthan is a golden land in the country, filled with soul-satisfying experiences for all kinds of travellers. This was an 11-day itinerary covering the offbeat and known locations of Rajasthan. Have you done a road trip to this beautiful state of Royals, Rajasthan? Let us know in the comments.

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