Delhi to Chandigarh by Road – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

Chandigarh is the epitome of what a planned city can look like. With efficient civic design and a host of natural and man-made wonders to savour and experience, this joint capital of Haryana and Punjab allures every visitor. Book a Delhi car rental for the best experience on your effortless journey to Chandigarh from Delhi by road and other means of travel.

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Why travel from Delhi to Chandigarh?

Delhi to Chandigarh by road is one of the most popular road trip routes in all of North India. Being close to the city of Delhi, Chandigarh is also a popular destination for travelers from the national capital and around. When you take a road trip from Delhi to Chandigarh, you can enhance your experience by enjoying everything that lies on the way by booking an outstation taxi in Delhi. With a Savaari, you can turn your drive into a fun-filled journey and also customize the trip to your liking, travel time, and budget. 

Delhi to Chandigarh by car

Traveling from Delhi to Chandigarh by car

Traveling from Delhi to Chandigarh by car is the most efficient way to enjoy the journey between these two remarkable cities. When you book your Delhi to Chandigarh cab with Savaari, you will allow yourself a ride through the transitioning landscape, from the urban cities of Delhi and Gurgaon to the rustic locales of Haryana, through the farms of Punjab, and finally leading you to the most picturesque city of India.

Along the way, you will cross interesting as well as some noteworthy historical sites and iconic food places. Let us help you discover the best routes so you can have an incredible Delhi to Chandigarh trip by road.

Dlehi to Chandigarh by cab

Quick Facts about Delhi to Chandigarh

Road Distance from Delhi to Chandigarh 305 kms
Aerial Distance from Delhi to Chandigarh 239 kms
Travel Time for Delhi to Chandigarh by Road 4 hours and 45 minutes
Travel Time for Delhi to Chandigarh by Train 3 hours and 20 minutes
Travel Time for Delhi to Chandigarh by Flight 1 hours
Best Routes Delhi to Chandigarh Via NH 44
  Delhi to Chandigarh Via NH 9
Best time to visit October – March

Best time to take a road trip by car

Like many other cities of Punjab, Chandigarh also enjoys a mix of dry and semi-arid climate. The city sits at the foothills of the Shivalik Hills, as a result of which brings in the colder mountain drafts in winter and warm temperatures in summer. Hence, summers in the city are extremely harsh, without any moisture.

Traveling can be a bit of a challenge if you are not used to the weather. Therefore, the best time to visit Delhi to Chandigarh by car is between October and March, when the weather is conducive enough to explore the outdoors. During the day, the temperatures remain in the range of 20-30 degrees C. During winters, the minimum temperature at night drops to 2 or 1 degrees C.

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Popular route to travel from Delhi to Chandigarh by road

Route 1: Delhi to Chandigarh via NH 44

Delhi to Chandigarh Road Condition Via NH44

This is the fastest and the shortest route, due to which it is the most popular among travelers. More so because of the famous eateries and interesting places on the way. Also, the traffic on this route is very light, thus making your trip nothing short of a breeze.

Delhi to Chandigarh Distance Via NH44

The distance from Delhi to Chandigarh is approximately 300 Km and takes around four to five hours, via this route. Before you travel, it is always advisable to check for live traffic updates to get a fair idea of the real-time road conditions. Here’s a basic Delhi to Chandigarh road map for this route:

Delhi — Sonipat– Panipat — Karnal — Kurukshetra — Ambala — Chandigarh

Popular places along the way:

  • Battlefield of Panipat, Panipat: Stop by the iconic battlefield site, which became a turning point in the history of India. Also stop by the museum and the war memorial on-site, commemorating the significant moments of India’s socio-political past. 
  • Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra: The tranquil lake is dedicated to the divine creator (as per Hindu mythology). The town is also the home to some of the significant events in the mythical epic of Mahabharata.
Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra
Brahma Sarovar, Kurukshetra
  • Karnal Fort, Karnal: The prominent fort is a locally popular haunt for day tours and leisurely walks. The beautiful Karnal Lake also makes for a great respite while on a long drive. 
  • Places to eat along this route:
  • Garam Dharam Dhaba, Murthal- Bollywood-themed restaurant with rustic ambiance serving classic dhaba-style dishes. 
  • Murthal Haveli, Murthal – A notable highway side family restaurant and food complex with themed setting and plush interiors. 
  • Amrik Sukhdev, Sonipat – A popular and busy highway side eatery with multi-cuisine buffet and a la carte options, good for families and large groups. 
  • Pooran Singh Da Dhaba, Ambala – This family-owned old dhaba is quite famous for home-style lunches. 
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Route 2: Delhi to Chandigarh via NH9 and NH 44

Delhi to Chandigarh Road Condition Via NH9 and NH 44

In contrast to the previous route, this is a slightly longer and slower route. Due to occasional local traffic or roadworks in progress, this route is not preferred by travelers at all.

Delhi to Chandigarh Road Distance Via NH9 and NH 44

The distance from Delhi to Chandigarh via this route is 305 KM. Hence for a smooth and hassle-free experience, it is always advisable to check for live maps and traffic updates to get a better understanding of the real-time traffic and road condition. 

Delhi — Bahadurgarh — Gohana– Panipat — Karnal — Kurukshetra — Ambala — Chandigarh
Delhi to Chandigarh via NH9 and NH 44

Popular sights/monuments that you will encounter along this route:

  • Rani Ka Talab, Ambala: Take a slight detour towards Ambala Cantonment to visit this ancient lake dotted with cenotaphs. Although artificially made, it has become a natural lotus pond with surrounding greenery.
  • Cactus Garden, Panchkula: Just before you reach Chandigarh, stop by this one-of-a-kind botanical garden, showcasing more than 3500 varieties of cacti, ranging from thorny rhizoids to succulents, and flowering plants.
Cactus Garden, Panchkula
Cactus Garden, Panchkula

Places to eat along this route:

  • Ahuja Family Dhaba, Gohana – A locally popular family-run restaurant serving classic Punjabi and Haryanvi dishes.
  • Karan Palace Road, Gohana-Rohtak – This contemporary dine-in restaurant serving multi-cuisine food is ideal for families and late-night travelers.
  • Amrik Sukhdev, Sonipat – Popular and busy highway eatery with multi-cuisine buffet and a la carte options, attracts families and large groups alike.

Other means of traveling to Chandigarh

How to Reach Chandigarh by Train

You can also travel to Chandigarh from Delhi by train. There are a total of 74 trains, of which 43 trains ply daily between these two cities. It takes five to seven hours via train to reach Chandigarh. While the fastest train is CHANDIGARH NEW DELHI SHATABDI EXPRESS (12046/45), you can choose from the wide range of options available on the IRCTC website. Always refer to the daily timetables of the Indian Railways to get the updated Delhi to Chandigarh train fares and timings.


Train Name Departure Arrival Duration
AADR VANDEBHARAT (22447) 05:50 08:38 2 hr 48 min
KALKA SHTBDI EX (12005) 17:15 20:30 3 hr 15 min
KLK SHATABADI (12011) 07:40 10:59 3 hr 19 min


How to Reach Chandigarh by Flight

There are quite a few flights between Delhi and Chandigarh because both cities have a well-functioning airport of their own. The nearest airport is Chandigarh Airport (ICX).

You can check Delhi to Chandigarh flight time and distance and complete your booking from any airline website or online portals for the best deals. The Delhi to Chandigarh flight can cost you anything between INR 1500 to 5000, for reasons such as the booking time, travel season, and available deals. Book a Chandigarh airport taxi for a comfortable commute to your accommodation in the city.

Explore Chandigarh Like a Local: A Handy Guide

BBC once described Chandigarh as the ‘Most beautiful in India’. With well-designed buildings, efficient roads, and a host of landscaped gardens, there are plenty of reasons that prove Chandigarh is certainly one of the best places to visit in North India.

For a wholesome Chandigarh tour, let us direct you to the must-visit places and plan your itinerary. With our tips and suggestions, you can make your Chandigarh trip even more exciting and memorable. You can also book Savaari’s tempo traveller in Delhi if you are travelling in a large group.

Attractions in Chandigarh for Sightseeing

Among fascinating public buildings and interesting constructions, but the most noteworthy thing about Chandigarh is the presence of almost 22 public gardens, each designed with a theme.

Explore the Rose Garden, Topiary Garden, Japanese Garden, Butterfly Garden, Garden of Silence, and many more on your Chandigarh tour. Above all, some of the most interesting places in the city are Rock Garden, Open Hand Monument, and the vintage Capitol Complex, which is one-of-its-kind in India.

Also visit the Sukhna Lake, the largest water body in the city with a bustling promenade, and a great place to spend a day in the cooler months. Don’t forget to stop by the mini Eiffel Tower, India’s very own version of the French wonder. With a park and ample greenery around, the site makes for a great background for a flawless selfie.

It is also a good idea to visit places near Chandigarh on your visit. You will be charmed by the scenic locations and the attractions that each town has to offer.

Savaari recommends – Popular places to eat in Chandigarh

Like most other cities, Chandigarh has also evolved into a multicultural community of people flocking from all over the country. As a result, Chandigarh has ended up in a collage of cultures, each offering their best cuisines to the city. However, you would still find Punjabi and north Indian cuisine as the predominant fare. 

Hotels and resorts – Accommodation in Chandigarh

Hotel Name Address
Hotel Mountview Sector 10, Chandigarh, 160011 PH: 0172 467 1111
The TOY Hotel SCO 165, 167, ZCC Rd, Sub. City Center, Sector 34A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160022 PH: 0172 403 3333
The Aroma Hotel Hotel AROMA Complex, SCO 1, Himalaya Marg, 22C, Sector 22, Chandigarh, 160022 PH: 098555 68855
LaLit Chandigarh Rajiv Gandhi IT Park DLF Commercial Complex, Chandigarh, 160101 PH: 0172 676 7777
The Fern Residency 28/8 Phase II, Industrial & Business Park, Chandigarh, 160002 PH: 0172 504 3333

Nearby Road Trips from Chandigarh

Destinations Distance Time Taken
Chandigarh to Parwanoo 35 km 48 mins
Chandigarh to Kasauli 57 km 2 hours
Chandigarh to Solan 68 km 2 hours
Chandigarh to Chail 107 km 3 hours
Chandigarh to Shimla 112 km 3 hours
Chandigarh to Amritsar 226 km 4 hours
Chandigarh to Manali 304 km 8 hours

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