Essentials for an epic road trip – the survival kit

Road trip, for most, is one of the most convenient ways of traveling. It is all fun and games until you have to start packing for it. More often than not, we end up packing things we don’t need at all during the trip. Stuff we would have accidentally purchased during a trip to a departmental store, stuff we bought just because they looked cute or some really unnecessary spice and ghee packets our mothers would have accidentally slipped into our bags. But hey, here are the experts on road trips. We can tell you what to pack for a road trip – JUST the essentials you need in order to have an epic road trip! 

Let’s begin our guide to what to bring on a road trip –

1. Pills that keep the loosies away


No road trip is ever complete without food. We all are guilty of munching something just because we are bored or because we want to finish all the good snacks before anybody else does it. While we agree this is a toxic and unhealthy habit, but have you ever started eating Pringles and stopped midway? For those, who have the self-control of an infant, please carry pills that will allow you to breathe fresh air inside the car as well as outside. 
We recommend: 2 strips of Lopamide (highly effective)

2. 100 portable chargers 


Hoard as many as possible. You do not want to sit in the car without all of these charged. As much as we agree with “enjoy the moment” concept, but a dead phone is the last thing you want on a road trip.
We recommend: Those with high ratings on Amazon

3. Swimwear


Not all heroes wear capes, some are just smart enough to carry swimwear. Essentials like these do not get the attention they deserve but believe us, jumping into a pool or a pond wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts is just cumbersome at so many levels. First, it takes eons to dry. Two, you cannot sit in the car wearing wet clothes. That’s where a swimwear comes to your rescue. If you are constantly thinking about beaches, here’s an ultimate guide to Goa’s nightlife.
We recommend: Myntra/ Amazon

4. Driver’s License

9 out of 10 people are guilty of forgetting their driver’s license back at home. While the excitement is at its peak, but you sure do not want to bribe your way to the destination or come back home halfway into the trip. To be on the safer side, keep all your documents handy. Even your birth certificate, just in case! 

5. A portable armrest


Using an alive human as an armrest is comfortable till they are comfortable. Why be at the mercy of a mortal creature, when you can buy a stuffed hand on Amazon! This won’t move, won’t get tired of your weight or even ask you to shift. Just buy one online and enjoy the most comfortable road trip of your life. 
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6. Headphones 


It is impossible to find friends who listen to the same songs. As much as we love them, we also secretly hate their playlist. You may want to listen to Chikni Chameli or Sheila Ki Jawani, but your friends may be rooting for Bohemian Rhapsody. So for the general peace to prevail, carry your headphones so you can listen to your favourite songs without having to bribe the person with the aux cable to play your songs.
Recommended songs: Yoohi Chala from Swadesh, Patakha Guddi from Highway, Khwabon ke Parindey, Roobaroo from Rang de Basanti

7. Mosquito Repellent


Do what you love, follow your passion. But if that passion or favourite hobby can give you dengue or malaria, then carry a mosquito repellent. This should top the list of essentials. Love hurts, but it does not have to sting!

8. Barbeque Burner


Trial and errors teach us how to plan a road trip efficiently. Over the years, we have come to conclude, it is wise to go prepared for all kinds of situations and circumstances. In case you decide to never return to the cities, it is best to go prepared with a barbeque burner or any kind of burner for that matter, so you can cook food for yourself in the middle of a forest.

9. Forget your wallet


Remember how some people owe you money and forget to pay you back? Plan a trip with them and forget your wallet at home. Yes, we know this is one of the essentials you do not just forget, but this way you get your share back. (how does that sound now?)

Honorary Mention: Shovel


Of course, why do you need a shovel on a road trip? Sure of all essentials, this is insane! What were we even thinking! But have you ever considered running into a zombie on a deserted road? Let’s just leave it at that. Self-defense -1, Fantasy Fiction – 0 

Tell us what you pack for the road trip and the one thing you do not leave the house without. 

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