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Mysore is a city known for its palaces, diversity, and royal heritage. Every year people from across the world visit this great city to experience the bygone royal era. Have you ever wondered if you could see the city beyond the clichéd touristy places? Well, there are some exceptional activities that you can undertake to experience Mysore like a true local.

 Go on a walkabout around the vibrant and lively Devaraja Market

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Named as one of the cleanest cities in India, Mysore is a peaceful retreat with its wide clean roads and lush green boulevards. One fun activity in Mysore that will not only set you in awe but also leave you with a sense of fulfillment is a leisure walk through Devaraja Market.

As you enter the market square and look around, you will be awe-struck by the sheer diversity of people present in the vicinity. With the city’s heritage buildings in the backdrop, the entire scene is an artistic masterpiece and perhaps, the reason why celebrated artists like T.S. Satyan and R.K. Laxman have drawn inspiration from the Devaraja market.

Another breath-taking sight to witness in the market is the arrangement of vibrant Rangoli colours, the meticulously arranged fruits, and the endless array of flowers and garlands that can be spotted throughout the market. The Devaraja market is a great place to get some of your favourite and unique floral perfumes.  

Mysore sandalwood articles and artisan houses

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Speaking of fragrances, Mysore is one of the best places to get pure sandalwood items like sandalwood vials, oils, perfumes, soaps, etc. You can head to the Government Sandalwood Factory to buy some souvenirs. Mysore city is blessed with some of the finest stone and sand sculptors. The Mysore Sand Sculpture Museum houses over 150 sculptures in over 16 varied themes. These sculptures are something unique that you may have never seen, at least not on such a large scale. Another important place to visit in Mysore will be the Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation (KSIC) factory on Mananthavady Road, where you can see how weavers artistically create the famous Mysore Silk Saree.

 Go on a heritage walk to know the story of kings

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Even though you might want to see the city like a local, it is recommended that you explore the picturesque palaces. You can become a part of heritage walk that covers popular Palaces such as Great Mysuru Palace, the Jaganmohan Palace, and Lalitha Mahal. Knowing the real stories of the past kings of Mysore will make you wish to be reborn in the bygone royal era, well of course only as a king.

 Spend a day exploring Mysore’s hidden gems like a local

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There are several things that locals do, but tourists never try. You can try Ashtanga Yoga session, ride on a Tonga, Witness a horse race, play Golf in the Palace grounds, and visit the Karanji Lake Butterfly Park. Behold the city glow like a shining star at night from the top of Chamundi hills. No trip can ever feel complete without munching on the local cuisine. In Mysore, try the Mysore Paks, Mylari Dosas, Butter Masala Dosas and the famous Banana Leaf Meal. One of the best times to visit Mysore to relish the city’s true spirit is during the months of September-October amidst Mysuru Dasara celebrations.

When you’re done exploring what the city of Mysore has to offer, you can head out of town to relax at some of the gorgeous national parks and wildlife sanctuaries nearby.

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