Now New Zealand is not too far from home

Why we love New Zealand

People across the world are obsessed with New Zealand for all the right reasons. 


Tucked in a faraway corner of the world, New Zealand is all things perfect – be it the wallpaper like vistas, snow-capped mountains, ancient glaciers, rolling hills or just plenty of wine. 

Aptly called the adventure capital of the world, New Zealand is on top of every adventure junkie’s bucket list. Any activity that can be done outdoors, can definitely be done in New Zealand. And if rumors are to be believed, you can skydive basically anywhere. Have you seen how gorgeous and vast this country is! 


Traveling across New Zealand is not just mad gorgeous, it is a feast for all five senses. And the highlight of your trip, will, of course, be the 19.4 km trek to the stunning location where Lord of the Rings was shot. And believe us when we say this, you haven’t really seen New Zealand if you haven’t trekked through its otherworldly landscape of volcanoes, pastures, beaches and promontories. Good thing is, you don’t even have to be a strong hiker! 


Something closer home…..

While there can never be a strong alternative to all that New Zealand offers, here’s what we believe can be your best bet in India. And while New Zealand can be off-limits for some of us, a slice of New Zealand can be found in our immediate vicinity. Here’s how! 


Dzukou Valley in Nagaland has become one of our personal favourites. Sitting high amidst the clouds, this valley is the most famous for its multicoloured carpets of flowers that bloom in summer, most special being the Dzukou lily which is found only in Dzukou Valley. The first two weeks of July are usually the peak flower season in Dzukou Valley. But if you can’t make it during the blooming period, we assure you, it’ll be gorgeous nevertheless.


Just like New Zealand, Dzukou has so much to offer in terms of adventure. The gorgeous valley is a wonderful place to hike. And if you are someone who loves rock-climbing, Dzukou has plenty of options. All you need to do is to book a Savaari today!

Best time to visit Dzukou Valley

Regardless of when you visit, Dzukou is a visual delight throughout the year. There are two types of weather here – the dry and moist weather. Drier weather lasts from April to May, and November to March. Hiking during this time is fun due to the absence of blood-sucking leeches. 

Moist season in Dzukou starts from July and ends in September. Avoid a trip during this season for the rains are brutal and would certainly ruin all trekking plans. 

However, the best time to travel to Dzukou is between April and June when the entire valley turns into an enormous flower bowl.  


Why Dzukou Valley?

Fairly less-explored as well as non-commercialized, Dzukou Valley is virginal. Stretching as far as the eyes can see, stop and savour the undulating wave after wave of knolls, hillocks, verdant meadows, crystal clear brooks, and unique cave networks – all just wanting to be explored. The contours of this picturesque hamlet leave the travelers mesmerized. 


With a shift towards offbeat tourism, Dzukou has managed to grab the attention of backpackers from across the world and it is only a matter of time before it falls prey to commercialization. We strongly urge you to enjoy Dzukou’s pristine valley scape before they are reduced to just another tourist destination. But one entreaty is that let us ensure we are sustainable and environmentally conscious in our travels and minimize our impact on the environment. If we feel we are unable to do so, it is better that we stay at home and read about it instead. 


Delving into the unknown can be a bit of a task and going to Dzukou entails a little bit of an effort but trust us, it is worth it. Hike your way to the stunning landscape, maybe just live the moment and leave those cameras behind. Imbibe all that you see ahead, or shell out for a trip to New Zealand 🙂 

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Now New Zealand is not too far from home
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Now New Zealand is not too far from home
Tucked in a faraway corner of the world, New Zealand is all things perfect. And now a slice of New Zealand can be found in our immediate vicinity. Here’s how!
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