Important lessons coronavirus taught us

Who knew the new year would start with a deadly virus attack! Corona. Corona. Corona. Everyone is obsessively talking about coronavirus in India and everywhere in the world. Either you are googling symptoms of coronavirus after sneezing twice in a day or you are refusing to step out because you think someone else will make you sick. Either way, you are paranoid. A few weeks into the lockdown and certain lessons have emerged. Some are very clear – like we owe a lot to our healthcare workers, delivery executives and others who have helped us immensely during the shutdown. Others not so clear now, but are beginning to get clear with each passing day. And yet some more would solidify once we all come out of this. 

But here are a few lessons that we have learned so far – some very crucial ones to realize. Some we should have known all along, but chose to never appreciate. And we only hope we remember and stick with these in years to come. 

Lesson 1 – Coronavirus has reminded us of our place

Sure, humans have come a long way since the stick-wielding apes. Being the most intelligent species with our inventions and advancements; who knew people who frequently take trips to the moon, modify genes would be brought on their knees by one tiny deadly virus! This little virus spreading across the world is not the problem, it’s probably our understanding of nature! Our flawed approach to life is the problem. If anything, coronavirus has definitely taught us humility – the acceptance that everything comes to an end. We needed to be reminded that we have a gift called life, a healthy body and that we must never take these for granted! It’s okay if your friend earns more than you. Step out, enjoy the sunshine, spend time with your family, it could all be over tomorrow. 

Lesson 2 – Maybe it was time to slow down


Maybe we were too busy with the rat race. Maybe this rat race was taking a toll on our health. Maybe we all needed a breather. Now seeing the beauty of this whole lockdown, how many of us have complained about being stressed out? How many of us have had a long day because of back to back meetings? And with bars and nightclubs shut too, the joy of being home and enjoying this private space of yours has been one of the blessings in disguise. So why not take this opportunity – sit down, relax, breathe, give yourself some time to slow down and think. Use this time to catch up on some reading, cook a meal, enjoy green tea, pet your dog or maybe develop a new hobby. 

Lesson 3 – Let the planet heal 

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While there are absolutely no reasons to celebrate the spread of coronavirus, but most countries have observed an improvement in their air quality. Countries like China, India, and parts of the USA have registered a significant decline in air pollution. Maybe coronavirus was a not-so-friendly reminder to mankind to be nice to Mother Earth. If and when this is over, let’s ensure we do not forget this very important setback. Let’s make sustainable travel a new trend now. Tell us where you are itching to travel to! Do you have a travel bucket list already? Read our blog on the places we cannot wait to travel to responsibly once all of this is over.

Lesson 4 – Count your blessings more often

Probably one of the most important lessons has been to count your blessings. When most of us were upset we could not find our favorite fruit in the market, the daily wage worker was struggling to make ends meet. While you were feeling aimless sitting at home, think of those who live in toxic homes. If you have a roof above your head and a well-stocked kitchen, you are blessed. And you must remind yourself of that every day. While you had the privilege to work from home, others risked their lives to make your work from home easier. 

Let’s not forget the good in the people, let’s never forget these lessons. 

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