50th International Film Festival of India

The International Film Festival of India has come a long way. And this year, the prestigious film festival is about to mark its Golden Jubilee at Goa. Started in 1952 under the patronage of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the star-studded event has contributed enormously in bringing our cinematic masterpieces to the rest of the world. 

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Undoubtedly, the International Film Festival Of India is one of the most prestigious cinema events in the nation and is, in fact, a first of its kind in the entire Asian continent. The madness has already started to spread among participants, guests and the oh-so-many celebrities that would grace this event with their presence. So if you a movie maniac and if is one of the many things you want to do before you die, then buckle up for the IFFI 2019 Goa.

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Some more valid reasons why you should not miss the festival

1. Take your “First Day First Show” to a whole new level

A platter of all new categories introduced in the Cinematic World, the International Film Festival Of India is an all things inclusive destination for the movie buffs. If you like all first-day-first shows, then this is like catching a premier, with all the cast and crew along.

2. Who does not like red carpets!

This big event is made even bigger with celebrities turning up in the most glamorous of outfits. You have watched red carpets on tv, here you can get up close to this star-studded event for real. With real movie stars, in the reel life avatars, celebrating the world of cinematic bliss would definitely be a real treat for the cinema lover within you.

3. Learn from the masters

Those of you who know a little bit about film-making would agree with me that it is an art. The IFFI 2019 is your chance to refine your knowledge of film-making. Come here to explore the filmmaker in you and interact with the legends of this discipline. Get to the nitty-gritty of cinematic orchestration, blend in your existing knowledge with the expertise you need, and you would surely leave with so much more than what you brought along. Moreover, with award-winning directors, actors and other artists who are closely knitted in the process, you get closer to the real meaning of cinema if nothing else.  

4. The discussions and workshops are the real deal

Someone very wise once said, the best way to learn something is by doing it yourself and at the 2019 International Film Festival Of India, all you have to do is become a delegate and the rest will be taken care of. Over here, you’ll get to be a part of the discussions and workshops that bring you the real deal. Above all, discussions with like-minded people will only broaden your horizons. 

5. This is your best excuse to plan a trip to Goa

The 50th International Film Festival Of India 2019 is in Goa, one of the most fun destination in the entire South Asian Subcontinent. Once you’re done honing your cinematic skills, you can run straight to the beaches and be the party animal. In order to cope with the needs of its celebrity guests, this beach town becomes a funfest of flavors and colors during the Goa Film Festival.

Source: iffigoa.org

A few things to keep in mind 

  • Upon completing these formalities you shall head to the main venue for the IFFI 2019, the Inox. Over here you can take part in several events, movie screenings, masterclasses and workshops. This is where all the red carpet events and the film screenings will be hosted. 
  • Also, there are more things to do on your stay at the International Film Festival Of India, like the One Fest Goa and the Food Village. Don’t forget to check these out. 
  • Those who wish to attend the opening and closing ceremonies would have to be at the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Indoor Stadium on the first day, however, this is an invite-only event, and even with your delegate pass, you’re not entitled to the closing or opening ceremonies.
  • Delegates can also check out the Maquinez Palace where Masterclasses, Workshops and various other Film Screenings will be hosted.

Please note: The delegate registration process should be completed before you reach the IFFI 2019 Goa. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation of the same on your registered email address. After this, you’ll have to make the payment and post which you are done with the online registration part. Once you reach the venue, you will have to collect the delegate pass and kit from the Kala Academy. For your hassle-free commute and local sightseeing, rent a car in Goa. Have you blocked your calendars from 20-28 November 2019 yet?

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50th International Film Festival of India
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50th International Film Festival of India
This year's 50th International Film Festival of India is all set to be held in November, so gear up for an event which is nothing short of glamorous
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