An Itinerary – bedroom to the living room via the kitchen

From the buzzing of the summer flies to the unbearable heat in the afternoons, quarantined at home can still be morphed into the best thing that’s happened yet. Several months wouldn’t be enough to see it all, but with this itinerary, you can at least get a taste of the many sides of your home to whet your appetite.


Destination #1: Your bedroom:

Your bedroom is a thriving hub of everything you! From your bed to your closet, the bedroom is an amazing place full of many wonderful things to do. The bedroom has always been a popular destination for people that want to take a breather at the end of the day, but now that you’re spending a lot of time here, we’ve enlisted things that will keep you busy!

Things to do:

1. Throw yourself into the hustle and bustle:

Clean out your closet! You know you always have those extra clothes lying in the back that were meant for you to wear when you lost that extra fat. But ask yourself- do you really need it?

2. Clean out your bed:

And we mean it literally! Sprinkle some baking soda over your mattress and vacuum it after an hour to take out any old odor and your bed will feel as good as new! While you’re at it: clean out the legs of the bed thoroughly, you know you’ve never done that before.

3. Surprise yourself:

Move the major furniture around and look at the dirty markings under it from years of neglect. Feel good about that decision to clean yet?

4. Stay at the local Airbnb:

Move the furniture around your room and make yourself your own little Airbnb, look at yourself in the mirror and talk to your host!

5. Experience spirituality:

Well, you’re bored and we know it. Lie on the bed and stare at the walls for 30 minutes straight, and try not to think anything. Feel one with your soul!

6. Reset your sleep cycle:

Did you know that sleeping for 16 hours straight can reset your sleep cycle?


Destination #2: Your Kitchen:

Located at a distance of about 10 seconds from the bedroom and dotted with little amounts of happiness, the kitchen is a place of pure magic. It is also the most popular destination when quarantined!

Things to do:

1. Feel like a Masterchef:

 Cook that complicated dish that you’ve always wanted and eat it yourself! If you fail, nobody would know. If you succeed, there’s always Instagram!


2. Experience the joy of living:

Look at the beautiful but empty interiors of your fridge every 5 minutes and be disappointed, but check back again 5 minutes later!

3. Relive the memories of Auli:

Feel that explosion of winter when you open the freezer in this sweltering summer.

4. Refresh yourself:

Make your own tea/coffee, just like an artisan! Sit in a cosy spot with your cup and a book and day dream about Pondicherry.


Destination #3: Living Room

The living room is full of many possibilities! While the kitchen is the most popular destination, the living room is the destination where we spend the majority of our time! So without further ado, here’s a list of amusing things you can do:

Things to do:

1. Save the world:

Plant pots all around your living room and make it greener and brighter!

2. Rejuvenate your body:

Sit back on the couch and give your hands and feet a massage yourself. Do a pedicure, manicure, or simply just scratch yourself all over for no reason! Thank us later.

3. Go on an adventure:

Play popular video games and embark on a journey of adventures. Do you know there are people outside sharing this data for your entertainment on Google Drive?

4. Stay healthy:

Walk around the room aimlessly.

5. Amuse yourself:

Read a book, watch a series, paint your walls or just daydream. Stay busy to keep yourself from feeling lazy when routine life starts.


Things to remember:

1. While on the way to the kitchen, do remember to wash your hands and sanitise thoroughly.

2. Consider donating clothes you don’t wear, with the market as low as now many people need your support!

3. Please don’t start a fire as you try cooking, we really care for you!

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