Magnetic Fields – India’s very own Coachella

What is Magnetic Fields?

Since its debut in 2013, Magnetic Fields has established itself as Indian Coachella because of its vibe. In its seventh year now, Magnetic Fields is a weekend music festival set not just in a 17th-century palace, but in a palace in the middle of a desert in a small village called Alsisar in Rajasthan. 

The festival has gained popularity with each passing year. Hosting several artists from across the world this is a beautiful mix of contemporary culture and royal hospitality. The festival extends way beyond music; it’s where history, tradition and talent come together to give visitors a surreal and magical escape. 

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This year the three-day festival will take place from December 13 to 15 at Alsisar Mahal which provides the perfect backdrop for Magnetic Fields’ handpicked showcase of music and art.

What to expect at Magnetic Fields? 

The best underground music, a crazy three day party, lazing in the desert, making tattoos in a teepee, watching the sunset from the rooftop, flying kites, drinking in an underground dungeon, attending secret parties, star gazing, meditating with fellow travelers and dancing the night away in a heritage Rajasthani palace is just a part of the magic you can expect at this festival. 

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You can also find the scion of the royal family of the town, Abhimanyu Alsisar, dancing at one of the secret parties at the palace. Along with the music, expect engaging visuals, lots of fashion moments, food markets, several dedicated bars, handcrafted games, and possibly bumping into long-forgotten acquaintances.

Things to do at the festival

For the souls who are not satisfied with the musical sessions going up till 4 am, you can throw up yourself to secret after-parties or party-till-dawn, try your hands at kite flying to enjoy breathtaking views of the sunrise in the desert. 

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You can also indulge in early morning yoga sessions; immerse yourself in the legendary treasure hunt, get better acquainted with the night sky with stargazing workshops, find your own little pocket of paradise and lose yourself in our Bedouin dens; secret areas and feast on local delicacies that are given an alternative twist. 

The crowd 

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Since the passes are not cheap, so is the crowd. You can expect gypsy souls, creative spirits and happy energies from different corners of India as well as from all around the world. These people are well-behaved and extremely fun to party with. 


There are two types of accommodation provided by the festival.

1) Palace Stay:

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The best way to experience Rajasthani royalty is to spend a night in one of these Palace Rooms. The grand courtyards and the magnificent heritage suites give you an opportunity to live like a king for three days. These rooms are likely to sell out first so make sure to book it well in advance. 

2) Desert Camping:

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Adjacent to the palace, about 100 meters away is this huge camping site where they have all sorts of lodging options. These tents are ideal if you want to explore the whole nomad experience in a desert. The luxurious tents, under the starlit sky accompanied by firewoods to keep you warm, is an option that beats any luxury suite! These are available for single, two-, three-, four-, or six-person sharing basis, with a choice of separate compartments within tents if needed. The prices range from Rs 13,000 to Rs 89,900.

3) Personal Tents:

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You can bring your own tent and gear too or rent sleeping bags from the check-in counter. 

How to Reach?

The fastest and the smoothest way to reach Magnetic Fields is to fly down to Jaipur and then drive down to Alsisar. For a hassle-free travel experience, book your cab from Jaipur here. You can also get there via train. Trains run on a daily basis from Sarai Rohilla, New Delhi to Sadulpur Junction. You can reach under 4 hours followed by a minimum time of 45 minutes in a taxi from Sadulpur to Alsisar. 

What to carry?

  1. Lots of warm clothes and a portable heater because it gets extremely cold at night. 
  2. Remember, you will be partying in the middle of the desert so there would be no ATMs around. It is wise to carry sufficient cash. 
  3. Carry portable chargers because the phone battery drains faster in the cold weather.
  4. Pack your own toiletries and don’t forget medicines in case of emergencies. 
  5. Carry all your luggage in a backpack as it’s compact and thus will occupy less space in your accommodation. Also, you can easily carry it around.
  6. As of 2019, all Magnetic Fields tickets are non-transferable and non-changeable. Tickets will, however, be fully refundable subject to a convenience fee, up until December 1 before the event.

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Magnetic Fields - India's very own Coachella
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Magnetic Fields - India's very own Coachella
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