Would you dare visit these 9 most haunted places in India?

9 Haunted Places in India

Read on to find where the most haunted places in India are situated!

As I child I could never stand in front of a mirror late at night. Thanks to the many Bloody Mary stories we discussed in our classrooms. After every episode of the then-popular show Aahat, I chanted Hanuman Chalisa at an unusual speed till I fell asleep. Stories of a witch with inverted feet banging on doors at midnight asking for nimbu-mirchi made me listen to every single noise carefully. 

No friends and family meetup was complete without a person narrating their versions of horror stories. These urban legends kept me up at night and convinced me that the pile of clothes on the chair is in fact a ghost staring at me in the darkness. I swore to never watch such movies at night. 

It is the curiosity of the world different from ours that intrigues everyone. It is the stories passed on through generations that make people find figures in shadows and faces in the darkness. However, there are many places that are cursed with these stories and are now abandoned. The mystery darkens as the night sets in and the truth fades away in it.

If the world of the paranormal attracts you, then you must visit these 9 most haunted places in India. Beware of the spooks!

1. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Now a deserted village in Rajasthan, Kuldhara is believed to have been once abandoned overnight. 

The story – A legend claims that the then ruler of the place, Salim Singh wanted to forcefully marry a girl from the village and threatened the villagers with serious repercussions. To protect themselves and the girl, the villagers abandoned the place overnight. It is believed while leaving, the residents cursed the village. It is said that the curse was so strong that no one was able to inhabit the place ever again.

The present – Gradually, the village acquired a reputation as a haunted place visited by tourists from all over the country. Kuldhara attracts many paranormal enthusiasts. Popular paranormal investigator, Gaurav Tiwari claimed to have encountered moving shadows, haunting voices, talking spirits, and other paranormal activities. Today, the ruins found here tell the mysterious tale of a once densely populated village.

How to Reach – 578 km from Jaipur

2. Malcha Mahal, Delhi

A family that claimed to be the heir of the Nawabs once lived in this palace. Today, bats and pigeons rule the place.

Malcha Mahal-Most Haunted Mahal In India

The story – Malcha Mahal was once home to Prince Ali Raza, his mother Wilayat and sister Sakina Mahal. They were the self-proclaimed descendants of the last Nawab of Awadh. 

Prince Ali Raza was the last resident of Malcha Mahal. Soon after the prince died, there was no one to take care of the palace. It is said that his soul never left the place. 

Source: BBC

The present – An investigative report published by the New York Times claimed the family had no relation to the Nawabs. Today, the palace is one of the favourite spots for explorers and ghostbusters who pay regular visits in search of the supernatural.

How to reach17 km from Delhi city centre

3. Barog Tunnel

The infamous Tunnel 33 is one of the longest tunnels on the Shimla-Kalka route, it is said to be haunted by the ghost of a British engineer, Colonel Barog.

Barog tunnel haunted

The story – Barog was given the responsibility of building the tunnel. However, he made some miscalculations due to which the alignments of the tunnel couldn’t match. The ends of tunnels couldn’t meet in the middle and Barog was fired from his job for his mistake. Depressed and humiliated, Barog committed suicide.

Haunted India: The Barog Tunnel (Tunnel No. 33), Shimla
Barog with his team

The present – People say that they have seen him near the tunnel. It is a popular tourist spot and the ghost of the colonel lives in stories of people. Since there have been no reports of any harm to the tourists or the resident, the spirit of the colonel is remembered as a friendly ghost.


How to reach300 km from Delhi

4. Dow Hill, Kurseong 

This beautiful hill town is said to be the home of not one but multiple ghosts! Dow Hill of Kurseong is the most haunted hill station in the country.

Dow Hill, Kurseong

The story – It is believed that the town had been cursed many years ago. The infamous Victoria Boy’s School is said to be jinxed too. People have reported strange noises every year when the school closes for winter break.

Locals here say that they have often seen a headless ghost of a young boy in the forests near ‘Death Road’. People have reported being constantly watched and followed by an unseen entity. Locals also narrate tales of the ghost of a woman in grey. 

The present – Of all haunted places in India, Dow Hill remains one of the mysterious places. Tourists are advised by locals to avoid the ‘Death Road’. People recount multiple paranormal interactions even during the day!


How to reach – 30 km from Darjeeling, 51 km from Siliguri

5. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

The serenity of Dumas Beach is mesmerizing for the ones who don’t know the spine-chilling story of the place. 

A Beach Haunted By Ghosts- Dumas Beach In Gujarat

The story – According to the locals, Dumas Beach used to be a burial ground for Hindus. Legends say that the black sand on the beach is actually the ashes of the many bodies burned here. The spirits of the deceased haunt the place giving an eerie vibe to it.

Mysterious Dumas Beach of Gujarat | India News – India TV

The present – Locals ask tourists to empty the beach as soon as the sun sets. Reports of people going missing or having gone through a traumatizing event resurface every now and then.

How to reach – 20 km from Surat, 281 km from Ahmedabad

6. Ross Island

Lavish bungalows, a massive church, ballrooms, even a graveyard – today long branches of trees hang from this island which was once a British architectural wonder. 

India's Abandoned Island of Colonial Horror | Travel | Smithsonian Magazine

The story – Once a British administrative headquarters, the island was turned into a colonial wonder – from mansions to tennis courts, the place had it all! After a massive earthquake in 1940, the island was abandoned. Many years later, the island today is reclaimed by the forces of nature. 

The present – It is the eerie vibe of the ghost town that attracts the tourists and makes it one of the most haunted places in India. A BBC article reported that an “unyielding forest” has reclaimed the remnants of the 19th-century British settlement. 

How to reach – Take a boat ride from Port Blair. 

7. GP Block, Meerut 

Meerut is one of the well-known cities of Uttar Pradesh. However, the GP block of Meerut is infamous for its spooky tales. 

The story – GP block is known for its three buildings that have been abandoned for many decades. Originally owned by British forces, the architecture of this place will remind you of the British era. 

The present – Residents claim that they often see a woman in a red saree roaming around the premises and on the roof. People have also spotted a group of mysterious teenagers drinking on the roof of this abandoned building. 

How to Reach – 100 km from Delhi

8. Lambi Dehar Mines

Also known as the ‘Mine of Death’, Lambi Dehar Mines remains the most popular spot for paranormal researchers and ghostbusters of the country. It is one the most haunted places in India.

haunted places in mussoorie: the mine of death or lambi dehar mines of  mussoorie in dehradun keep away from this place | Navbharat Times  Photogallery

The story – In 1990, this limestone mine had over 50,000 laborers working on the field. The lack of security and hygiene in the mine caused the workers to suffer from serious lung disorders. Yet they were made to work in adverse conditions. In a few months, the workers started coughing up blood and ultimately succumbed to death. Post the incident, the mine had to be shut down forever.


The present – Locals report several paranormal activities in this region and advise people to stay away from the area. All shops close before sunset here. Many people have heard unusual sounds and experienced paranormal presence.

How to reach: 305 km from Delhi

9. Charleville Mansion, Shimla

A house of spirits troubled all the families that came here to live. The story of Charleville Mansion starts with an experiment by an army officer.

The story – Many years ago an army officer wanted to test for himself if there was a poltergeist in the house. He locked the room where most of the haunted incidents happened. One night, upon hearing a large crash from the room, he opened it to find that everything had been completely shattered. Terrified, he decided to leave the mansion. The low rent prices attracted the next family which decided to stay there even after hearing the horror stories. They experienced several spine-chilling incidents after which they left the house.  

The present – Many people have reported paranormal occurrences in this place. However, there have been no reports of violent incidents in the house. Locals still believe that ghosts of many Englishmen roam the mansion.

How to reach – 350 km from Delhi

The litmus test of these stories can only be done by experiencing them yourself. It is all a hoax for those who do not believe in such tales. But if you ask the eye-witnesses they will narrate the stories with horror in their eyes. Would you like to visit these places? Let us know in the comments below.

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Would you Dare visit these 9 Most Haunted Places in India?
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Would you Dare visit these 9 Most Haunted Places in India?
It is the curiosity of the world different from ours that intrigues everyone. It is the stories passed on through generations that make people find figures in shadows and faces in the darkness.
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