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Shirdi is known for the great Sai Baba temple, so much so that everything about that town speaks of its devotion towards the humble saint. Only 190 km from Pune, the better infrastructure, high connectivity, cleanliness, and safer homestays, have certainly made Shirdi a popular weekend getaway from Pune. However, there is more to Shirdi than the Sai Baba temple. Book your cabs from Pune to Shirdi at INR 2000, and get a chance to explore some of the equally beautiful and serene places in Shirdi like the Amruteshwar Temple, Lendi Baug, Water Park to name a few. Why drive when you can Savaari!

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Savaari Offers - Travel from Pune to Shirdi
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Savaari Offers - Travel from Pune to Shirdi
Travel from Pune to Shirdi with Savaari Car Rentals
Savaari Car Rentals

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