Road Trip from Pune to Bangalore – Part 2


I am sitting in this beautiful park watching the most beautiful sunset when all of a sudden I think of the dreadful Monday approaching us quickly. After a tiring but an equally amazing Saturday, which was the second day of our road trip, we were to explore Karnataka now. Going back to the hustle of the cities was an unappealing thought. We decided to continue the trip after our visit to the Gokak Falls, but traveling through the roads of Karnataka after sunset meant that we would be unable to experience the beautiful landscapes and capture it for posterity!

Belgaum to Karwar –


 So there it was – the third section of our road trip, which was to start from Belgaum and take us to Karwar. Karwar is a hidden gem that has become a go-to destination for many travelers seeking peace and quiet. Goa is fun, but the over-crowded beaches, the noisy partying and the general air of commercialism can get on one’s nerves. We left for our first stop quite early- 3.30 am. Getting everyone out of their room was a pain. Once in the car, our slacking enthusiasm revived with each additional kilometer. The best part of road trips is a simple truth that once you hit the road, there is no going back. You leave it all behind to embrace the new and the unexpected.

Karwar is 4 hours away from Belgaum. We had assumed that we would be at the beach by 9 AM for a hot breakfast and some chilled beers but our car broke down 20 minutes after we started off. It took us 45 minutes to fix the tyres and by this point, we were a little apprehensive, given the ungodly hour and the remote stretch of road.  However, nothing untoward happened and after fixing the tyre, we set out again. At day-break, we stopped for a quick breakfast of egg bonda and some mind-blowing filter coffee from a roadside eatery which considerably lifted our spirits. If only it were possible to come down every Sunday to enjoy this meal!  After two more stops- a lunch and a tea break, we were in Karwar.

When you enter Karwar, the two islands in the sea greet you pleasantly. Karwar’s beauty is unmatched and its beaches, well-maintained. The sheer beauty of this little coastal area has inspired poets like Rabindranath Tagore to write some of the world’s most evocative poetry. Sitting on the beach with the waves ferociously approaching us only to retreat as quickly as they arrived made everything around so simple yet serene. Nature’s gentle touch allows us to escape the complexity of our own mind, and instead, find peace in the simplicity of beauty. Sitting on the beach and watching the waves appear and vanish has been one of my most favorite highlights of this trip. So there it was, our first dose of Vitamin Sea! Our tanned faces made some of the best Instagram stories. Not to forget we were being followed very keenly by our office colleagues on our social media handles.

Karwar to Gokarna – 

With a relaxed and serene experience at Rabindranath Tagore beach, we were to stop briefly at Gokarna for some amazing food. Only a two-hour drive, our driver who took us around, suggested we eat at Prema Restaurant. A shabby-looking restaurant, we all wondered if we wanted to risk a date with every road trippers worst nightmare- an upset stomach. However, after some deliberation, we decided to go with his recommendation. As we entered, a warm, gentleman in his 50s approached us with the widest smile you would have ever seen. He suggested a few dishes, but the variety of food this restaurant sold, really surprised us all. You get everything under its roof! From Italian pasta to Israeli dishes, this place served everything we could have imagined. The food simply won our hearts! Their home-made ice creams are absolutely delectable and hit the spot in the hot evening. Shreya insisted that we try one of their dishes called Gadbad only because it sounded funny. But turns out, Gadbad stole our hearts too. A little paradise with some amazing food, Prema was an amazing introduction to Gokarna. I am pretty sure, none of us will waste a second to pack our bags and visit this place again.

With this, our second day came to an end. We checked in to a hotel to spend our last night in Karnataka. Sleeping peacefully in two rooms, we passed out faster than drunk maniacs. The much-needed dose of Vitamin Sea after the dewy lush green valleys in Maharashtra, made us all wonder how many different types of terrains and climates we have crossed in these two days! Well, that’s exactly why road trips are so much fun. Stay tuned for part 3. I promise you all, it will be the last part.

Karnataka is bordered by such beautiful states and Bangalore is a city that connects all these places. Sitting in the heart of South India, flanked by all the states of the region, Bangalore and its vicinity is blessed with endless natural and man-made wonders, making this the perfect starting point for uncountable road trips and places to visit nearby.

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Road Trip from Pune to Bangalore, Karwar Chapter.
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Road Trip from Pune to Bangalore, Karwar Chapter.
5 friends, 1 journey - a memorable road trip from Pune to Bangalore. The second day brings with it exciting new events, places and whole new variety of food
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