Savaari’s All New Travel Discounts in February and March

Hello Savaari Travellers!

A lot of you may have resigned to the fact that the good old travel season is over, at least temporarily. With the long weekends drying up and the wonderful winter weather drawing to a close, you have good reason to believe so.

All that said, we, at Savaari firmly believe in the ethos of ‘The best time to travel is NOW’ and work hard in inspiring our customers to imbibe the same philosophy. There are already some great advantages for you to travel during this off-season – you don’t have to deal with huge tourist crowds and you’ll now be able to avail great deals on hotels & resorts.


If that wasn’t enough, Savaari just made this Travel season better!

Overwhelmed by your support during the travel months from October to December, we knew that we owed you one. All the hard work behind the scenes has resulted in sensational rate discounts across major cities in India. If this doesn’t inspire you to book a Savaari and head out on a gorgeous road trip, nothing probably will!

These discounts are applicable only till April, we recommend that you make your February and March count. After all, the best time to travel is, now; and travel begins with Savaari.

Rate Changes in Delhi and NCR:

  • Etios and Sedans are now 20% cheaper
  • Ertigas are now 10% cheaper
  • One way drops to Agra, Jaipur, Chandigarh and a host of other cities have been launched at incredibly low rates

Book a cab from Delhi, Car on rent in Gurgaon or Noida to avail these discounts.

Rate Changes in Bangalore:

Rent a cab from Bangalore at these discounted rates.

Discounted Rates in Mumbai:

  • Etios and Sedans are now 15% cheaper on weekdays
  • Incredible packages to Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Alibag and other gorgeous getaways.
  • One way drops to Pune and Nashik have been launched at rates as low as Rs. 1900.

Book a taxi from Mumbai to avail these wonderful discounts.

Rates slashed in Pune:

  • Ertigas are 10% cheaper.
  • Innovas are 10% cheaper on weekdays.
  • Great packages to Lonavala and Shirdi.

Rent our taxi services from Pune to avail these wonderful discounts.

Other Notable Savaari Discounts across Chennai, Mysore, Patna, Agra, Jammu and Srinagar:

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Off-season Travel Discounts
Starting on
January 1, 2019
Ending on
March 31, 2019
All New Off-season Travel discounts across key cities in India. Whether you are located in Srinagar or Mysore, Pune or Patna, Savaari's sensational discounts are sure to inspire you to book a roadtrip. Trust us when we say - Travel Begins with Savaari.

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