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With the great Arabian Sea on one side and towering hills of the Western Ghats on the other, Mangalore is a perfect holiday destination. This vibrant city has everything from exotic beaches to old-style seaports to majestic mountains and ancient buildings & temples. Though it encompasses a busy city but, as soon as one reaches the shoreline, everything bad seems to fade away and all one can see is the vast stretch of golden sand and azure sea. For those who like to savor seafood, Mangalore has an unbelievable variety on offer. Like other cities of South India, Mangalore has a spiritual feel to it, making it one of the most interesting places to visit. You can now plan your visit with Savaari’s car rentals in Mangalore and hire a chauffeur-driven cab to take you around this beautiful port town.

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Savaari Offers - Mangalore Car Rentals
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Savaari Offers - Mangalore Car Rentals
Now rent a car in Mangalore from Savaari Car Rentals and have a comfortable commute for your outstation trips
Savaari Car Rentals

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