Things to do in Digha- A Complete Travel Guide

Digha is one of the oldest beach retreats in Bengal. Perfect for a quiet holiday by the sea, it is the perfect place to experience the coastal culture of Bengal. Its scenic landscape makes it a great getaway from the rush of city life for all travellers. Tourists throng to this beach town from Kolkata by booking a cab to Digha all through the year.

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Things to do in Digha 

Digha is renowned for its captivating beach heaven, decorated with a pleasing edge of Casuarina trees, a burnished shore, golden mornings and dreamy evenings. Furthermore, the beach town is a paradise for people who want to spend some peaceful time amid glorious nature or indulge in adventurous activities like banana rides on the beaches. Here are some fun things you cannot miss at the beach. 

Fun things to do in Digha 

  • Banana boat rides at Udaipur Beach: Udaipur Beach remains between Talsari Beach and New Digha Beach, where many sightseers gather to indulge in numerous fun activities. Its stunning panoramic views, clear open sky and frothy sea make up the perfect opportunity to engage in a fun banana boat ride. 
  • Witness scenic beauty at Talasari Beach: Situated in the Baleswar district of Odisha and at a distance of 10 Km from Digha, the Talasari beach is clean, peaceful and presented with stunning scenery. Moreover, hidden beaches remain beyond contamination and are sure to refresh your senses. This virgin beach has dunes and more relaxed waves amid various palm trees, cashew trees and coconut trees known to be the last coast on the northeastern shore of India. 

Things to do in Digha in one day

  • Tour the famous Amravati park: Amravati park is a scenic garden that remains well-maintained with beautiful flowers, lofty trees and other scenic landscapes. Boating and toy training are prime attractions here, and you will unquestionably have fun here, especially when travelling with kids. 
  • Marvel the unique Digha Science centre: Another sightseeing place and attraction is the science centre designed by the National Council of Science Museums. A spectacular and unique place to visit here, you can witness several science-based models, enjoy cycle racing, and witness the planetarium while sitting in an Igloo-type chamber. 

Things to do in Digha at night

  • Enjoy spiritual nights at Chandaneswar Shiv temple: Located 6-8 km from the beach town, Chandaneswar Shiv temple has folklore and mythology representing its design and history. The temple hosts a massive annual fair on the first day of the Oriya calendar and witnesses an inrush of travellers every evening during prayer time.
  • Take a peaceful night stroll at Old Digha Beach: Old Digha Beach is one of the less famous beaches in town and experiences less crowd, making this place perfect for quiet night walks with nature. While there are no eating joints nearby, there are stone seats for people to sit and unwind.

Offbeat things to do in Digha 

  • Witness the fishing harbour at Baguran Jalpai beach: Baguran Jalpai beach, snuggled on the Bay of Bengal, is a tranquil beach encompassed by Dense casuarina trees. The soft ripples, cool currents, and fascinating sunset present a spectacular panorama for travellers to glimpse the nearby fishing harbour and interact with local anglers. 
  • Tour the Dariapur Lighthouse: Dariapur Lighthouse, standing at an elevation of 98 feet near Kapalkundala mandir, holds an excellent visibility scope of 19 sea miles. Moreover, you might be surprised that in the 19th century, the officials used a wick lamp on a 20 m steel mast, and the regional port office managed it.

Romantic things to do in Digha 

  • Spend some quality time at Udaipur beach: If you crave a more laid-back and peaceful beach time with your partner, Udaipur beach is the perfect place to visit. The beach has desolate, vacant stretches of seashore where you can stroll hand-in-hand with your sweetheart, take a plunge in the sea or rent a bike to wander around the town.
  • Have fun at Digha Jahaz Bari: Jahaz Bari is a stunning showhouse cum garden in New Digha made in the form of a ship, with fish and dolphin statues inside. Moreover, this place also offers VR car rides, VR bike rides, and VR cricket (two overs), and the renowned Koshe Kosha restaurant here provides delicious food for sightseers.

Places to visit nearby 


Below are some scenic places to visit nearby for a wholesome travel experience. 

  • Tajpur 

Nestled between Shankarpur and Mandarmani, Tajpur is a quaint town set on the peaceful shores of the Bay of Bengal. The pristine beach, deemed to be a tranquil mystery of West Bengal, remains unaffected by commercialization and tourism. In addition, with no chaos and cacophony, this scenic town offers the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

  • Halta 

This place, characterized by the intersection of the rivers Damodar and Hoogly, has grown entirely on the shores of the famous river Hoogly. Also famous for its stunning farmhouse, this place is renowned for the Bose Bigyan Mandir of well-known Bengali scientist Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose. 

You can hire a car rental from Digha to visit all these tourist destinations with comfort and ease.

Places to eat

Digha serves some of the most delectable seafood, local Bengali cuisine and fish delicacies. Also, in this beach town, never miss out on savouring Pomfret, Bhetki, Rohu, fried fish, tiger prawns, and a good number of vegetarian choices such as Continental. Here are some well-known eating joints.

  • Elgin restaurant
  • Azad Hind Dhaba
  • Bay Cuffe restaurant

How to Plan a Trip to Digha?

The most suitable way to plan a trip to Digha is to choose the best route, mode of transport, and more. Here are some dominant transport modes to reach Digha. 

How to reach Digha?

  • By road

Digha remains well-connected to Kolkata/Howrah by a national highway at a distance of 183 km from the main Kolkata city. And you can readily take the bus or cab services in Digha to reach the town. 

  • By train 

Regular trains operate between Kolkata and Digha, and one famous train that reaches Digha from Kolkata is the Duronto Express.

  • By air 

The nearest airport to Digha is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, and you can book an airport taxi in Kolkata to reach your destination. 

Best time to visit Digha

October to February is the best season to visit the picturesque Digha town and explore the beaches, as the summers here are quiet scorching.

About Digha 

Famous for its scenic shores, sacred temples, museums, and high-tech research centres, Digha is the most popular beach town in West Bengal that has something for everyone. Furthermore, this blissful and untouched seaside tourist location attracts many tourists from not only West Bengal but diverse regions of India. Also, it might not be wrong to say that the mesmerising scenic attraction here offers a delightful experience, making it one of India’s best off-beat tourist locations. Continue reading to skim through the complete travel guide and learn more about the top sightseeing places. 


Digha is the most well-known sea coast in West Bengal, situated 187 km southwest of Kolkata. In addition, you might be surprised to know that Digha holds an exceptionally low gradient with the surface sand beach that stretches up to 7 km in length and has peaceful rolling waves. The picturesque beauty of this beach town is fascinating and alluring, and the beach remains wrapped with casuarinas plantations along the shore, adding to its beauty. Moreover, the location of Digha is such that you can readily enjoy sunrise and sunset in their full glory, resembling a painting straight off an artist’s canvas. The easiest way to travel to Digha is by downloading a safe and trusted car booking app so that on your way back, the only thing on your mind is all the memories you’re going to carry throughout your life!


When discussing the weather in Digha, the beach town experiences three prominent seasons, summer, winter and monsoon, with a tropical and humid climate throughout the year. The summer season here usually starts in April and extends till June, with the maximum temperature at 37-degree Celsius. On the other hand, the temperature during the winter stays at 24 degrees Celsius. 


The history of Digha dates back to the 17th century, and this beach town was initially known as Beerkul during the time of Warren Hastings, a famous British official. Furthermore, in one of the letters he wrote to his wife, Warren Hastings mentioned Digha as the “Brighton of the East” in one of his letters to Warren Hastings (1780 AD) to his wife. Moreover, the letters written by Hastings offered immense exposure to this place. And he is the only person who convinced the then chief minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, to develop Digha as a beach retreat.


Digha remains located in the eastern part of India at 22’82′N and 88’20′E on the scenic Bay of Bengal coastline. In addition, most of the town was initially marshy wetlands, remains of which can still be seen, especially towards the eastern parts of the beach town. The best way to travel to this exotic location is by embarking on a road trip from Kolkata.

Interesting Facts

  • Digha is famous for accommodating India’s largest inbuilt aquarium that holds an array of endangered species that need conservation, including endemic and freshwater species. 
  • The old beach now remains inaccessible for sightseers, and travelers can now enjoy the scenic magnificence of the new beach and spend some peaceful time there. 
  • Dr Dipak Mitra’s Snake Farm has been established here, where you can witness a cross-section of non-venomous and venomous snakes in gigantic enclosures.

Hotels and Resorts near Digha 

Hotel Name Address
Cygnett Inn Sea View  Plot No-06, Block : B, Sector: B-1, New Digha, Digha| Phone: 085954 50450
Le Roi Digha MFC, Railway Station, Bhagibaharampur, Digha| Phone: 074790 35100
Hotel Sonar Bangla Mandarmoni Mandarmani Beach Road Kalindi post, Mandarmoni, Purba Midnapur, Chaulkhola| Phone: 098003 40270

Excited much? We’re sure you are! So why wait? Plan a trip to the scenic beach town now!

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